Blinded By Rainbows

Album: Voodoo Lounge (1994)
  • Did you ever feel the pain
    That he felt upon the cross
    Did you ever feel the knife
    Tearing flesh that's oh so soft

    Did you ever touch the night
    Did you ever count the cost
    Do you hide away the fear
    Put down paradise as lost

    Yeah you're blinded by rainbows
    Watching the wind blow
    Blinded by rainbows
    Do you dream at night
    Do you sleep at night
    I doubt it

    Did you ever feel the blast
    As a Semtex bomb goes off
    Do you ever hear the screams
    As the limbs are all torn off
    Did you ever kiss the child
    Who just saw his father shot
    Do you ever shed a tear
    As the war drags on and on

    Do you ever touch the night
    Or is it just another job
    Do you fear the final hours
    Put down paradise as lost

    Yeah you're blinded by rainbows
    And faces in windows
    Blinded by rainbows
    Do you dream at night
    Do you sleep at night
    I doubt it, yeah

    Do you ever fear the night
    Could it be the war is lost
    Do you fear the final hour
    Do you kneel before the cross

    You're blinded by rainbows
    And watching the wind blow
    Blinded by rainbows
    Do you dream at night
    Do you scream at night
    Do you smell of fear
    Is your conscience clear
    Are you caked in sweat

    Are your clothes all wet
    Do you see the light
    Is the end in sight
    See the face of Christ
    Enter paradise
    I doubt it Writer/s: Keith Richards, Mick Jagger
    Publisher: BMG Rights Management, Mazzika Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Rockgod from Dunellen, NjWhat other genius than Mick Jagger would make a literary allusion to poet John Milton: "Put down paradise as lost..."? Mick is quite the erudite rock star now, idn't 'e?
  • Susan from Toronto, CanadaMick said (in GUITAR WORLD or GUITAR PLAYER, I forget which) that he was going for a Staple Singers sound with this song, and most likely he meant regarding Pops Staples' unique guitar sound.
  • John from Johannesburg, South AfricaThis really gets to the depths of your mind and lets the feelings flow
  • Johnny from Los Angeles, CaThis is a rare political song by The Stones. They usually sing about lighter topics, like girls.

  • Rory from Victoria, CanadaJust realized something, this is part of the soundtrack for "The Replacements" that stupid keanu reeves movie...What a shame.
  • Rory from Victoria, CanadaThis song is pure genius...It deserves a great deal more attention then it gets. The song is deep and cuts deep, simply said its an excellant song and I listen to it on a regular basis.
  • Jake from Toronto, CanadaNot many people realize how good this song really is, because most people who listen to the Stones don't like their slower, softer songs... and anyone who doesn't listen to the Stones would be used to their sex-related lyrics and not even dare listen to their other songs. A great song anyways.
  • Thomas from Groningen, NetherlandsIsn't the guitar solo of Ronnie Wood f*cking awsome?!
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