While You See a Chance

Album: Arc Of A Diver (1980)
Charted: 45 7
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  • Stand up in a clear blue morning
    Until you see
    What can be
    Alone in a cold day dawning,
    Are you still free?
    Can you be?

    When some cold tomorrow finds you,
    When some sad old dream reminds you
    How the endless road unwinds you ?

    While you see a chance take it,
    Find romance fake it
    Because it's all on you

    Don't you know by now no one gives you anything
    Don't you wonder how you keep on moving
    One more day your way
    When there's no one left to leave you,
    Even you don't quite believe you
    That's when nothing can deceive you

    Stand up in a clear blue morning
    Until you see
    What can be
    Alone in a cold day dawning,
    Are you still free?
    Can you be?

    And that old gray wind is blowing
    And there's nothing left worth knowing
    And it's time you should be going Writer/s: STEVE WINWOOD, WILL JENNINGS
    Publisher: Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Ucf from Tx NowThis song and the kind hearted radio manager who was filling in for the DJ, saved my life. I was being not only held in a tiny one room place but unable to leave and abused each night. I was forbidden to leave and could not phone anyone but the radio station to request songs. My abusive bf had neighbors who kept tabs on me. Only one knew what he was doing and was empathetic but I was afraid to go outside. Each night the guy came by for yogurt because despite having an ulcer, he loved to drink. I always gave him the yogurt. Every night I was alone and I would request a song, any song for the DJ to play. One night I called and the usual DJ was not there. I asked for any song as my request. The man on the phone who I thought was a DJ, suspected something from my voice. He asked me if I was ok and I said not really. He then said just answer with a yeah or no- are you safe there. I said no. He then asked if I was alone. I said I am now. He asked if I could leave. I said no. He played this song. The next day, as usual I called for a request and he was there. He said listen closely to the song I played last night. Do it, just do it. Take your chance. I listened. But I was afraid. The next day I called again. He said he would play this every night until I got the message. I got the courage to ask my neighbor for help. He took me to the window upstairs near my apartment and helped me down. He said "run" and I did. I am alive now, well and living my own life. I am forever thankful to the man who cared enough to help me. He has passed from cancer but his wife knows now. She told me she knew he was a good man but had no idea how wonderful he was when she heard what he did. I owe him my life.
  • Jamie from Somewhere In MichiganI heard the song the first time it played on WUUN-FM in Marquette MI, but the DJ didn't backsell it, so I called the station to ask what it was. The receptionist didn't know anything about music and wasn't about to bother the DJ, so I had to wait until it came around again. 2 years later, I was working at that same radio station on the weekends and took the same sort of inquisitive calls from various listeners when a new song would drop. I knew what they were going through, so I tried like hell to answer their questions.
  • Rowie from Cairns Was Steve Windward’s “While You See a Chance Take it” used as theme music to a tv show or in a movie?
  • Jules from OregonHis music has always been so uplifting to me. A true legend. Saw him a few years ago front and center, still fantastic.
  • Denise from Pembroke Pines, FlThe album 'Arc of A Diver' is great all around. While 'While You See a Chance' was the hit, I prefer some of the other songs: Spanish Dancer, Night Train, and Dust are all great songs. And the title track "Arc of A Diver' always puts me in a good grooving mood.
  • Camille from Toronto, OhThis is one of those songs that I was absolutely crazy about when it was popular, but now, many years later, it really doesn't do anything for me.
  • Myla from San Diego, CaBesides the inspirational lyrics, I love the awesome keyboard playing! You can hear the gospel church inspired organ playing as well as the 8o's synthesizer. Awesome combination.
  • Jarrod from Brisbane, AustraliaWhat an fantastic song!I heard or read somewhere that this song was released on the last day of 1980, and therefore on sheet music receives a copyright year of both 1980'and 81'. Is this correct, would love to hear from anyone who may know this.
    Jarrod, Brisbane Australia
  • Brad from Dallas Area, TxThis line, "while you see a chance, take it" was in the lyrics of a later song, Hearts On Fire from the album Roll With It. In it, the singer was out with the boys and feeling like he was somebody in the world, sees this lady at the bar, asks if he can sit with her, and she says "baby while you see a chance, you better take it." She deflates he ego with "you ain't nobody till somebody loves you" (not a bad piece of advice), but they end up talking all night and falling in love. I remember seeing a magazine or online interview with Steve where I believe he said this was a true event, describing it as how he met his (second?) wife. Whether she coined the phrase "while you see a chance, take it," or she was just proving she knew his songs, I don't know.
  • Wayne from Salem, VaI bought this album when it was first released. I went to the record store at our local shopping mall.When I got back inside my car I opened the album to check it.Well the labels said "Bob Marley And The Wailers-Uprising".I thought "What the... Somebody must have goofed at the record plant. So I took the album back inside. I showed it to the clerk. He put it on the turntable. And sure enough it was the "Arc Of A Diver" LP. Turns out that Bob Marley/Wailers were also on Island Records (Chris Blackwell-founder) just as Steve Winwood was. I do like this song. But I like the title song more so. And another one from that album "Sundown (Come Down)" or something like that. It is a very good song.Hearing "While You See A Chance" takes me back. As alot of older songs do to alot of us. I was 20 yr.s old,living on my own. That was a good year for me-1980. And I am a fan of Steve Winwood. From Spencer Davis,Traffic,Blind Faith,back to Traffic and his Solo career. I love his voice and musicianship and his song writing.A truly gifted artist all the way around.
  • Art from Valencia, CaHas anyone noticed that in the video of this and some of the recordings that "When there's no one left to leave you,
    Even you don't quite believe you
    That's when nothing can deceive you..." is cut out of it? I guess they tried to shorten it, but its a really bad dubbing...
  • Ron from Tyler, TxThe music on this song always inspired me so. I played this on my Walkman as I walked into the bar exam - trying to get my spirit in the right place. Well . . . I passed.
  • Nathan from Insomeplace, KyJennings did not contribute to the lyrics as much as people think the album info on my copy of arc of a diver says the composer was Steve Winwood and most of the time the lyricists name is in the composer tab so Jennings must have contributed parts of the lyrics or parts of the music so Winwood wrote most of this one.
  • Jujee from Marquette, MiI love his optimism and positivity in his songs...his work has lifted me up many times over.
  • Mark from Los Angeles, CaWritten by Wilbur (Will) Jennings. Will Jennings has written lyrics for many hit songs. Including: "My Heart Will Go On" performed by CÃ?line Dion. "Up Where We Belong" performed by Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes."I'll Never Love This Way Again" by Dione Warwick.
  • Geno from Peoria, IlAHEM... My Favorite song. I liked the entire album and Arc of a Diver is right up there.
  • Jon Bates from Birmingham, EnglandWinwood recorded it in his own studio in Gloucestershire UK. He played virtually all the instruments. The mastering engineer had to crank a whole lot of bass onto the final tape as it was bass light, probably due to Winwoods studio monitors being bass heavy.
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