Mothers Of The Disappeared
by U2

Album: The Joshua Tree (1987)
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  • Midnight, our sons and daughters
    Cut down, taken from us
    Hear their heartbeat
    We hear their heartbeat

    In the wind we hear their laughter
    In the rain we see their tears
    Hear their heartbeat
    We hear their heartbeat

    Night hangs like a prisoner
    Stretched over black and blue
    Hear their heartbeat
    We hear their heartbeat

    In the trees our sons stand naked
    Through the walls our daughters cry
    See their tears in the rainfall Writer/s: ADAM CLAYTON, DAVE EVANS, LARRY MULLEN, PAUL HEWSON
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Jair Stangler from BrasilDid a mistake in another comment. U2 realy played this song in feb 6 and 7 1998, but I was watching show of feb 6 and no, they were not on stage and I'm not sure anymore if they were on stage on feb 7 (found images of 6, but not 7... probably they weren't). Memory fail. Anyway, they dedicated the song to the mothers in this 2 nights two and exposed their images on the screen. In Chile, there were mothers on stage. Then, Bono made spoke directly to Pinochet, asking him to tell the mothers where them children was and some of the mothers presented their children, the last one saying "I demand justice", very touching.
  • Jair Stangler from BrasilActually, they played this song in Buenos Aires in 1998, not 1989, and not just in February 5, but also 6 and 7 (I was there this two nights in BA, so beautiful). Somedays after, Feb 11, they played "Mothers" in Santiago too... very, very touching. There are other things that need to correct here, but I think that others here already pointed everything... El Pueblo Vencerá! Arriba los que luchan!
  • Shawn from Frostburg, MdThis song is quite dark and eerie but absolutely fantastic at the same time.
  • Alexis from San Salvador, El SalvadorIn this rare video Bono explained his visit to El Salvador:
  • Niall from Limerick, IrelandI think this song contains some of Bono's best and most heartfelt lyrics. A really brilliant simple song. Perfect finish to The Joshua Tree.
  • Mark from Austin, TxSting's song "We Dance Alone" is about the Mothers, too, right?
  • Mary from Medina, Nyincredibly underrated song,i love this one..awesome song
  • Ale from Necochea, ArgentinaI forgot... the crowd didn't sing the Argentine National Anthem: Bono started singing "El pueblo Vencer" what means "People will defeat", and the crowd followed him. And the scarves were, actually, white tissues.
  • Ale from Necochea, ArgentinaActually, they were more than 30.000 people, not just "thousands".
  • Ale from Necochea, ArgentinaThe "Mothers" are called "Mothers of Plaza de Mayo", Plaza de Mayo is the most centric quarter of Buenos Aires, and was bombed by militar rebels while they were litterally tearing democratic government down. The mothers took the quarter's name because that's where they demonstrated and still do.
    There are also the "grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo".
    The investigation comition organized by them both found lots of missing peole, who where babies during the military procces and thought to be orphans.
    They've also investigated those evil military chiefs and generals, which led to lots of explanations.
    They even discovered the USA's influence, to help the military run over the government established by people.... USA's secretary of state thought latinamerican's governments were becoming hmmmmm too comunist, maybe. And so they recluted and encouraged latinamerican armies to make revolts in every country thought to be communist.... for instance, Chile's military strike was one of the bloodiests, and U2 sang in One tree Hill about Jara, a mutilated and murdered sort of comunist singer from Chile. They cut his hands and threw a guitar at him, encouraging him to sing, eventhough, he grabbed the guitar and used it as a drum while singing. He was killed after that...
    Artists were probably the favourite "targets" for the military pigs.

    (And in the world a heart of darkness
    A fire zone
    Where poets speak their heart
    Then bleed for it
    Jara sang, his song a weapon
    In the hands of love
    You know his blood still cries
    From the ground)

    And this song, "Mothers of the dissapeared" I mean, is probably a very good reason to explain the love and respect argentinians have for U2.... I still cant belive they're not coming in the Vertigo Tour!!!!!
    BTW - I'm sorry, my english may be too poor, hope you got it.
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