Album: A Northern Soul (1995)
Charted: 24
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  • I wander lonely streets
    Behind where the old Thames does flow
    And in every face I meet
    Oh reminds me of what I have run from

    In every man, in every hand
    In every kiss, you understand
    That living is for other men
    I hope you two will understand

    I've gotta tell you my tale
    Of how I loved and how I failed
    I hope you understand
    These feelings should not be in the man

    In every child, in every eye
    In every sky, above my head
    I hope that I know
    So come with me to bed

    Because it's you and me, we're history
    There ain't nothing left to say
    When I will get you alone

    Maybe we could find a room
    Where we could see what we should do
    Maybe you know it's true
    Living with me's like keeping a fool

    In every man, in every hand
    In every kiss, you understand
    That living is for other men
    I hope you know that I am me, so come on

    I'm thinking about history
    And I'm living for history
    And I think you know about me
    'Cause I am

    And one and one is two
    But three is company
    When you're thinking about the things you do
    And you're thinking about the things you do

    I want to tell you my tale
    How I fell in love and jumped out on my bail
    Do you understand there's more in a smile than in a hand

    In every sky, in every kiss
    There's one thing that I might have missed
    Why am I going to
    A place that now belongs to you

    But you were weak and so am I
    Let's pick it up, let's even try
    To live today, so why not smile
    Don't dream away your life 'cause it is mine, it is mine
    Is that a crime, is that a crime, this life is mine
    But the bed ain't made, it's filled full of hope
    I've got a skin full of dope
    Oh the bed ain't made but it's filled full of hope
    I've got a skin full of dope Writer/s: NICK MCCABE, PETER SALISBURY, RICHARD ASHCROFT, SIMON JONES
    Publisher: BMG Rights Management, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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