by Them

Album: Them (1964)
Charted: 71
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  • Like to tell you 'bout my baby
    You know she comes around
    Just 'bout five feet-four
    A-from her head to the ground
    You know she comes around here
    At just about midnight
    She make me feel so good, Lord
    She make me feel all right

    And her name is G-L-O-R-I
    I'm gonna shout it all night
    I'm gonna shout it every day
    Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

    She comes around here
    Just about midnight
    She make me feel so good, Lord
    I want to say she make me feel all right
    Comes a-walkin' down my street
    Then she comes up to my house
    She knock upon my door
    And then she comes to my room
    Yeah, and she make me feel all right

    I'm gonna shout it all night
    I'm gonna shout it every day
    Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
    So good
    All right
    Feels so good
    All right, yeah

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  • Mr. James Weir from Mount Carmel,illinois UsaMadam George was my Favorite Song but Gloria hits my soul. My Mothers name was Gloria. My wife was born in the Year it was Top Ten and the year it made it into the Hall of Fame 1999 was when my baby was born around midnight and she made us all feel allright we spelled her name G-L-o-r-i-a .
  • Danko from So. San Gabriel, Calif.No. 71 in 1964!!! You can get anyone's top 10 list of rock songs, If Gloria isn't on it, pick one song ,toss it , insert Gloria and you could'nt argue the change!
  • Pete from Nowra, AustraliaThe one with John Lee Hooker = EPIC
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyPer:
    Jimy Sohns, lead singer of the Shadows of Knight, threw out the first pitch at the Chicago-Cincinnati baseball game at Wrigley Field on Monday night on August 31st, 2015 {the Reds won the game, though, 13-6}...
    And nearly a half-century earlier on March 13th, 1966 the Shadows of Knight's covered version of "Gloria" entered Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart at position #78; seven weeks later on May 1st it would peak at #10 {for 2 weeks} and it stayed on the chart for 12 weeks...
    It reached #8 on the Canadian RPM Magazine chart...
    The Chicago-area rock quintet had four other Top 100 records; "Oh Yeah" {#39 in 1966}, "Bad Little Woman" {#91 in 1966}, "I'm Gonna Make You Mine" {#90 in 1966}, and "Shake" {#46 in 1968}.
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn April 17th 1964, Them, with Van Morrison, appeared in concert for the first time, the event took place at the Maritime Hotel in Belfast, Ireland...
    One year and one month later in May 1965 the Irish quintet’s first two records released in the U.S. would enter Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart; on May 16th "Gloria" entered the chart at #93 for a one week stay, then a year later on April 17, 1966 it re-entered the Top 100 for six more weeks, and on its last week on the chart it peaked at #71...
    "Here Comes the Night" entered the Top 100 on May 22nd, 1965 at #74; seven weeks later on July 11th, 1965 it would peak at #24 {for 2 weeks} and spent 10 weeks on the Top 100.
  • Ted from Manchester, United KingdomThis track is a timeless classioc.. they were brilliant
  • Lon from Mason City, IaIn 1999, "Gloria" by Them received the Grammy Hall of Fame Award
  • Nick from Seattle, Albaniagreat song by van! but i like the other morrison's version better...
  • William from Pheonix, AzDoors version = long, and remeberable Them verion = short sweet and awsome
  • Steve Dotstar from Los Angeles, Cain less skillfull hands, this song would be a real dud, but the production(sound of the instruments) and the magic of van morrison's vocal make this a hypnotic groove!
  • Bob from Arlington Heights , IlAndys comment is not correct. On the Billboard national charts, "Gloria" rose to #10. The secondary publication Cashbox ranked "Gloria" as high as #5. Thems version had trouble charting in the US because of the line " and then she comes to my room Yeah an' she make me feel all right, "
    The SOK cleaned up the song and alllowed it to be played more on AM powerhouses like WLS and WCFL.
  • Pat from Albuquerque, NmWhile the Doors version of Gloria is really good, the version by Them (which I heard played many times by every street band I heard in college in the late 60s and early 70s) is still the best. Classic song...
  • Tony from Somewhere, MaThe Doors did this song the best.
  • Ruined from Philthy, PaAlso recorded by girl groups (Belles, '66; Headcoatees '93[?]) under the title 'Melvin' as a response. Basically same song, just the name is different.
  • Joshua from Twin Cities, MnActually U2's song "Gloria" is completely different from Them's song, although in the movie Rattle And Hum U2 works part of Them's song into the end section of "Exit".
  • Dibyo from Bangalore, IndiaEven U2 recorded this song.
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