Album: Born On The Wrong Planet (1997)
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  • Me and my friends went to Dixieland,
    We drove a big RV
    With a cabinet full of mushrooms
    And a cooler full of beer
    It was springtime in the mountains
    When we headed out of town
    The peaks were white, the sky was blue
    And the sun was beatin down
    We were rolling down the highway
    Just having a little fun
    You sure can drink a lot of beer
    Underneath that Texas sun
    So, I pulled into a liquor store
    That's where the trouble all began
    Cause I ran into their awning
    And had a run-in with the man

    Get me out of this small time Texas town
    Cause I don't want to be stuck in jail
    When the sun goes down
    You can't bust me, cause you don't know what you found.
    Well I tried to talk to the girl inside
    I even offered her some cash
    But she wouldn't listen she was callin the cops
    Because her gutter had been smashed
    Next thing I knew when I walked outside
    There were police all around
    Askin who was the driver of the vehicle?
    Can I see your license Whatca doin in our town?

    We were sitting on the steps of the liquor store
    Trying not to look too scared
    The cops were searching the RV and I was
    Thinking sometimes life just isn't fair
    They opened up that cabinet
    And they found our little stash
    But they didn't know what it was and let us go
    Minus eighty bucks in cash.

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  • J9 from St. Louis, MoHmmm... perhaps the "Incident" that lead to the writing of this song was that when the shrooms were found the officer declared something similar to- "What in Hell is THIS, a bag fulla moldy "String Cheese"?"
  • Andy from Seattle, WaIf you have never heard of a band you should not comment. String Cheese is one of the best bands in the last decade. If no one know's who they are then how did they sell out a 10K person venue in less than an hour in 2007? I hate reading this crap from people who never even took the time to listen to the music!
  • Bob from Hippy, Cono one knows who the heck string cheese incident is. yeah, i've never heard of them. they prolly suck.
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