God Defend New Zealand

Album: World Anthems (1876)
  • God of nations at Thy feet
    In the bonds of love we meet
    Hear our voices, we entreat
    God defend our free land
    Guard Pacific’s triple star
    From the shafts of strife and war
    Make her praises heard afar
    God defend New Zealand

    Men of every creed and race
    Gather here before Thy face
    Asking thee to bless this place
    God defend our free land
    From dissension, envy, hate
    And corruption guard our state
    Make our country good and great
    God defend New Zealand

    Peace, not war, shall be our boast
    But, should foes assail our coast
    Make us then a mighty host
    God defend our free land
    Lord of battles in Thy might
    Put our enemies to flight
    Let our cause be just and right
    God defend New Zealand

    Let our love for Thee increase
    May Thy blessings never cease
    Give us plenty, give us peace
    God defend our free land
    From dishonour and from shame
    Guard our country’s spotless name
    Crown her with immortal fame
    God defend New Zealand

    May our mountains ever be
    Freedom’s ramparts on the sea
    Make us faithful unto Thee
    God defend our free land
    Guide her in the nation’s van
    Preaching love and truth to man
    Working out Thy glorious plan
    God defend New Zealand Lyrics from a song in Public Domain


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