Twist and Shout

Album: Please Please Me (1963)
Charted: 2
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  • Well, shake it up, baby, now
    Twist and shout
    Come on, come on, come, come on, baby, now
    Come on and work it on out
    Well, work it on out, honey
    You know you look so good
    You know you got me goin' now
    Just like I know you would

    Well, shake it up, baby, now
    Twist and shout
    Come on, come on, come, come on, baby, now
    Come on and work it on out
    You know you twist, little girl
    You know you twist so fine
    Come on and twist a little closer now
    And let me know that you're mine, woo

    Ah, ah, ah, ah, wow
    Baby, now
    Twist and shout
    Come on, come on, come, come on, baby, now
    Come on and work it on out
    You know you twist, little girl
    You know you twist so fine
    Come on and twist a little closer now
    And let me know that you're mine
    Well, shake it, shake it, shake it, baby, now
    Well, shake it, shake it, shake it, baby, now
    Well, shake it, shake it, shake it, baby, now
    Ah, ah, ah, ah Writer/s: Bert Russell, Phil Medley
    Publisher: Cloud9, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Songtrust Ave, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
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  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn this day in 1964 {March 29th} the Beatles' covered version of "Twist and Shout" peaked at #2 {for 4 weeks} on Billboard's Hot Top 100, for the four weeks it was at #2, the #1 record for those four weeks was the Beatles' "Can't Buy Me Love"...
    And the first week "Twist and Shout" was at #2 the Beatles held the five top spots on Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart:
    At #1. "Can't Buy Me Love"
    #2. the above "Twist and Shout"
    #3. "She Loves You"
    #4. "I Want To Hold Your Hand"
    #5. "Please Please Me"...
    The Beatles also had seven other records on the Top 100:
    #31. "I Saw Her Standing There"
    #41. "From Me To You"
    #46. "Do You Want To Know A Secret"
    #58. "All My Loving"
    #65. "You Can't Do That"
    #68. "Roll Over Beethoven"
    #79. "Thank You Girl"
    Also at the time there were two Beatle related songs on the Top 100:
    #42. "We Love You Beatles" by The Carefrees
    #85. "A Letter To The Beatles" by The Four Preps
  • Ralph Reinert from Seattle, WaI have been told that when the boys harmonize the ahhs, John starts it off, Paul and George join in, and then John switches to the high part so that Ringo never actually sings in this song. Can anyone confirm or refute this?
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn March 2 1964, the Beatles began filming their first movie, 'A Hard Day's Night', at the Paddington Railway station in London, England...
    And across the pond in the U.S.A. on this date, Tollie Records released the quartet's covered version of "Twist and Shout"; it would peak at #2 {for four weeks} on March 29th, the week before it had been at #3 and their "Can't Buy Me Love" was at #27...
    "Can't Buy Me Love" then jumped all the way from #27 to #1, thus preventing "Twist & Shout" from moving up one position to the top spot, and for all four weeks it was at #2, "Can't Buy Me Love" was at #1...
    R.I.P. John and George.
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn February 23 1964, the Beatles appeared on the CBS-TV program 'The Ed Sullivan Show' and performed* a three song set; "Twist and Shout" {which entered Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart on March 8th at #55}, "Please Please Me" {#6 at the time}, and "I Want to Hold Your Hand" {and it was in its 5th of seven weeks at #1}...
    Plus at the time they had the two top albums on Billboard's Top Albums chart; 'Meet the Beatles' at #1 and 'Introducing the Beatles' at #2...
    Exactly six years later on February 23rd, 1970 Ringo appear on the NBC-TV program 'Laugh In'; it was his first solo TV appearance, and then just over eight months later on November 1st, 1970 his first solo record, "Beaucoups of Blues", entered the Top 100 for a five week stay, peaking at #87...
    * The Beatles' performance was a taped segment.
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn January 10th 1964 Vee-Jay Records of Chicago released the album 'Introducing The Beatles'...
    And on that day the #1 album was "The Singing Nun" by the Singing Nun and ten days later on January 20th Capitol Records released 'Meet The Beatles'...
    Four tracks from the album made Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart; "Love Me Do" (#1 for 1 week), "Twist and Shout (#2 for 4 weeks), "P.S. I Love You" (#10 for 1 week), and "There's A Place" (#74 for 1 week); these four songs were on the Tollie Records label, which was a subsidiary of Vee-Jay Records...
    R.I.P. John and George.
  • Wayne from Midvale, UtA great cover. But it's obvious they did their best to imitate the earlier Isley Bothers version. Nothing wrong with that, but I hear so many comments about how they "made it their own". The Isley Brothers version is completely different than the original by the Top Notes.
  • Camille from Toronto, OhDefinitely one of my very favorite Beatles' songs. Love when it comes on the car stereo. Love the "aaahh" s that drive the song into a frenzy towards the end of the song. Also love the guitar. Great energy, as has been said, and no need to compare John to Paul as was also mentioned; they both rocked!
  • Ruby from Rotterdam, NetherlandsIt was this song sung by John that made me fall in love with The Beatles
  • Bill from Lodi, CaIf I sang this song like John Lennon does I wouldn't be able to talk for days, it sounds like he's just shredding his vocal chords!
  • Megan from Stevenson, AlHOLY CRAP!!! The first time I heard this I was watching one of my favorite movies! Ha! FERRIS BUELLER!!! Never knew it was a Beatle song til I was a teenager!
  • Stefanie from Rock Hill, ScHmmm. I think this is funny that Mae West recorded it. I kinda like the Isley Brothers version more, but the Beatles version is a great cover. Imo.
  • K from Nowhere, OnMakes me wonder what it would sound like if they'd recorded Please Please Me a different day...
  • Breanna from Henderson, NvGreat song! I love this song, though every time I hear it I think of my Science teacher dancing to it when it came on the radio during class, bad image!
  • Chloe from St. Louis, Mojohn's best vocal performance in my opinion. kind of ironic that he was sick and his voice was strained when he recorded it. and i agree, sandra, their voices are too different to compare. john lacked the incredible range that paul has, (he hits some very impressive notes in "hey jude")but john's had a great rock feel to it, even in later songs("happiness is warm gun"). but to whoever said he would have done "oh darling" better than paul- i dont think anyone can beat that.
  • Sandra from Gardnerville, NvWhy would you want to compare/pit, John Lennon's voice against Paul McCartney's? They couldn't be more different. John's was more unique, early on, (texture-wise), and more straight forward, and sexy, but Paul's was more melodic, for sure. John paved the way for a new rock n' roll vocal. Paul was actually very old school rock n' roll. Does anyone remember a song called, "In Spite of All the Danger"? Man...Paul was not ready for falsetto then, but he persevered. That will always be Paul. Little Richard was a definite influence on him; which most people know. Paul's voice actually became more "textured" with the strain. Listen to him now.
  • Sandra from Gardnerville, NvI consider John Lennon's vocal on this record the first sexy rock n' roll performance ever! It makes me h*rny!
  • Ken from Louisville, KyAt their 1963 Royal Variety Show performance, John introduced this song by saying "Would the people in the cheaper seats clap your hands? The rest of you can rattle your jewelry", which established their reputation as being "cheeky". What people didn't know is that John told the the other Beatles the night before that he was going to tell the royals in the audience to "rattle their f*ckin' jewlery". Paul, George and Ringo held their breath when John introduced this song, but were relieved when John used a cleaner version!
  • Patty from Alamo, Txi love this song me and my cousins scream it everytime we hear it....especially when they scream....
  • Steve from Fenton, MoKevin of London, I agree completely about John losing his Rock and Roll voice (as in his R&R voice of the early Beatles). I don't recall hearing it on anything after Hey Bulldog in early 1968. If he sang forcefully on a song after that, it was in a different singing style. Did he lose it through overuse ?? too many drugs ?? or just wanted to go in a different direction to put some separation between his early Beatles style and his later Beatles and solo style ?? Don't know, but his early vocals are difficult for anyone to top.
  • Samantha from Bowie, Mdyou can really hear him strain to sing in about the 1:01 when they come out of the long AH part. poor John.
  • Samantha from Bowie, MdI love this song. I really love it in Ferris Bueller's Day Off GREATEST SCENE.
  • Kevin from London, EnglandRe the John singing Oh Darling bit. John's voice had gone by then - that's why he had adopted his now trademark reverbed "bathroom" voice. I think Paul is as every bit a good vocalist.
  • Scott from Boston, MaI think this song is the best vocal performance by any of the Beatles especially considering how shot Lennon's voice was that day.
  • Guillermo from Miami, Flwhen the beatles held the top 5 slots of the billboard top 100 hundred in april of 1964, twist and shout was number two,can't buy me love #1,she loves you # 3,i wanna hold your hand #4 and please please me # 5.this is also the song they played when john said..."would those of you in the cheaper seats clap your hands?and the rest of you,if you'll just rattle your jewelry
  • Josh from TorontoMaybe not the beatles best, but definetly one of 'em and their most fun :D
  • Trent Simpson from Portland, TnI love this song, it's very high energy - it makes even me want to dance. One of my favorite scenes from Ferris Bueller's Day Off is when Ferris gets up on the float and lip syncs this song while hundreds of people sing along and dance.jgjgjgjgjgjgjgjgjgjgjgjgjgjg
  • Krissy from Boston, MaThis probbaly the best Beatle song. It's fun and just amazing. I love to listen to it.
  • Anne from York , EnglandThis song was recorded in early 1963 and it rocks hard for the time it was recorded and garage music was not even popular when this was recorded.
  • Nathan from Bruges, BelgiumAnother great Rock 'n' Roll song.
  • Paul from Redditch, EnglandThe sign of a great band is to take a cover and make it your own. This song epitomises the early Beatles
  • Tommy from Flanders, NjLennon had a bad cold and a sore throat when he recorded this song. That's what gave the lead vocal the "strained" sound that it has.
  • Bram from Zoetermeer, NetherlandsPaul is not a better singer than John, he just reaches the high notes easier cause that's the way his voice is. Paul has a nice soft voice, but John's voice is that Beatles-soundy that you need on that Rock n roll songs. John sounds great on that kind of songs.
  • Jacob from Brussels, BelgiumThe Jamaicans Chaka Demus and Pliers did a partymonster cover that sends any dancefloor in hot motion. Reggae that rocks.

    Long before conquering Hollywood, Oscar winning Danish film director Bille August did a charming movie called Twist and Shout about a bunch of working class kids in Copenhagen anno 1963 that buy Beatle boots, grease up their hair and start a band. The movie beats his later work any day of the week.

    Jake, Brussels
  • Ian from Lethbridge, CanadaPersonally, I think Paul is a better singer than John, but John is great too! His voice ROCKS in this song!
  • Steve from Fenton, MoIt's a shame this didn't make it to number 1 in the US. It's a great recording and probably didn't make it to the top of the charts because it came out at the same time as too many Lennon/McCartney songs when the Beatles broke through in early 64. One of the best vocal performances ever.
  • Ben from Portsmouth, EnglandHas anyone else realised ringo starr looks alot like garry liniker?
  • Dirk from Nashville, TnRegarding John nailing it on the first take, no one was as surprised how good the take was as the Beatles and George Martin themselves. martin had them go ahead and try a second take. (What the heck, right?) And it wasn't as good. So they called it quits for the night and that was that.
  • Lee from Clearwater, FlThis song is the closest thing to sex on records. I disagree that "Light my Fire" was the closest.
  • Calum from Edinburgh, ScotlandThe Beatles DID end their shows with Twist and Shout sometimes when it was for TV. They did this on Sunday Night at the London Palladium and on the Royal Variety Performance. Bet they did it in concert too, in Hamburg and LIverpool and so on. I'm Down is from 1965 - they finished touring in '66: that's two years. The band was playing for about 5 years before that... without I'm Down
  • Dawson from Draper, UtI love Ferris and this song. I am listening to it right now. It rocks. I don't care if he screams it, it still is good.
  • Ed from London, CanadaDavid Lindley covered this song on his album El Rayo-X with a rockish-reggae feel.
  • Barry from New York, NcThe Beatles did NOT end their shows with Twist and Shout. It was the show opener. The Beatles usually ended their shows with Long Tall Sally and I'm Down.
  • Alex from P.d., MalaysiaI get a kick out of listening to John Lennon screaming this song :-)
  • Mauricio from Hanford, CaThe Beatles made it A LOT better. Awsome song...
  • Rhedyn Williams from Bristol, EnglandOne of the best vocal performances ever! John had a great Rock and Roll voice.
  • Barry from Bethlehem, PaI love this song, it's very high energy - it makes even me want to dance. One of my favorite scenes from Ferris Bueller's Day Off is when Ferris gets up on the float and lip syncs this song while hundreds of people sing along and dance. Classic!
  • Maddie from Knoxville, TnI like this version best. That cough at the end is probably John! Who can blame him after those vocals. I think Paul did an excellent job on Oh! Darling.
  • Laura from Lakeville, MnThe cough is audible at the end of this song on everything in which it is on, not just please, please me
  • Calum from Edinburgh, ScotlandI think it would have been less special if John had sung Oh, Darling because he'd shown he could do it on a number of other, er, numbers. The fact that The Beatles had two great rock and roll voices gives a bit of variety.

    Twist and Shout is one of those songs that you hear loud and clear just by reading certain lyrics: 'Well shake it, shake it, shake it, BABY now!'

    See? Here's another - 'Well here it is Merry Christmas, everybody's having fun'
  • Kip from Sussex, WiI'm a teenager and I love the Beatles. This is one of my favorite songs.
  • Kurt from Tampa Bay Area, FlI notice no one has pointed out that The Beatles "Twist and Shout" is actually one of the many versions (~60) of a "La Bamba", a simple musical form mostly associated with Ritchie Valens upbeat 1959 version.
  • John from Boston, MaThis song is rockin and one of my favorites. Tis really cool. I can't add any hard hittin criticism besides that.
  • Liliana from Huntley, Ili know i've posted comments everywhere but i do want to talk to another teen who also likes the beatles. oh, and this song is better done by the beatles.
  • Kristine from Hamilton, ChinaBy the way I really am not from China I didn't look at what I put for country. I'm a Canadian.
  • Kristine from Hamilton, ChinaI love this song I think The Beatles song it a lot better.
  • Shaun from Perth, Molennon was always a little embarrased to play the song when coloured artists were on the bill cos he thought they did the song so much better-strange but true
  • John from Seattle, WaThis was covered by MAE WEST and is featured on the first "Golden Throats" compilation of horrible recordings of hits done by actors/celebrities. She must've been in her 60s at the time. The best way to describe her rendition is... it sounds like the "Chicken Lady" from "Kids in the Hall" before she has the orgasm. During the crescendo parts where there would normally be the harmonizing build-up,.. Ms. West did a series of orgasmic moans. A whole bottle of Viagra couldn't overcome a mood-killer like this.
  • Brittanie from Liverpool, EnglandAt the very end of this song on the "Please Please Me" CD, you can clearly hear a cough, right before the music goes out.
  • Marco from Los Angeles, Caits the best cover song ever
  • Allison from Somewhere, NjYou can't hear this song and not want to dance, especially after seeing Ferris Bueller.
  • Greg from Little River, ScI think paul did a good job of singing Oh, darling
  • Angus from El Centro, CaLennon had a great voice esp. when he put strain on it, like in this and "Dont Let Me Down," makes you wonder how much better "Oh,Darling" would've been if Lennon had sang it!
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