Gone Away

Album: Ixnay on the Hombre (1997)
Charted: 42
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  • Maybe in another life
    I could find you there
    Pulled away before your time
    I can't deal it's so unfair

    And it feels
    And it feels like
    Heaven's so far away
    And it feels
    Yeah it feels like
    The world has grown cold
    Now that you've gone away

    Leaving flowers on your grave
    Show that I still care
    But black roses and Hail Mary's
    Can't bring back what's taken from me
    I reach to the sky
    And call out your name
    And if I could trade
    I would

    And it feels
    And it feels like
    Heaven's so far away
    And it stings
    Yeah it stings now
    The world is so cold
    Now that you've gone away

    Gone away
    Gone away
    Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

    Yeah ooh-ooh
    Oh yeah

    I'll save your soul
    Woah, yeah, yeah

    I reach to the sky
    And call out your name
    Oh please let me trade
    I would

    And it feels
    And it feels like
    Heaven is so far away
    And it feels
    Yeah, it feels like
    The world has grown cold
    Now that you've gone away

    Gone away
    Gone away
    Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

    Yeah ooh-ooh
    Oh yeah

    Yeah ooh
    Yeah ooh-ooh
    Oh yeah Writer/s: Bryan Holland
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

Comments: 58

  • Cherie from San Bruno, CaI actually forgot The Offspring's song. I just heard it again after many years. Several years ago I heard it on the Five Finger Death Punch I bought. But the song never sent chills within me until months after my sister died from cancer. I was just listening to a playlist of my favorite hard music. Then bam, the lyrics grilled into me. I cry every time now.
  • Ken from CaliforniaLost our 14 year old son Robert in January 2021 and I listen to this song often as it truly hits home and is an excellent example of how grief affects us all. He was young, but we loved the same music and it is Ironic that the Offspring was one of his favorite bands, just as they are one of mine! Very thankful for this song and the memories it keeps close to my heart!
  • Lusciouslysorry from TexasI came here to leave comments and cry, and I'm all out of comments.
  • Aaron from Pensacola I sing it often to my son Blake who died 5 years ago last week. It’s therapeutic for me and oh so full of raw emotion. It helps to fill the void. I miss him so much. I would trade if I could.
  • Mindy from Oregon I have always loved this song, never really knowing the lyrics completely. Now, it is one of many great songs that play on the’loop’ at my work. So now I’m super curious… is it about a girlfriend passing in a car accident, or a result of a traumatic incident?!?
  • Randy from MontrealNo he was not inspired by the five flavor fruit punch version. The Offspring had been playing Gone Away as a piano solo for years before that.
  • António from OhioThis song helps and helped when a best friend was taken before his time. We had 3 months until we graduated. The shock and pain was unbelievable. I lost a father figure just 2 years later. This song and The Offspring help me so much when the darkness comes.
  • Jessica from KansasMy brother Casey died at his own hand in 2012. The Offspring was one of those bands that we would jam to as kids, and his birthday is today, April 30th. I've been listening to them constantly for a few months now, and just discovered that they put out their new album in April. I've had gone away stuck in my head for days. What a beautiful remake, and the timing is serendipitous. What a beautiful way to grieve his loss.
  • D W Brooks from Australia My eldest son died in a car wreck ,
    This is another song to the list of many I relate to his passing ,
    It helps me grieve and feel connected .
  • James Geschwender from Tampa FlI lost my 3 year old granddaughter to cancer in 2014. I was suicidal for years after. I still start crying at a drop of a hat I question everything I learned in chruch growing up. Gone away definitely saved me from doing something I'd regret. Thank you so much.
  • Chuck B from Lancaster PaThis hit me the other day when I realized the lyrics. I always jammed to it, i could just feel the emotion. I lost my son to the army in May and its been hard for me. This song expresses my angst. I play guitar and pretent to sing and I'm gonna feel this for some time.
  • Kristen from PaMy good friend died in a car accident 20 years ago today (9.20.2000). I was driving. This song.
  • Tracy Trulson from Bismarck NdLost my brother/ best friend back in 86. When this came out it just hit. Pulled away before your time. If I could trade I would. The world has gone so cold. (RIP HARLAN)
  • Franki from NhI lost my husband last year and hearing this song reminds me of how lonely it is since he's gone away.
  • Renee from Mandeville LouisianaThis is a great song for losing a love one. I lost my best friend/husband/soulmate and when I hear it I cry and think of him even more. I can see how Dexter really loved his girlfriend to be able to write and dedicated to her.
  • Kevin from Arizona My mother died of Lymphoma when I was 3 years old, ten days after my 3rd bday to be exact. This song was released when I was 16, and I would listen to it with headphones on with tears steaming down my face as the raw emotion of that experience was captured brilliantly by The Offspring. I’m 39 now but there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of her and every time I lift weights I listen to this and tap into the raw emotion.
  • David from Grand Blanc, MiMy son Michael died in the Navy 12/27/2008. We buried him in the VA Cemetery in January, 2009 a Veteran of the Persian Gulf. The day was so brutally cold I remember it, grey and cold bitterly cold. He was 21 and his whole life tragically removed. Christmas has never been the same. This song represents my exact feelings a Veteran of two services for 22 years, yet my son was taken away. He played Hockey, Lacrosse and in California learned to surf. He was a natural athlete. I heard this song and wished I could’ve traded Infinitum but it wasn’t the plan. His brother David also suffered years after Michael left us. This song is one song I only can listen to on occasion now but it’s so real and realistic for me it’s haunting.
  • Robert from Richmond,vaI lost my Grandmother a few days before christmas of 2016 it about killed me and this song reminds me of her cause she liked this song now every time I hear it I almost cry.
  • Lindsay from OmahaJack-oklahoma-
    I heard the remix tonight on the radio from
    Five Finger Death Punch. I lost my brother & his girlfriend last June in a motorcycle accident where they were hit by another person on a motorbike who ran a red light. I literally almost had to pull my car over from a “convulsive fit of crying”. Your works speak the truth and This is the most genuine and perfectly worded song about the loss of someone so dear.
  • Jack from OklahomaI lost my fiancé at the same time this song came out to a car accident. Man I can tell you every time I heard this song I was reduced to convulsive fits of crying. Every time I hear it now I think of her and the good times we had together and how you just have to accept it and move on. But DAMN IT SUCKS!!! Thanks guys!!
  • Denise Roark from Mcleansville, NcI LOVE this song even though it is sad. I play it A LOT. I lost my Mother and I miss her DEARLY.
  • Willie from ScottsdaleI like this song, but I hate it. Mainly because I've lost too many people in my life. I'm a greedy jerkbag--I want them back.
  • Rocky from Tulsa, OkI love The Offspring. This song is so emotional & magnetic. It was on their "Ixnay On The Hombre" album from '97. The song & album got big airplay in my area, so I gotta disagree with whoever wrote the comment about it selling poorly. I recall it did very well in my area. I was in college back then & it was super-popular on campus (Univ. of Oklahoma). What an emotional song with an intense real history! For some reason, I also have to play it every day. It has a hold on me because I lost someone dear at that time. Here in 2014, The Offspring are as popular as ever & prepping for a tour! I love following the guys on Facebook now. I will never quit loving this band. They have REAL staying power and popularity. Keep a rockin'...
  • Raunchy from Tulsa, OkI am still a solid Offspring fan. I believe that "Hot Carl from Seattle WA" is right about Weezer & their music. Whata band! 19 Feb. 2014.
  • Lou from Mahwah, NjAgain, I hope you all know how important your lyrics and music are. You are Saving Lives. I live to hear your songs everyday. NO KIDDING -THANK YOU. You have saved me.
  • Lou from Mahwah, NjHello Dexter and Band Members,
    Dexter I am aware that you lost your Girlfriend a while back. I can still feel your pain. I suffer from the same loss. I want you all to know that I listen to all your music, especially "Gone Away" GOD BLESS You and your music you have saved my Life. (Really) I play "Gone Away "every day at least 20 times a day. You have saved my life. Thank You! When are you coming to New Jersey?
  • Anna from Seattle, WaThis song was the only one I felt came near the grief I felt 2 nights ago when I learned my exboyfriend, Markus, died of an overdose. He broke it off with me after he relapsed on drugs and his situation blew up. I had suspected for the final few months but it went into a hellish downhill spiral after the break up. Everyone told me he did it because he didn't want to take me down with him but I was too hurt to even take his occasional calls (he wasn't calling to say "I'm clean, let's try again" it was more like "I don't know what's happened. I'm strung out") I would call his brother, Steve, and ask him to tell Markus to stop calling me. Steve tried to stay in touch with me but I wasn't ready because being around Steve reminded me of Markus and I still hurt. I finally got to a point where I felt I could resume the friendship with Steve and called him. That's how I found out Markus had died. He'd been heavily addicted before me and after me but I'd stupidly assumed he'd get clean again and find love with another woman like the love he and I had. He didn't. Steve said all the girlfriends before me and after me were other addicts and the situations were ugly..cheating, stealing, using. A highschool girlfriend and I were the only two he didn't ever say anything bad about. So, it's a game change for me of sorts. Getting over the break up before was about accepting the idea he didn't love me and rejected me. It's not true. He did love me, he just fell back into that addiction and it took him out. When he was clean (all his clean time was during our relationship) he was beautiful, innocent, loved life, and just radiated warmth and light. His family had to use a photo of us together to get a happy one and photoshop me out of it for memorial. When he died in June, Steve tried to find me but had lost my # and I had moved. But he took me to the grave yesterday. I tucked the lyrics of this song into the flower pot when l laid the flowers at his grave. Magically the sun came out after raining all day when we arrived at the cemetary. This song is how grief feels. Its not pretty little tears and lacy hankies. Its screaming your guts out "NOOOOO!!!" Holland does a perfect portrait of real grief in this song. Powerful, like the emotion is. I love you Markus and always will...I pray you're in the arms of angels and they are holding you like I would if I could. RIP 4/5/74 -6/13/11
  • Snorkyller from Quebec City, QcIn 1997, this song has been voted by people 180 consecutive days on the top 6 of a radio station of Quebec city, Canada
  • Hot Carl from Seattle, WaOK, to whomever wrote the Songfacts at the top, and anyone who thinks this is the most serious work they have done, you are a douche and you know nothing about the band. Yes this is a great song, but almost all of their earlier stuff (and much or the recent stuff) is so politically charged and very moving. Take the time to know the band before you comment on them. The "goof" songs they make for levity on the albums for some reason end up being singles, but the rest of their stuff is really intense.
  • Nyco from Paris, FranceThis song just makes me dreamin. The rythm, the vocals, the beats are perfect. That's so strange our best singers have to feel so sad to make so great songs. Offspring you guys will always be the best.
  • Cliff from Minneapolis, MnThis song is probably their most serious work. Something that you can really relate to if you have ever lost someone. This (in my opinion) makes it their best song.
  • Mike from Denver, Cosong reminds me of my dad. RIP dad. there will nvr b another like you. amazing song. amazing band (even tho i prefer metal) song brings back memories good+bad...
  • Laura from Weymouth, MaI had so much respect for the Offspring when they came out with this song. Then they followed it with 'Pretty Fly for a White Guy' and I lost all respect again.
  • Jim from Croydon, NhI remember that this song came out right around the time Princess Di got killed. That's all I can think of whenever I hear this song. geat song-I wish it was more popular. My band did it for awhile, but it was a short-lived hit so we had to drop it from the set... unfortunately.
  • Jonas from Munich, GermanyI have allways loved that song, but never really listened to the lyrics since my girlfriend died innocent at an car accident. great song, i love to listen it, sometimes 2 hours or more, just staying in thoughst
  • Nikki from Ny, FlAlso explained my feelings of my fathers recent death, brenna - awesome song and very unlike majority of offspring songs i'm used to. never really paid much attention to the whole lyrics until his death...
  • Epiphany from Rp, IlI love this song. I lost my kitten a few days ago,and this song reminds me of her so much. Ryan is right,the world does get colder.

    R.I.P.Happy Sr.!!
  • Sandra from Sykesville, MdIts also about his mom dying
  • Jenna from Brisbane, Australiathis song got played alot when my best friend passed away in 2004.... awesome vocals, awesome guitar riffs..... gives me chills everytime i listen to it!! very well written and put together!! love it!!
  • Theo from Johannesburg, South Africawhat an achingly haunting song!the raw emotion is tangible in Dexter's voice.without a doubt the greatest offspring track ever!!!
  • Nick from ???, CanadaThis song is so sad...

    One of my faves from the Offspring.
  • Jac from Boulder, Cowell this is my theme song because i didnt know it was about his dead girlfreind. it just seemed so real to me, like wen he saus 'heavens so far away' or 'cant bring back whats tken from me.' it just reminds me of how powerfull love can be.
  • Jahn from South Africa, South AfricaI lost my girlfriend in a bus accident 9 months ago, I relate soo much to this song soo much! It expresses how I feel about the love of my life I lost! Brilliant song!
  • Brenna from ?, Utthis song is one of my fave from the offspring, and very easily. it is a very sad song and it explained my feelings of my dads death, so i responded very emotionally to this song...
  • Adrian from Perth, AustraliaHonestly the best song from offspring, its a change from all the other heavy songs. with great guitar bits and wicked lyrics, easily my favourite song from them!
  • Preecey from Sheffield, EnglandThere was an unconfirmed rumour that Holland wrote this in memory of his first wife, but no official statement was ever given. When asked about the song on the Greatest Hits DVD, Holland was obviously uncomfortable and refrained from going into details about who it was about, and instead talked about how it had touched so many people.
  • Matt from Houston, TxI've always wondered why Ixnay never sold as well as Smash. I think Smash was their best CD ever, but Ixnay was still pretty darn good. Maybe I'm in the minority here but I really like that CD. Of course I really like all the Offsprings CDs.
  • Binnet from Melbourne, Aust, AustraliaThe ONLY song to listen to when life's just kicked you in the guts.
  • Kelly from St.clair, MiThis is the most emotional song by the Offspring in my opinion. I'd say it's their best. A very powerful song.
  • Alyssa from Houston, Txthis is one of the most beautiful songs ive ever heard
  • Aditya from Mumbai, IndiaWell I was sure it had to be based on a personal level for the band, the vocals are too evocative & mesmerising to be otherwise!! Probably Offspring at their best.
  • Aditya from Mumbai, IndiaWell I knew was sure it had to be based on a personal level for the band, the vocals are too evocative & mesmerising to be otherwise!! Probably Offspring at their best.
  • Matt from Birmingham, EnglandNot my favourite by The Offspring, but certainly the best in Ixnay on the Hombre.
  • Ryan from Fredericton, CanadaI still get chills listening to this song. It's so hauntingly beautiful. You can just see it, there, on your knees, before her tombstone wishing you could bring her back but knowing that you can't and wishing that even if you could trade places it would be better. Because when you loose someone that close, the world really does get alot colder...
  • Casey Faris from Jc, OrThis is definatly one of the greatist songs of all time.
  • Laurence from Gloucester, EnglandWow, simple but very powerful.
  • Scott from Navarre, FlThis song is a work of F****** ART!!
    Very well put together awsome vocals , guitar riffs that would make every hair on your body stand on end , very filling bass , and drumming like you wouldn't believe.
  • Chris from Hamilton, New Zealandeasily the best of the offspring work. in saying that, ther is some good stuff on thier albums.
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