Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)

Album: Memorial Show (1975)
Charted: 1
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  • "You've done it all
    You've broken every code
    And pulled the rebel to the floor
    You've spoilt the game
    No matter what you say
    For only metal, what a bore

    Blue eyes, blue eyes
    How can you tell so many lies?

    Come up and see me, make me smile
    I'll do what you want, running wild

    There's nothing left
    All is gone and run away
    Maybe you'll tarry for a while
    It's just a test
    A game for us to play
    Win or lose, it's hard to smile

    Resist, resist
    It's from yourself you'll have to hide

    Come up and see me to make me smile
    I'll do what you want, running wild

    There ain't no more
    You've taken everything
    From my belief in Mother Earth
    Can you ignore my faith in everything?
    'Cos I know what faith is
    And what it's worth

    Away, away
    And don't say maybe you'll try

    To come up and see me, make me smile
    I'll do what you want, just running wild" Writer/s: Steve Harley
    Publisher: Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., O/B/O CAPASSO
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Paul from Chicago IllinoisThe song brought me out of deep inner BS and put a smile on me face. Can't forget the scene in White Teeth the Zadie Smith novel, made into a TV movie. Archie was standing at the bottom of the stairs and his Jamaican goddess beckons him.
  • Anthony Bravington from UkOther songs by Steve Harley, What about Sebastion?. That was surely the one which, though it wasn't a big success, got him noticed?
  • Hugh from Oxford, Oxfordshire, United KingdomI heard this song on the medical drama House, MD
    It was used during the scene where Greg (House) and Alvie play foosball. It was used during the
    football (soccer for all you yanks) scenes in the
    Full Monty.
  • Marc from Liverpool, United KingdomI met him once in a bar in Liverpool, he is a charming man and spent ther whole afternoon chatting and drinking with a couple of us, a little known fact is that steve has polio and as a youngster wore a caliper on his leg.
  • Terry from Nyc, NyThis track was also prominently featured in the cult film Velvet Goldmine, about the rise and fall of the 1970's decadent glam rock era. The film's main character Brian Slade, was based on David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust character. Bowie disapproved of the film , so a variety of other glam era and glam-influenced music was used instead.
  • Capone from Glasgow, United KingdomThe song has been reissued twice - a 1992 release reached Number 46; and a 1995 release reached Number 33 after being used in the Carlsberg TV advertisement.
  • Tricky from Swindon, United Kingdomlove it love it has to be played LOUD and gets me dancing EVERY TIME fond memories of the 70s xxx
  • Andy from London, EnglandThe best cover of this that I've heard was by 70's glam rocker Suzi Quatro!
  • Dan from Renmark, Australialuv this song, a classic that brings back memories of the 70's. listening to music like the eagles, chicago, boston, supertramp, foreigner, kate bush, david essex, leo sayer. and in australia, ac/dc, angels, radiators, midnight oil & cold chisel.
  • Paul from Galway, IrelandGreat song. An oldie, but a goodie.
  • Brian from Nr Woodstock, Oxon., EnglandThere's a cracking acoustic version of Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me) by Steve Harley on an album called "Stripped To The Bare Bones". The album is recorded live in the UK and is just Steve and another musician who's name for the moment escapes me. Good excuse to dig out the album and play it tonight!
  • Dean from Pune, IndiaThe song has been covered more than 100 times in seven languages and has been featured in the movie THE FULL MONTY. Steve Harley rocks!!!!
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