Album: Kamikaze (2004)
Charted: 3
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  • feat. Anthony Hamilton
    "When I wake in the morning love..
    And the sunlight hurts my eyes..
    And something without warning love..
    Bears heavy on my mind.."

    Let's get them dollars, let's get this money
    why-yeah, keep my mind on my..

    I keep my mind on my money, money on my mind
    I got my finger on the trigger, stayin on the grind
    Now when I wake up in the mornin I gots to hit a lick
    Saw the 2003 Navi' on Spre's with a kick

    Soon as my eyes see the sunshine
    My thoughts is jukin the block and dodgin it one time
    Peep how we movin them rocks and the pounds of dro 'fore I double my shit
    I can serve 16 ounces plus 6 and get back 96

    A killer for the scrilla, nigga, best not be stoppin
    I got's to get them bigger, figures, fuck what you talkin
    I represent the niggaz ballin with jewelry full of 'cicles
    Down to the niggaz chasin million, that dream servin nickels

    And I know - one day, I'm gon', come up
    And when you see me don't hate, that I, roll up
    Get paid whether you Legit when you slang, or tippin off 'caine
    Until I take a dip in the Range I'm flippin them thangs
    Gotta get some money man

    [Chorus: Anthony Hamilton]
    It's a lovely day, just got paid
    Stack it up, be on my way
    A lovely day, lovely day, lovely dayyyy
    It's a lovely day, just got paid
    Stack it up, be on my way
    A lovely day, lovely day, lovely dayyyy

    A hustler's definition, is a hustler for scratch
    You serve a motherfucker, you serve him for that
    I'm makin money off of verses when I spit 'em on tracks
    And when I ain't sellin no records, I'm servin 'em packs

    I got a - clip full of hollows, money-makin's my motto
    Semi-auto when my blow's in a bottle 'til I hit the lotto
    With dreams of ownin a record label flippin words
    My nigga flippin buildings better than he was flippin birds

    I got the - mentality and the motive, I'm on a mission
    for the money you can get it too, it's all about yo' ambition
    Play yo' position, provide the plans and follow procedures
    And a six hundred blunted with a pocket full of hundreds and Visas

    Love when I get that dust, hit 'em up, re-cop then I get back up
    Love when I get that gig, get a crib, get a car when the grips stack up
    And still in the evenin if I'm sleepin paper products
    Soon as I get up, it's just another day another dollar
    Gotta get that money mayn


    Got love for the corporate playas that's ballin rollin Jags
    Got love for the thug niggaz who get it on the Ave
    Love for those who can make a mil' and sit back and laugh
    And love for the fine strippers who get it poppin ass

    Love for the single parents that's workin through the struggle
    Love for those who gotta make a livin movin muscle
    Love for those who gotta watch the haters rollin bubbles
    Causing trouble every time a young brother try to hustle

    And if I can't legally make a knot
    Then I gotta get right back on the block
    And if it ain't no work we do a stick-up and whip up a concoction
    I leave you face down in the dirt because hurtin's not an option
    Gotta get that money mayn


    [Anthony Hamilton]
    When I wake in the morning love, ohh-ohh-ohh..
    And the sunlight hurts my eyes, ohh-ohh ohhh..
    And something without warning love, ohh-ohh-ohh..
    Bears heavy on my mind..

    [Chorus until fade] Writer/s: BILL WITHERS
    Publisher: BMG Rights Management, GOLDEN WITHERS MUSIC, Royalty Network, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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