Album: Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We? (1993)
Charted: 27 42
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  • Oh, my life
    Is changing every day
    In every possible way

    And oh, my dreams
    It's never quite as it seems
    Never quite as it seems

    I know I've felt like this before
    But now I'm feeling it even more
    Because it came from you

    Then I open up and see
    The person falling here is me
    A different way to be

    Ah, la-la
    La-la, la

    I want more
    Impossible to ignore
    Impossible to ignore

    They'll come true
    Impossible not to do
    Impossible not to do

    Now I tell you openly
    You have my heart so don't hurt me
    You're what I couldn't find

    A totally amazing mind
    So understanding and so kind
    You're everything to me

    Oh, my life
    Is changing every day
    In every possible way

    And oh, my dreams
    It's never quite as it seems
    'Cause you're a dream to me
    Dream to me Writer/s: Dolores Mary O'Riordan, Noel Anthony Hogan
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Joe from TorontoI am now 80 and bring back memories when I was 15/16's old
  • Stukka63 from St.augustine, Fla.Awesome song, vocals wow.
    But I think she’s double tracking big time.
  • John from Calgary Alberta CanadaA Haley Reinhart cover is used in a Mazda commercial in 2019.
  • Romanong Kurong from PhilippinesListening to the radio, it was hard for me to resist humming along with her singing “Dreams,” especially the last part, which stands out even with the background vocals and instruments: Laaaaaa laaaaa la la la laaaa laaaaaa; laaaaaa laaaaa la la la laaaa laaaaaa; laaaaaa laaaaa la la la laaaa laaaaaa:” These are the parts that would last in your head
  • Peter from AustraliaSo the wailing at the end? What's going on there?
  • Harry White from CaliforniaDreams is still being put in movies in 2014. It's played during the end-credits of "The To Do List."
  • Jim from Hammond, InI like the Woodstock 94 version
  • Stefanos from Aglantjia, Cyprusi am so suprised that i am the firts that comment that song
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