Ammonia Avenue

Album: Ammonia Avenue (1984)
  • Is there no sign of light as we stand in the darkness?
    Watching the sun arise
    Is there no sign of life as we gaze at the waters?
    Into the strangers eyes

    And who are we to criticize or scorn the things that they do?
    For we shall seek and we shall find Ammonia Avenue

    If we call for the proof and we question the answers
    Only the doubt will grow
    Are we blind to the truth or a sign to believe in?
    Only the wise will know

    And word by word they handed down the light that shines today
    And those who came at first to scoff, remained behind to pray
    Yes those who came at first to scoff, remained behind to pray

    When you can't hear the rhyme and you can't see the reason
    Why should the hope remain?
    For a man will be tired and his soul will grow weary
    Living his life in vain

    And who are we to justify the right in all we do?
    Until we seek until we find Ammonia Avenue

    Through all the doubt somehow they knew
    And stone by stone they built it high
    Until the sun broke through
    A ray of hope, a shining light Ammonia Avenue Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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