• Naked a sin
    An army towel, covering my belly
    Some of us weep, some of us howl
    Knees turn to jelly, but Next! Next!
    I was just a child
    A hundred like me
    I followed a naked body
    A naked body followed me, Next! Next!
    I was just a child when my innocence was lost
    In a mobile army whorehouse
    A gift of the army, free of cost. Next! Next! Next!

    Me, I really would have liked a little bit of tenderness
    Maybe a word, maybe a smile, maybe some happiness, but Next! Next!
    Oh, it was not so tragic
    and heaven did not fall
    But how much at that time
    I hated being there at all, Next! Next!
    I still recall the brothel trucks, the flying flags
    The queer lieutenant slapped our arses
    He's thinking we are fags. Next! Next! Next!

    I swear on the wet head of my
    First case of gonorrhea
    It is his ugly voice that I forever fear, Next! Next!
    A voice that stinks of whiskey, corpses and of mud
    The voice of nations
    The thick voice of blood, Next! Next!
    Since then each woman I have taken into bed
    They seem to lie in my arms
    And they whisper in my head, Next! Next!

    Oh, the naked and the dead
    Could hold each others hands
    As they watch me dream at night
    In a dream that nobody understands
    And though I am not dreaming in a voice grown dry 'n' hollow
    I stand on endless naked lines of the following and the followed
    The Next! Next!

    One day I'll cut my legs off
    I'll burn myself alive
    I'll do anything to get out of life, to survive
    Not ever to be next, Next! Next!
    Not ever to be next, not ever Writer/s: ERIC BLAU, JACQUES ROMAN BREL, MORT SHUMAN
    Publisher: Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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