When I'm 64

Album: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967)
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  • When I get older losing my hair
    Many years from now
    Will you still be sending me a Valentine
    Birthday greetings, bottle of wine

    If I'd been out till quarter to three
    Would you lock the door
    Will you still need me, will you still feed me
    When I'm sixty-four

    You'll be older too
    And if you say the word
    I could stay with you

    I could be handy, mending a fuse
    When your lights have gone
    You can knit a sweater by the fireside
    Sunday mornings go for a ride
    Doing the garden, digging the weeds
    Who could ask for more
    Will you still need me, will you still feed me
    When I'm sixty-four

    Every summer we can rent a cottage
    In the Isle of Wight, if it's not too dear
    We shall scrimp and save
    Grandchildren on your knee
    Vera Chuck & Dave

    Send me a postcard, drop me a line
    Stating point of view
    Indicate precisely what you mean to say
    Yours sincerely, wasting away
    Give me your answer, fill in a form
    Mine for evermore
    Will you still need me, will you still feed me
    When I'm sixty-four

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  • Danny from Nys/c/fl/vtToday as I write this is the day I turned 64. Having fun re-writing the lyrics into a personalized story both as tribute and as spoof. Of course the original lyrics, in their slightly quaint British particularity and their everyman universality, are fabulous, as is the music. Thanks, Beatles, for this gift.
  • Mark from From St. Paul, MnI was 11 when I first heard this song. Thinking, WOW ! 64.Thats a long ways away. Now. I'm 64 and thinking, where has time gone. And raising many questions. Like. Did I live a meaningful life ? I woulda done a few things different. All in all. No regrets.
  • Esskayess from EarthThere was a spoof of this song that addressed advances in the fertility field. One line was "I'm thinkin' that maybe, I'm havin' a baby, when I'm sixty-four."
  • Mary from AlabamaI actually believe it's about his dad. Paul McCartney had been asking his dad what life would be like when his dad was 64, and Paul was 14. They were going to use the song to celebrate the dad's 64 birthday, but the record company said to do it right away. It's a great song.
  • Chchch from New YorkIt's a good song. I agree it's about if his wife will still love him at age 64.
  • Bridget from CoFirst Beatles lyrics I ever heard when I was in 3rd grade. I started listening to them as I was transitioning from 4th to 5th.
  • Algal from AlabamaHad fun with this song. It was played for my husband’s 64th birthday. Great song!
  • Ilene from High Falls, NyCelebrating my last days of 63 in Aruba now and singing this song again and again. On Friday the 13th I turn 64 and am grateful for every moment and for this song.
  • Lyndii from Colorado2.22.20 does not equal 64 which I am now but will take 44, thank you verra much ;)
  • Kim from Wisconsinill be 64 tomorrow & will be singing this all day long! still not sure where the years went & how this happened....64! yikes!
  • Andi from Walnut CreekPlayed this for myself on my Valentine's Day birthday the 14th, thank you Paul! My 64th !
  • Steve from Princeton, NjPlenty to say here: 1. This is one of half a dozen late 60s songs in which Paul sounds like John. Ironic, then, that John, referring to this one, said, "I would never write a song like that." 2. The "Yellow Submarine" movie has John singing this. 3. You've heard of Title Two, Final Four, Elite Eight, and Sweet Sixteen. Well, how about Thrifty Thirty-Two, and, you guessed it, When I'm Sixty-Four?
  • Lucy from Roseburg Or I was 14 when this was released and was 6 feet tall. At the time I was still growing and ate a bunch as teenagers do. When I heard/sang this song, I always changed it to "...Will you still need me, will you still feed me when I'm SIX FEET FOUR?" My mother loved it. (BTW, I stopped growing a 6'2". My first husband, an avowed Beatle fan, was 5'7". He appreciated my variation as well!)
  • Jan from Lynn, MaToday is my birthday and I'm 64!! I never thought I would be listening to this non this day many years ago at age 11 when I "fell in love" (as an adolescent) with Paul. Thanks for the music Paul. Keep on singin'.
  • Jennifur Sun from RamonaTo my two nieces. Love this tune. Wonder who played the clarinet on this song?
  • Sergio from ChurMaybe thanks to McCartney and the Beatles the number and the age "64" have become incredibly emblematic. It has for me. I hit the milestone recently with shock and incredulity. I reflect on it in a short video-poem. Paul's song with the poignant lyrics are referred to in it though I refrain from answering the song's question directly, the answer is in between the lines. If Paul or anyone else is interested here's the link:
    BIRTHDAY POEM - Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/141067725
  • Gene from Palm Beach Gardens, FlNext month I turn 64 I'll be playing this song a lot wish me luck
  • Harry from Sunnyvale, CaSome people are getting the facts mixed up. At 15 McCartney just wrote the basic tune in which he copied his father's style, and the lyrics were just thrown and weren't that great, Paul was only 15. It wasn't until Paul was 25 that the Beatles, including George Martin, rewrote and improved the lyrics for a Beatles album. It's an odd song of getting old satire, with the wife leaving him and him asking her if she'll send him a postcard and drop him a line, and him wanting her to fill in a form to tell him if she'll share a cottage with him, like they've grown very distant, and this being written during a time of the hippie generation of peace and love. The lyrics must have been scoffing at the older generation and how they treated each other, the way my parents were around that time.

  • Megan from Stevenson, AlAbsolutely love the music in this song...and Paul's voice. Makes for a wonderful song!
  • Melissa from London, United KingdomI saw Paul saying in an interview that 'When I'm 64' was the first song he ever wrote. Well the music anyway, the lyrics were written years later in the 60's.
  • Devin from Hemet, CaMy dad would play The Beatles' music to me when I was in preschool, and I would always say "Play 'feed me.'" And I was referring to this song. It was my favorite for some reason. (:
  • Brittney from Helena, MtAndrea, they meant that the song wasn't sung but it was referenced in the way that they explain.
  • Billy from Nederland , TxCatchy song. Glad they used clarinets on this.
  • Nanciellen from East Weymouth, MaI feel very honored to share my birthday w/ Sir Paul, I enjoy all the songs they ever did.
    Thanks Beatles for all the songs you gave us.
  • Chloe from St. Louis, Moit does make me sad hearing this, knowing that half of them didnt make it...i also think its really cold that that lady divorced him when he was 64. couldnt you have waited a year?! thats just mean.
  • Chloe from St. Louis, Moi love his writing style- its whimsical, but deep nontheless. who wouldnt still love him when he's 64?
  • Andrea from Portland, OrThat last statement is incorrect:
    When I'm 64 is totally referenced in Across The Universe.
  • Dacia from Auckland, New ZealandIm gonna call my kids: Girls: Lucy Rita Paula Georgia Penny Jude Moon Boys: John Paul George
  • Mark from Dublin, Irelandcliff richard use to joke and tell fans at his concert that john lennon is 5 days older than him before singing this song in his concerts in the late sixties
  • Tommy from Tulsa, OkI just turned 64 today.. never imagined this day when I first heard/played this song. it does take on a whole different meaning! Love the Beatles songs.
  • Emily from Newcastle, Australiamaybe to prove Paul isn't dead, do tests checking his REAL identity!....i can see it now "This man is...Paul McCartney, age 66 (how embarrasing)" haha.
  • Faith from Liverpool, --who wouldn't need you when you're sixty four Paul. I would need you when you 34087198 years old!
    P.S. he was actually 16 when he wrote this. He said so in an interview in with Music Legends Magazine in 1994.
  • Talitha from Austin, Txi love this song because has a sweet and sorta of a melancholy twist to it. brillant!
  • John from Fort Worth, TxI have always loved all the members of The Beatles, including the late Stuart Sutcliffe (from The Quarrymen period) and former drummer Peter Best. I was 8 years old when the Beatles split up and I was so sorry about that yet I loved that each member would accomplish things in later years.
    These days I have heard "When I'm 64" several times on the car radio. I wish Paul McCartney peace now that he is past the age of 64. John Martin, 46, USA
  • Andrea from Sønderborg, DenmarkDon't you all just love the part where Paul goes: Huh! at the end?
  • Ken from Louisville, KyNot long after his 65th birthday (June 2007) an interviewer asked Paul if he was relieved not to be 64 anymore. Paul laughed heartedly and said "Oh yes! Absolutely!", referring to the teasing he had received during the previous year.
  • Nick from Murrieta, CaDirk, it says he wrote the MUSIC for the song when he was 15, not the lyrics. He wrote the actual lyrics way in the future, when his father really did turn 64
  • Dirk from Nashville, TnOne thing I've noticed after years and years of reading quotes from Paul McCartney is that he often plays very fast and loose with the facts. Not sure whether the facts are cloudy in his own mind, or he's just trying to craft an air-tight legacy for himself. But consider one thing--Paul's Dear Old Dad was a jazz musician/tunesmith from the 1930s and 1940s who never got a nod of recognition from anyone. Imagine around 1966 Dear Old Dad is suddenly father to the most famous singer/songwriter in the world. And one day Paul goes into the studio to record a song for Dear Old Dad that sounds NOTHING like any other Paul McCartney song up to that moment. What do you guys think are the odds that the actual composer of this song that Paul now claims he has been singing since he was 15 was NOT Paul McCartney, but in fact, Dear Old Dad McCartney? "Indicate precisely what you mean to say. You're sincerely wasting away..." Does that sound like it came from the pen of a 15 year old who would spend his early 20s struggling to write lyrics like "Well she was just seventeen if you know what I mean...."?
  • Krissy from Boston, MaI loe this song. George u bring up a good point about John not make it to 64. But George Harrison died when he was 58. So he didn't make it either.
  • Sophie from Cornwall, England, EnglandI want to call my children lucy: after lucy in the sky with diamonds and rita from lovely rita meter maid. Random I know just can't think of anything to comment on for thins song in particullar.
  • Michael from Oxford, EnglandI love John's jazzy guitar work buried in the final verse.
  • Tiffany from Chicago, Ilhey, I was born on Paul's 40th B-Day... Happy B-day to us!!!
  • Nicole from Lake Forest, CaHappy 64th Paul!!!! congratz, I wonder how many valentines bottles of wine and birthday greetings you got today
  • Ian from Lethbridge, CanadaHAPPY 64TH PAUL!!!!! WE ALL STILL LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!
  • Jack Warren from Rochester, Nyhappy b-day now that yr 64, lawl
  • Sara from Nashville, TnMy goodness. Paul wrote this song when he was 16 (or 15 according to the fact above) and now he is exactly one month away from living it! haha I feel like one of those moms at kindergarten graduation... "Our little Paul's just growin' up so fast!" [sniffle, sniffle] But anyways, Patrick, I really liked your comment about the 64 mph thing... I thought I was the only person who noticed things like that! lol And to the guy who thought Paul was 67... AND YA CALL YOURSELF A BEATLES FAN! lol jk Whoever asked, I'm 14. I lack 50 years, but I sometimes wonder about what it would be like to be 64.
  • Loony Moony Lupin from VirginiaIn response to the comment from Patrick about the white lines on the road keeping in beat with any of the Beatles' songs: Ehh...are you the driver or the passenger. And if you are the driver...why aren't you watching where you're going? In response to PID rumors: While I don't believe it, it is fun to read about. ^_^
  • Joe from Lethbridge, CanadaSadly, Cameron, no, you are not the only one. Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, some people still choose to believe that bullsh*t. Some people still believe Elvis is alive. I'm surprised nodody's started a JOHN LENNON IS ALIVE rumor. Maybe they could play Flaming Pie backwards and come up with some clues. Maybe George just faked his death so he could finally devote all of his time and energy to his spiritual interests.
  • Cameron from Southington, CtThis was the first song recorded by the "Faul" Am I the only one who thinks that Paul is dead?
  • Greg from Victoria, CanadaHa....I used to think...man 64!that's old!!! Now I wish it could be revised to when I'm 84!
  • Kyle from Orlando, Flwhat i get from the lennon quote is john in 68=negative and pau in 68=positive and happy
  • Lee from Clearwater, FlJust a guess, but when John said he would never have dreamt of writing this song, maybe he meant it in a positive way. I mean it is a bit of a departure from the things the group did. I would never have thought about writing it either, but that does not mean in any way that i believe the song is not good.
  • Ken from Louisville, KyJohn meant that he never wrote songs about fictional characters or scenarios. He was quoted as saying that while Paul wrote songs like a novelist writes books, he - John - only wrote about himself or real life events and people (although often he changed the names to avoid getting sued, as he did with "Sexie Sadie").
  • George from Itaberaba, BrazilBeatles' births:
    Ringo: July, 7 (1940)
    John: October, 9 (1940)
    Paul: June, 18 (1942)
    George: February, 25 (1943)
  • Laura from Santa Fe, NmIt was cool, I went to music camp and in choir which I usually hate we sang that. It was kind of annoyin though because we had to do motions along with it.
  • Steve from Liverpool, EnglandPaul was 64 June 18 2006. I think this is a great song although he has written many many better ones. I don't think enough people realise just how many brilliant songs this guy has written. I certainly have not had enough of "silly long songs".
  • Mauricio from Hanford, CaVery kool song, I hope to be 64, when I am, i'm singing this song...
  • Laura from Santa Fe, NmWhenever I hear this song I cry. John didn't live to 64. He sang about it but it never came true. We miss you John. with you and George at least my deceased relatives are getting some good music up there. I'm 12 by the way liliana
  • Ken from Louisville, KyJohn reportedly suggested the names of "Vera, Chuck and Dave" for the grandchildren.
  • Dorothy from Montclair, NjI have always loved the Beatles. I remember when the group first started out. As I approached age 64, I constantly thought of the song, "When I'm 64". It's a beautiful song and fits me perfectly now although I still think of myself as 24.

    Dottie (Las Vegas via New Jersey)
  • Wing from Montreal, CanadaAccording to the song's lyrics, Paul wondered how he will be treated when he's 64. Well, he is now 62, the reality is that they don't want him to sing on Band Aid 2 but only allow him to play bass on the track. I don't suppose Paul will be mending any of their fuses any time soon. I just hope that they will still feed him when he's 64, with a little more respect. http://www.singwithwing.com
  • Ken from Houston, TxThe song has taken on a bitter-sweetness for me. When Paul's wife, Linda Eastman McCartney, died a few years ago it sadly answered the question posed by the song:

    Will you still need me? Will you still feed me? When I'm 64...
  • Deana from Indianapolis, InI've always loved this song - another example of the deviation from the expected.... (Rocky Racoon, Maxwell's Silver Hammer). Now that I'm 48 and married forever I appreciate it on a different level.
  • Liliana from Huntley, Ilwho writes songs about being 64 when you're 15? it seems impossible you will ever be that old, i mean i'm 15. hey patrick from GA, that's awesome, as soon as i get my license (and insurance) i will try that. by the way any other teens here? i'd like to talk to u
  • Martin from London, EnglandThe track was never issued as a single - well not in the UK, and I would be surpised if it was released anywhere else. There were cover versions, of course. Kenny Ball & His Jazzmen had a minor UK hit with it in 1967, reaching 43. I also confidently expect Paul McCartney to re-record it in 2006 to coincide with his own 64th birthday!
  • Catherine from Glasgow, EnglandI love this song!! it's got a nice happy thing about it.
    Paul McCartney will be 64 on 18th of june by the way people.
  • Austin from Holly, Mifeatured in yellow submarine when they go through the sea of time
  • Patrick from Conyers, GaIf you are driving down the freeway (and this is true for almost *ANY* Beatles song) and are going EXACTLY 64 miles per hour (granted that you are allowed to go that fast) you will notice that the white lines that divide the lanes on the freeway will pass by you, keeping beat with the music.
  • Travis from Baltimore, Mdthe first song recorded for sgt.pepper's lonely hearts club band ,but never went on it was srawberry fields forever ,but it did set the tone for the rest of the album
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