Ballad Of Ole Betsy

Album: Little Deuce Coupe (1963)
  • Betsy, Betsy, ahh
    She was born in '32, and was she ever pretty
    She rode a freight train west, all the way from Detroit city
    Betsy's seen more places than I'll ever hope to see
    Betsy's been more loyal than any friend could be

    With some she traveled fast, with others it was slow
    Betsy's seen them all, she'd seen them come and go
    She must have had some others before I finally met her
    And now that she's all mine, they'd better just forget her
    Betsy was a lady and that she will remain
    Betsy took some beatings but she never once complained

    She had a classic beauty that everyone could see
    I was the last to meet her, but she gave her life to me
    She may be rusted iron, but to me she's solid gold
    And I just can't hold the tears back
    'Cause Betsy's growing old

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  • Steve Dotstar from Los Angeles, CaOne of my favorite Beach Boys songs, cause of the harmony at the end. I told Brian this in October of 1968... he laughed.
    Another reason I like it, is that Chuck Britz punches in on the tape after the word "back"
    so the boys can perfect the harmony there. You can hear the click... fascinating.
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