Great White Buffalo

Album: Tooth Fang & Claw (1974)
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  • Well, listen everybody
    To what I got to say
    There's hope for tomorrow
    Ooh,we're workin' on today
    Well, it happened long time ago
    In the new magic land
    The Indian and the buffalo
    They existed hand in hand

    The Indian needed food
    He needed skins for a roof
    But he only took what they needed, baby
    Millions of buffalo were the proof

    Yeah,its all right
    But then came the white man
    With his thick and empty head
    He couldn't see past the billfold

    He wanted all the buffalo dead
    It was sad
    It was sad
    Oh yeah, yes indeed
    Oh yes

    It happened a long time ago, baby
    In the new magic land
    See, the Indian and the buffalo
    They existed hand in hand

    The Indians, they needed some food
    And some skins for a roof
    They only took what they needed, baby
    Millions of buffalo were the proof, yeah

    But then came the white dogs
    With their thick and empty heads
    They couldn't see past the billfold
    They wanted all the buffalo dead
    Everything was so sad

    When I looked above the canyon wall
    Some strong eyes did I see
    I think its somebody comin' around
    To save my ass, baby
    I think, I think he's comin' around
    To save you and me


    I said, above the canyon wall
    Strong eyes did glow
    It was the leader of the land, baby

    Oh my God!
    The great white buffalo
    Look out! Look out!

    Well, he got the battered herd
    He led 'em cross the land
    With the great white buffalo
    They gonna make a final stand

    The great white buffalo
    Comin' around to make a final stand
    Well, look out here he comes

    The great white buffalo, baby
    The great white buffalo
    Look out, here he comes
    He's doin' all right

    Makin' everything all right
    Yeah, yeah, yeah Writer/s: Ted Nugent
    Publisher: BMG Rights Management
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Fabulous Faux Furher from Cosmic Cavernstoo often people miss the meaning of our oldest stories, thinking they're to commemerate a man or other hero.
    no matter how this telling may differ from any other version, the resolution holds the meaning; a species resolved its extinction crisis through adaptation.
    one can hope other pessons are imparted to the listener--protection of where one eats from the excrement of invasive species, and that sometimes an ostracized individual's original thought is not the societal death warrant the herd often mistakes it for.
    too many times these proud white buffalo die in obscurity without recognition for their worth. it is truly sad, and lonely, with only their own satisfaction in living well the way the loved for comfort.
  • Wecer from Nj@Tedstranglehold from Usofa

    Apparently you can’t read or use common sense. How ironic.
  • Anonymous from UsaThe Buffalo killing was to kill off our native brothers and sister by killing their food source and use of hides for their survival this goes very deep into the soul of the white man's lack of understanding of my people or their suffering. nuff said
  • Tedstranglehold from UsofaBow and arrow was the Native American way, not guns. His pervy lyrics are really disgusting knowing he slept with underage girls. But stick up for him, he is your role model Sweatyteddy. Good for you. Ted and Weinstein should be cell mates.
  • Sweatyteddy from UsaApparently Jim doesn't know what feral hogs do to the habitat, and that hog hunts that are carried out in such away are necessary for the region to remain inhabitable by hundreds to thousands of other species of wildlife and vegetation. But yeah, let's take one situation out of context to try and destroy Ted's character, because you can't grasp simple ecology.
  • Jim from UsaWith videos of him machine-gunning hogs from a helicopter and an obsession with killing for pleasure, I can't match the theme of this song with Nugent the wildlife serial killer. Either he lost his morals on the way to becoming a full-blown wingnut, or he was a hypocrite all along.
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