The Soft Parade

Album: The Soft Parade (1969)
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  • When I was back there in seminary school
    There was a person there
    Who put forth the proposition
    That you can petition the Lord with prayer
    Petition the lord with prayer
    Petition the lord with prayer
    You cannot petition the lord with prayer

    Can you give me sanctuary
    I must find a place to hide
    A place for me to hide

    Can you find me soft asylum
    I can't make it anymore
    The Man is at the door

    Peppermint, miniskirts, chocolate candy
    Champion sax and a girl named Sandy
    There's only four ways to get unraveled
    One is to sleep and the other is travel, da da
    One is a bandit up in the hills
    One is to love your neighbor 'till
    His wife gets home

    Nursery bones
    Winter women
    Growing stones
    Carrying babies
    To the river

    Streets and shoes
    Leather riders
    Selling news
    The monk bought lunch

    Ha ha, he bought a little
    Yes, he did
    This is the best part of the trip
    This is the trip, the best part
    I really like
    What'd he say
    Yeah, right
    Pretty good, huh
    Yeah, I'm proud to be a part of this number

    Successful hills are here to stay
    Everything must be this way
    Gentle streets where people play
    Welcome to the Soft Parade

    All our lives we sweat and save
    Building for a shallow grave
    Must be something else we say
    Somehow to defend this place
    Everything must be this way
    Everything must be this way, yeah

    The Soft Parade has now begun
    Listen to the engines hum
    People out to have some fun
    A cobra on my left
    Leopard on my right, yeah

    The deer woman in a silk dress
    Girls with beads around their necks
    Kiss the hunter of the green vest
    Who has wrestled before
    With lions in the night

    Out of sight
    The lights are getting brighter
    The radio is moaning
    Calling to the dogs
    There are still a few animals
    Left out in the yard
    But it's getting harder
    To describe sailors
    To the underfed

    Tropic corridor
    Tropic treasure
    What got us this far
    To this mild equator

    We need someone or something new
    Something else to get us through, yeah, c'mon

    Callin' on the dogs
    Callin' on the dogs
    Oh, it's gettin' harder
    Callin' on the dogs
    Callin' in the dogs
    Callin' all the dogs
    Callin' on the gods

    You gotta meet me (too late, baby)
    Slay a few animals
    At the crossroads (too late)
    All in the yard
    But it's gettin' harder
    By the crossroads (you gotta meet me)
    Oh, we're goin', we're goin' great
    At the edge of town (tropic corridor, tropic treasure)
    Havin' a good time (got to come along)

    Outskirts of the city
    (What got us this far to this mild equator)
    You and I
    We need someone new
    Better bring your gun
    Better bring your gun
    We're gonna ride and have some fun

    When all else fails
    We can whip the horse's eyes
    And make them sleep
    And cry Writer/s: Jim Morrison, John Paul Densmore, Raymond Manzarek, Robert A Krieger
    Publisher: Doors Music Company
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Pikebishop from New JerseyThe Soft Parade ("This is the best part of the trip" is about hell, after the rejection of Christ and the attempt to achieve salvation by other ways. When in hell, there is nothing to do but to "whip the horses' eyes.)
  • Afran Ovyors from EarthA soft parade is a funeral.
  • Dwell In ChristThe soft parade starts off right off with Satan the Accuser trying to deceive him as in the garden. You cannot challenge The Lord as if there's something he hasn't already thought of. After Cain killed Abel he begged the Lord for some type of sanctuary Can you give me Sanctuary I must find a place to hide a place for me to hide she will surely be a stranger in the land and they will kill him and so the Lord put a mark on on him so they know if anyone kills Cain that they will be cursed worse. Can you find me soft Asylum I can't make it anymore the man is at the door. He's talking about the knowledge of Good and Evil driving him crazy and the man at the door is death or he can't lie anymore cuz time is up the man is at the door.

    Peppermint mini skirts chocolate candies Champion sacks in a girl named Sandy. He's describing a scene like maybe Las Vegas Sin City. There's only four ways to get unraveled one is to sleep the others travel dada what is the Bandit up on the hill and wanted to love your neighbor till his wife gets home speaking of all the sin in the world that was Unleashed

    catacombs Nursery bones winter women growing Stone carrying babies to the river that's about Moses I think he's trying to say that it's all buls--t that it's all nursery rhymes when he says Nursery bones if you smoke a bone you're like wow man that's a good story catacombs Nursery bones winter women growing Stones carrying babies to the river and that's what happened with Moses he was put in a basket and sent down the river but I still believe he's being sarcastic at this point because now he says streets and shoes Avenues leather Riders selling news that's all buls--t... He's describing the catacombs and the story of Moses comparing it to Channel 5 News

    And I think right there at that moment there was a monk they turned around and threw up he bought lunch and it's confirmed when he said yeah he bought a little yes he did
    Or he was describing a scene in the city of what he was witnessing with the leather Riders selling news Avenues and maybe just maybe there was someone with them that never bought his food always grub from everybody else and he finally bought lunch and I like oh s--t and they said Woo that's the best part of the trip to best part of the day they're probably at work and the monk being the boss cuz he's a cheap motherfuker brought lunch. I only think that because because the next verse starts off with successful Hills are here to stay everything must be this way gentle streets where people play Welcome to the Soft Parade which is a gimmick it's bulls--t it's a lie it's bulls--t there gaming you. Because all our lives we sweat and Save building for a shallow grave must be something else we say some how to defend this place but when you think about it everything must be this way how else would we survive in this world if it wasn't this way? And then you think about it again but there's got to be another way know the reason everything must be this way we all have to work we all have to slave there's no choice about it there's no other world order that would work. That's why he repeats it everything must be this way twice.

    So now you know it's a Soft Parade to your death everything is bulls--t get used to it because the Soft Parade has now begun listen to the engine hum people are out to have some fun there's a cobra looking a bite me on my left and there's a leopard on my right yeah we're all f--ked up there's no reason to be sad about it enjoy your life for what it's worth.

    The deer woman is in a silk dress there's girls with beads around their necks...... almost sounds like they're at Mardi Gras kiss the hunter of the green vest that's the guy looking to get laid that's got the money who knows the game because he's wrestled before with lions in the night. He's been around he knows the game he knows how the engine hums they just brought one over to the evil side. out of sight. Now that you know the lights are getting brighter the radio is really moaning and I believe that's because the Demonic element. Why wouldn't radio moanin... and that the demonic spirits in their minds they're in hell they're describing hell . They still have some animals left out in the yard that they can kill and I believe that's the racial element because they go there and they say it's hard to describe it because they can't just come out and say it and how else do you describe it Tropic corridor tropic treasure which is slaves what got us this far to this mild equator slaves it was built on slavery and there's a pun because when he says what got us this far too this mild mild equator dark skin and they used slaves on ships still a few animals in the yard let's go get them colored false. And then they just drew a complete difference between white and black when they said you know we're different than that we're Sailors it's hard to describe have you under said meaning that they don't have everything that we have meaning that inside as physical they are underfed they weren't given the same as the white man was given that's what he means when he says it's hard to describe Sailors to the underfed almost like it's an egotistical kind of justification after going kidnapping these people from their land so you got to meet me at the crossroads because we need someone new yeah we need someone knew they say you better bring your gun you got to meet me to slay a few animals left out in the yard. They aint working so good anymore we need someone new we need someone new so that's not evil I don't know what is ... and if it isn't a racial element it could still be a good and evil element and when they say Tropic Corridor and Tropic treasure what has got us this far to this mild equator it sounds like they're bored. You better come along you better bring a gun we need someone new someone else to get us through because they feed off Souls and if all else fails you can whip the horse's eye I make him sleep and cry evil. Yeah that's why I really think that that part is about slavery because the traffic order the sailors the underfed we need someone new how did we make it to this point to this mild equator you're not getting enough done you're not making what they should be making there's still a few out in the yard you better bring a gun you got to meet me to slay a few animals at the crossroads you better come along you better bring your gun because it's your turn

    So yes this song is a very derogatory song it can mean a whole bunch of things I believe it's a song about evil guaranteed because it's clear from the beginning for making a mockery out of religion making fun of the Monk maybe because they don't pay for anything through the churches and stuff I don't know the catacombs they're calling it Nursery bones tell a few stories around the campfire and get stoned the Soft Parade is a mockery it's a joke what kind of parade is soft? Usually a parade is marching confident a Soft Parade would be like wa wa a disappointment. When he says listen to the engine hum like wow listen to that and they're being sarcastic but yeah it's about using others to get ahead in life by all means necessary and it is got the evil demonic element to it because they live by the devil I walk with the Lord daily walk with the Devil so they bring a gun I bring a Bible there radio moans mine plays from heaven oh yeah and the horses I think it was code for the black man daughter the horse's eye daughter or wife and after they first start whipping her then rape her she sleeps and cries f--ked up and they did all that s--t because of bored of we need someone new something else to get us through what is gotten to this mild equator I'm convinced that that's what that's about because why you talkin about a horse whips outskirts of the Cities at the crossroads animals in the yard calling all the dogs we got a slave few animals in the yard Tropic corridors there's nothing else it could be about and they say the daughters Apple of the father's.

    Whip horses eye also derogatory because the apple of a man's eye is his daughter some people will say she's my eye the song sounds a little racial calling all the dogs outskirts of the city at the crossroads animals in the yard we got to slay a few
    Tropic quarter Tropic Treasures What got us this far to this mild equator it sounds like a plateau equal with mild equal we're not making more we're not making less in the middle it's not quite where they wanted to be.. r
    Tropic treasure in the Tropic corridor mild equator is where people with darker skin on the cross he described it as treasurer you know it's about buying and selling slaves.
    How did we get this far for this mild equator . How did it come to this how did we get this far we're so Bland and one person said you and I and then they both understood they needed more slave how to get rid of the ones that are not producing and that's when they said we need someone new yeah we need someone knew we got to slay a few animals left in the yard get rid of the Dead weight at the crossroads will have a soft parade calling all the dogs will be out to have some fun better bring your gun better come along t you know how it's getting harder to describe Sailors they called escapees. We have got some sailors calling all the dog bring your gun I want a Soft Parade all the way to the outskirts of the city all else fails we can whip that horses eye his daughter or wife. horse being derogatory black man

    But in all honesty I think it goes deeper than just racial I believe it's between good and evil because the song starts off what Seminary School petitioning the Lord cannot do cuz the Lord knows it all. Mocking the Monk catacombs Nursery bones winter women's growing stones carrying babies to the river you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink it's about teaching your children but they're growing Stones meaning they got no brain derogatory with that because that's about Moses do catacombs Nursery bones winter women growing Stones carrying babies to the river Avenue leather lighters selling news he compared the story of Moses like that's all that is. Oh my God the monk bght lunch yes he did all this is the best part of the trip that's because they're trying to say you finally did something for yourself instead of waiting to be fed by God...... peppermint mini skirt chocolate candies Champion socks and a girl named Sandy and right now he's describing a scene there's only four ways to get unraveled wanted to sleep and the other is the Bandit up on the hill one is to love love your neighbor until his wife gets home... sinning Now it seems to me he's describing a scene I would say Las Vegas Sin City

    Now that you're woke and ate from the Tree of knowledge the lights are getting brighter the radio is moaning the Soft Parade has now begun listen to the engine hum people are out to have some fun look I got Cobra to my left leopards on my right out of sight the lights are getting brighter calling all the god
    Dear woman in her silk dress girls with beads around their neck kiss the hunter of the green vest that's money who has wrestled before with lions in the night. Really meaning that he is experience but can also mean that he told a lie of what his career is to boost his ego. So what's that it from this aspect the whole road is racial thing falls apart. Good and evil thing where for looking for a soul you will notice the song started the sound demonic all different words being said on the radio starts moaning calling all the dogs the dogs of war the dogs of hell calling on the god we need to slay a few animals at the Crossroad make a sacrifice cuz it's getting harder describe the sailors if you understand they want more they are hungry tropic corridor tropic treasurer What got us this far to this mild equator . You and I we're going all right we need someone or something new better bring your gun someone else to get us through sacrifice the devil.
  • Okboomer from Portland, OrLord knows how long ago these comments were posted, but to comment on Mona from Grand Marsh, WI's post, Paul Rothchild produced The Soft Parade. He was allegedly heavily dependent on cocaine during this time. Hell, they should make a film solely about the making of this album. It's one of those albums that was ahead of its time in my opinion because it wasn't what listeners expected. Ok maybe I was only 5 and 6 when it was released, but I read as much as I could about that period of time of the band's career. Ray, Robbie, and John could have explained it 1,000 ways but we could never imagine what it was like to be so well-known, so misunderstood and dealing with Fame. Yet...this really is a masterpiece. The Soft Parade will always be my personal favorite album . "Poor Otis dead and gone Left me here to sing his song Pretty little girl with the red dress on Poor Otis dead and gone"...
  • William from Gwinnett County GeorgiaThis song is all about America in it's time of civil rights and early baby boomers. I'm from Indiana and this song didn't make sense until I moved to Georgia. I went to Black Methodist Church with a friend. I learned about Jim Jones basically. You can not petition the Lord with prayer? That was really going on when this album was recorded. I mean I was born in 96 so I don't know what I'm talking about....but... I think the lyric 'better bring your guns,' is a reference to Oakland California. Slay a few animals at the crossroads left out on the yard at the crossroads is a reference to the KKK in Indiana. Indiana Jones..?. I'm playing go fish here but it's making sense to me... A lot of people disagreed with Jim Jones. So... Everything about this song makes sense. The Soft Parade is a real composition. It's about commercial civil tensions in america. White people is not a valid categorization of people. All kinds of different people built this country from Manhattan Sunshine. Georgia is the 4th state. There's a lot of history built into this song. The silent generation and early baby boomers think a certain way and it's in Jim Morrisons lyrics. The lights are getting brighter? To describe sailors to the underfed? What? White? What got us this far to this mild equator. Black people have a code they sort of speak in through their predicament. We do this too but aren't aware of it in the way they are. It all makes sense but we all know how that works right? We need someone or something new something else to get us through. I think that's Bout Jim Jones but probably not . You got to meet me. Too late, baby. Slay a few animals. At the crossroads. Too late. All in the yard. But it's getting harder. By the crossroads. Oh, we're going great at the edge of town. Got to come along. It's all about America . I swear to God. It's a pretty scary song honestly. I've tripped on some kind of acid drugs since 14 til and stuff so yeah it's possible I'm just hearing all his from this song. It's not a bad trip it's just aware of the devil. Not living in reaction to the devil but being aware of him in living people is very valuable. It's all real. Everything about this song gives me a flow state and give me room to work and make shifts and do personal experiments. Tropic corridor, Tropic treasure, what got us this far to this mild equator? Primitive and intrinsic intensity is still very important and controversial. We all want to make money doing nothing and do what ever we want basically. Just have everyone else do the work for us. We all know this..... That's my take on this song. .... Please give me feed back thank you guys!!!.... hahaha!
  • William from Gwinnett County GeorgiaI'm from Indiana and this song didn't make sense until I moved to Georgia and went to black church. This song's f--king insmaey
  • Limp Mcduffey from CtWhip the horses eyes comes from Crime & Punishment, Dostoevsky. It is one of the most intense scenes from the book which I can imagine Morrison what deeply affected by. The term "whipping the horses" eyes means that everything else has run out so why not do the only thing left. Possibly the most violent thing. Just my opinion.
  • Bob from Milwaukee, WiWhat's beautiful about this song... is that only certain people really get what this band is doing. Love this one.
  • Bil from Cardigan, United KingdomThe Soft parade is what happens when super "relaxed" sitting there, warm in the sun, maybe on the strip or where you live as the world in all it variety passes slowly by as your eyes inexorably and almost timelessly close... isn't it?
  • Dan from Kittery Point, MeI have to agree on the wtf about this being the Doors most commercial album. Shamans Blues? Soft Parade? Gimme a break. Want to know what this song means? Sing it. Sing it till you know it. Jim Morrison was my inspiration as a vocalist and a lyricist. You can't fail to FEEL this song when you sing it. If you were alive then, and part of what was going on, and watching all those high hopes and dreams fade into shabby violence, ego politics and sexual predator gurus, this song lives. And it lives just as well now, when life gets to that point. I still sing it. Don't get too analytical, your mind will blind you.
  • Ulrik from Haslev, Denmarkwhip the horses eyes is an indian trip hidden in the tune,rytme. it will burn all the f--ked stuff out of your head and body.
    a horsehead is right in front of you with eyes of fire and you swing a whip over the horses head to the rytme.
    make them sleep and cry. he is takin about people with mental illness.. I dont know why it came over me maybe I was nerly going crazy.
    rip jim. the indians knew some crazy stuf ey.
  • Dogg from Tulsa, OkThis is one of the most unique and creative albums from the greatest band to ever exist. Why critics panned it only speaks to why it is that those who don't have talent, criticize. Morrison wrote lyrics beyond anything other bands have been capable of, and the other three were just born to play together.
    As for this song, it is epic. I understood the term "soft parade" after I dropped acid many years ago. I don't recommend it to others now.
  • Mona from Grand Marsh, WiThis song took 11 months to record. The producer was a perfectionist. I forget his name.
  • Gerwin from Amsterdam, NetherlandsThey actually played this live once more that I know of, at Madison Square Garden in 1969.
  • Davíd from Woburn, MaI've always found it ironic that people viewed this album as the Doors "selling-out" and resorting only to pop music. There is nothing pop-oriented on this album. Overall, it is probably one of their more spacy. Oh, and on the remastered version, there is an intorduction to this song: I am troubled immeasurably by your eyes, I am struck by the feather of your soft reply. The sound of glass speaks quick disdain, and conceals what your eyes fight to explain.... It's awesome!
  • Jesse from San Antoino, Tx"This is the best part of the trip
    This is the trip, the best part"
  • Jesse from San Antoino, Txawesome song to trip on
  • Chloe from St. Louis, MoThe weirdest song ever? I think so.

    Welcome to the Soft Parade. :)
  • Barry from New York, NcMischi from Malmoe, Sweden what the !$%@! are you babbling about?? Poor grammar and spelling too. Regardless, THE SOFT PARADE is a great song. When I was in College I helped organize a scavanger hunt! When I was thinking of things the contestants needed to find, I thought of this song. So the scavanger hunt list included these items: 1) peppermint 2) miniskirt 3)chocolate candy 4)champion SOCKS 5)A girl named Sandy (signature or photo of drivers license).
  • Kadir Köz from Istanbul, TurkeyVery Acidic
  • Mischi from Malmoe, SwedenI thought whipping the horses eye was a referance to animal farm, like we are all pigs (coming back to 'I dunno whats gonna happen, but I tell you this, I am gonna have my kicks before the whole s--thouse goes up in flames'), like some kind of conscience arising in the mad raver.

    My brother usually conects me with this Jim (before an eventuall conscience) and he thought it was about shooting heroin lika a last exit for the lost (and I tell u this, that Will make you sleep And cry), then of course maybe its just a song about a boy and his magic dragon.

    Theese references to nihilism and escpecially Crime and punishment that is a lot about concience fits quite well (like nihilsm is the way to be if ur on H. and well, -concience was my theory).

    This May show that, when ur connected (to the left and the right) u will have acces to wisdom greater than ur own.

    Have you ever considered enlightment, real enlightment, enlightment of mind, even big brothers?

    The thing about the shallow grave, was told to me from the greatest doorshead ever lived (R.I.P.) was about reincarnation. He gave me my first and only dose of H. btw.

    Maybe the monk buying in to all bs around is what interfeeres with a subtle reentry after death. The man I'd say is a reference to the Grim reeper, like in Canterbury tales;)

    The four ways to get unravel are the four types of psychedelic experience, acording to Learys translation of the Tibetan Book of the dead.

    Then comes death iniviteably, the only thing is it carries the small infant (post mortem the mind is already getting ready for reentry), to the river styx, witch makes it forget who he was.

    And even if u ride with the angels from hell, no one gets out of it alive (that is a paraphrase to u wont get back from the other side-remembering).

    The succesfull hills are obviously the hobbits houses, since some mortal may learn to remember like where they lived in a past life, kind of strange dontcha think that everyone was a Pharao or Mahardja in past lives?

    Theese hills are mentioned also by Marshall matters, so a higher level of enlightment than Slim's is not possible, now Jim sees this, and he creates a city that would make Tim Burton jelous with all the funny colours.

    And he realises there is nothing you can do but going with the flow. Even if you wants something good to die for to make it beautiful to live.
    With giving in to the urge to plunge into the abyss, he becomes a victim to energy suckling vampires making the world around him more primitive, harder to describe the most basic of his games, the pirates he came with are sailing by, and he tries to be humble and ask for forgiveness, and perhaps it´s all about adrenochrome.

    Did I pass?
  • Joe from Chicago, IlDid no one else catch the reference to Crime and Punishment at the end? The horses eyes being wiped? Nietzsche was a fan of the book and it is likely the reason he had a breakdown upon seeing the horse.
  • Roy from Granbania, MaThe many mood changes in this song make it reminiscent of a modern classical piece, with its many movements (however it is not necessarily classical in styling). This makes the song very interesting and catchy overall. The lyrics are quite complicated but remain very deep and beautiful.
  • Rose from Philadelphia, Paput everthing away.nothing but this song,close ur eyes and listen,really ur eyes now tell me how do u feel!!!!???
  • Infidel from Pittsburgh, PaNietzche, nihilism, and acid... what a combination.
  • Sean from Chicago, IlI'm surprised that nobody appears to have been through high school...the lyrics to this song -- except, of course, "peppermint, miniskirts, chocolate candy, champion sax and a girl named Sandy" -- are VERY Canterbury Tales, including "The monk bought lunch."
  • Mike from Windsor, CanadaI thought it was a great song. I especially like how the mood changes alot.
  • Dubravko from Kakanj, BosniaHis sanctuary was his death (I think). The Man is at the door... soft asylum...Think about it! THE MAN (him) at the door of the other world.
  • Tristan from Philadelphia, PaI love this song, especially when things get crazy after "the monk brought lunch" by far the best song on the album. And in responce to Nick from Buffalo, JIm and the other Doors were very close and had a great relationship, however as the Doors became bigger and progressed in the music world, Jim distances himself more and more from them making it difficult for anyone to really help him. Plus he cheated on all the women who loved him.
  • Dave from Philadelphia, PaIt is beleived that the lines"can you give me santuary, i must find a place to hide" is about Morrison faking his death and hiding in another country to avoid the public.
  • D from Many, MaThe clip (mixed?) from the Doors dvd (per Stone) has the best recording of this song, I think. His voice was at the pinnical right there. Godly.
  • Jonathon from Clermont, FlThis is one of the songs on the album that's actually worth listening to.
  • Douglas from Melbourne, FlYou cannot petiton the Lord with prayer! That tells everybody that just goes through the motions with their religion, will be surprised to find out that by not believing in the Almighty, and think just by prayer they will be saved, is and will be sorry. You have to believe.
  • Bill from Erie, PaSumner: Nietzsche never even argued for nihilism, much less invented it. He actually was very much against the "anything goes" attitude.
  • Cameron from Irvine, CaThe live version was performed on PBS in 1969 weeks after the Miami incident. I agree, this version is better.
  • Brian from Alluhrst, Njthis song seams to be very anti religon
  • Ashley from Moncton, CanadaThis song has some wicked lyrics.
  • Steve from Philly, PaThis song symbolizes an escape, a parade to be marched for all who need to escape real life and all the bulls--t and hardness it can give you and that you go through. Morrison saw this as a magical place, imaginary or real, that was all about having fun, no worries. The beginning may be seen as a cry and it in fact does present the song as an escape or a helping place people need to go to to get away and do what they want. the crazy lyrics are that in fact showing how it is crazy, it is whatever happens and anything can happen. He saw it as a place where things wern't normal and ordinary. The lines, "all our lives we sweat and save, building for a shallow grave, must be something else, we say", also signify the escape and the want for something different. we are all going to be the same way and the sweating and saving is not worth it to him. the fun and the parade is our cry for help and our time and place of fun in life or outside of it.
  • Robert from Puyallup, WaThe "Sanctuary" section, near the beginning of the song, is one of the most moving things The Doors ever recorded. Jim's plaintive singing, accompanied by harpsichord, is stunning.
  • Nelle from Lima, PeruThis song kicks ass....
    Everything must be this way
    Everything must beee this waaay
  • Sumner from Paragould, AkK from New Jersey is probably right. This hasn't been said by the Doors, Jim or in any of his biographies but it seems to be the best explanation. Nietzche was one of Jim's favorite Germanic philosophers and the founder of nihilism. Nietzche went into a nervous breakdown which he never recovered from after seeing a horse whipped across the eye in the city of Milan. He died a few years later.
  • K from Lbi, Njat the end of the song morrision says " when all else fails we can whip the horses eyes, and make the sleep, and cry", i believe this was taken from one of the last things that philosipher Nietzche said. Nietzche said it because he saw a horse get whipped across the eye. Nietzche didnt say this directly but it would explain what happened.
  • Josh from Montrose, MiLater on an audio commentary on a DVD, the surviving members of the Doors admitted they didn't know what the hell Jim was saying. John Densmore emphasized the "If all else fails you can whip the horses eyes, and bleed and cry.." that he thought that was really f--kin wierd.
  • Nick from Buffalo, NyPersonaly i beleave that at this point Jim was falling deeper and deeper into severe depresion. In the opening lines are an out right cry for help. If he had any real friends they should have seen this. The song is phenominal absolutely...but where were his real friends???
  • Jeff from Wyckoff, NjA true soft "parade" of great Morrison poetry...just another example of America's Greatest Poet
  • Niko from Davis, CaThe live version on Essential Rarities is so great. I love it.
  • Jojo from Hawkes Bay, New ZealandI love this song too! Cool beat and I love the line of the "cobra on myleft, leopard on my right".
  • Patrick from Durham, NcIt is where the Doors peak creatively. There is nothing Pop-like on the album.
  • Patrick from Durham, NcThe Soft Parade is the best Doors song musically and lyrically. This song is about more than is said above. "The Soft Parade" is a metaphor for life and how crazy and interesting it can be. It is rooted in insanity. Great bassline.
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When you have a song called "Fire," it's tempting to set one - these guys did.

Gene Simmons of Kiss

Gene Simmons of KissSongwriter Interviews

The Kiss rocker covers a lot of ground in this interview, including why there are no Kiss collaborations, and why the Rock Hall has "become a sham."