Mr. Dieingly Sad

Album: Younger Girl (1966)
Charted: 17
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  • Just a breeze will muss your hair
    But you smile away each little care
    And if the rain should make you blue
    You say tomorrow is a new
    Blue be your eyes, blonde your hair
    You realize beyond a care
    Life's in a hurry, but
    You've got no worry, you're
    So mystifyingly glad
    I'm Mr. Dieingly Sad

    And when the leaves begin to fall
    Answering old winter's call
    I feel my tears, they fall like rain
    Weeping forth the sad refrain
    Blue, dark, and dim it may seem
    You mark a grin, a moonbeam
    Brightens your smile, pray tell me
    How all the while you can be
    So mystifyingly glad
    I'm Mr. Dieingly Sad

    You say "take my hand and walk with me
    Wake this land and stop the sea
    Show me love, unlock
    All doors
    I'm yours"

    Then the tide rolls up to shore
    I whisper low, "I love you more
    More than even you could know"
    Adore me do so I could show
    I'm so mystifyingly glad
    Not Mr. Dieingly Sad Writer/s: DON CICCONE
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Joseph from Miami I hate to be contrary but the I have slowed it down, filtered it and played it over and over and I believe the lyrics are correct as written. This song was my summer of 1966 fave. Hadn’t heard it in years but the Mrs. bought me the mp3. Been playing the song a lot.
  • Rodney from TorontoI'm now sure it's "You part the grim"--which would make sense AND actually be an exact rhyme.
  • Rodney from TorontoI have wondered for years: What are the next few words in the line after "Blue, dark and dim it may seem"?

    It does NOT sound like (as many websites would have it) "You part a grin." Also, that doesn't make as much sense as the rest of the song--even given that the lyric was written by a very young person.

    Someone with access to the sheet music might be able to help, but I have found that even published lyrics on scores can contain big mistakes as they are sometimes prepared without author input and/or approval.

    But then I finally got an idea. I’m now sure it's "You part the grim"--which would make sense AND actually be an exact rhyme.
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