Jubilee Road

Album: Jubilee Road (2018)
  • It's a late Friday night
    The street lamps are shining
    Up in my bedroom
    There's a mighty big fight
    Between the thunder and lightning
    Wonder who will lose
    I see a party balloon
    And I ain't been invited
    Hey, look at that moon
    There ain't nothing like it
    All grey and gold
    Down on Jubilee Road

    Can see Mr. Bouvier
    In his two-bedroom basement
    In his purple dungarees
    He's grumpy and he's grey
    Always sweeping off the pavement
    Cigarettes and leaves
    His kid's up in China
    His wife's up in heaven
    Always I wave
    'Cause he's got this expression
    That he's so alone
    Down on Jubilee Road

    Oh, I think tomorrow night
    I will knock on his door and hear all about his life
    'Cause I think that's the kind of thing that I might like
    When I'm old
    When I'm old

    There's Max and there's Maude
    In the house by the station
    Call them my best friends
    He drinks like a horse
    She don't appreciate it
    All this money he seems to spend
    I can hear them tonight
    He can't find no vocation
    The neighbors they sigh
    At that new generation
    Just getting stoned
    Down on Jubilee Road

    Oh, I think in the summertime
    I will call you up, make everything alright
    And we'll fill up our cups with that bitter wine
    And I'll show you, I'll show you

    Mice are still here
    Your wardrobe's still empty
    And the walls are still paper thin
    And the neighbors, my dear
    I think they still hate me
    For all these songs I endlessly sing
    'Cause it ain't no perfect street
    I ain't no perfect lover
    Life it is brief
    I don't think we get no other
    Come back home
    Down on Jubilee Road
    Down on Jubilee Road Writer/s: Andrew William Burrows, Tom Peter Odell
    Publisher: Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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