Bus to Tampa Bay

Album: An American Treasure (2018)
  • Beneath the shade the hired hands are talking
    Down the highway a lonely woman walking
    The prisoner of a dream that she's been stuck in
    And I'm waiting for the bus to Tampa Bay

    There's a map of Osceola and his Raiders
    Fighting off the Everglades Invaders
    He burnt them down, he left them for the gators
    And there's maybe something better down the road

    I've lost no sleep over where I'm leaving
    Bit by bit, I slowly stop believing
    That it was me and only me I was deceiving
    And I'm waiting for the bus to Tampa Bay

    It was a love but she never would admit it
    It was killing her but she didn't know how to quit it
    They say there's good work if you can get it
    And I'm waiting for the bus to Tampa Bay
    Yeah, I'm waiting for the bus to Tampa BayWriter/s: Tom Petty
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind
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