Album: Merrie Land (2018)
  • If you're leaving please still say goodbye?
    And if you are leaving can you leave me my silver jubilee mug?
    My old flag?
    My dark woods?
    My sunrise?

    If you're leaving can you please say goodbye?
    And if you are leaving can you leave your number?
    I'll pack my case
    And get in the cab
    And wave you goodbye

    I'll drive in the early hours down to the sea
    I'll stand on the beach where the storms amplify
    All the voices that I care for
    And the ghosts I hold sacred

    In this alignment that lasts for a day
    There's nothing that I can do anyway, anyway
    What am I doing here?
    Waiting for you?

    Eh, hey

    So rebuild the railways
    Firm up all the roads
    No one is leaving
    Now this is your home
    And the horses, the foxes, the sheep, and the cows
    Bow down on their knees
    To the fanfare of progress, it's always the same
    We cheer on the clowns as they roll into town
    But their faces look tired and sad to me
    And carry the terrible things they've seen

    All lost in a painting of a sky coloured oil
    In this Merrie Land

    You are my crows, my window rattlers
    Perfumed valley criers
    Oh the dark ponds of Merrie England
    The deep space echoes
    Get on your mo
    What did you say? Mobility (you can fly)
    Get on your mobilised hooters (to the moon)
    Mobilised Hooters
    (One day)
    Get hold of those mobilised hooters
    They are half price

    This is not rhetoric
    It comes from my heart
    I love this country
    Daneland, I am your kin
    You were the ones who work together
    Put the money in the pockets
    To the few and their fortunes
    Who crowd the school benches
    And jeer at us all 'cause they don't care about us
    They're graceless and you shouldn't be with them
    'Cause they are all disconnected and raised up in mansions
    And two hundred plastic bags in a whale's stomach
    So you turn to the trident
    Are we green, are we pleasant?
    We're not either of those, Father
    We're a shaking wreck where nothing grows
    Lost in the sky coloured oils of Merrie Land

    You can fly to the moon
    One day Writer/s: Anthony Oladipo Allen, Damon Albarn, Paul Gustave Simonon, Simon Tong, ALLEN ANTHONY OLADIPO
    Publisher: Warner Chappell Music, Inc., Royalty Network
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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