Wake Up Dead Man
by U2

Album: Pop (1997)
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  • Jesus
    Jesus help me
    I'm alone in this world
    And a fucked up world it is too
    Tell me
    Tell me the story
    The one about eternity
    And the way it's all gonna be
    Wake up
    Wake up dead man
    Wake up
    Wake up dead man

    I'm waiting here boss
    I know you're looking out for us
    But maybe your hands aren't free
    Your Father
    He made the world in seven
    He's in charge of heaven
    Will you put a word in for me

    Wake up
    Wake up dead man
    Wake up
    Wake up dead man

    Listen to your words
    They'll tell you what to do
    Listen over the rhythm that's confusing you
    Listen to the reed in the saxophone
    Listen over the hum of the radio
    Listen over the sounds of blades in rotation
    Listen through the traffic and circulation
    Listen as hope and peace try to rhyme
    Listen over marching bands playing out their time

    Wake up
    Wake up dead man
    Wake up
    Wake up dead man

    Were you just around the corner?
    Did you think to try and warn her?
    Or are you working on something new?
    If there's and order
    In all of this disorder
    Is it like a tape recorder?
    Can we rewind it just once more

    Wake up
    Wake up dead man
    Wake up
    Wake up dead man

    Wake up
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  • Jonse from EdinburghCorrection: the latest comment, or the one before it as the latest is now mine.

    Need to mention that this song isn't intended to be "moving" like songs on their 80's milestones. Whatever though, I would agree to disagree if you considered Pop their low point and that was that, but if you're implying How to Dismantle... is "a lot better" then....yeah, no. Just no.
  • Jonse from EdinburghComments like the first are astounding. Really, you're very closed minded and based on what you've said I'm not surprised you think this is a bad record while liking And All That You Need A Pretentiously Long Title For Et Al.

    If there is a god - and Bono clearly is a believer of the Abrahamic god - what makes you think god even remotely cares about what you think Bono is 'mistaken' or 'misguided' about?

    "I'm alone in this world, and a f--ked up world it is too."

    Sounds like a pretty good approximation of what someone at their lowest low might say. That there's profanity, in the *English* language, and it defeats the purpose for you is absurd. These are words of man, not of god. Christianity derives from Judaism and as such our words are a translation. Not a single word in the new testament was ever spoken in English, if at all in reality some two thousand years ago. Why would it offend god? People have considered phrases such as "oh my god" to be taking the name in vain. While it isn't inherently, wouldn't this be far more offensive to god than a made up word? A made up word being used as an expletive at that.

    Jesus of Nazareth uses what would have been considered "bad" words, insults or phrases in his era at various points in the new testament numerous times. They're words. They have nothing to do with the point of Christianity.
  • Leo from Westminster 1, MdI love U2-but to paraphrase Bono's more garish assertions, some songs are better than others. Take Pop's denouement/coda/finale Wake Up Dead Man, for example that is misguided-Perhaps the absolute worst song U2 have ever recorded-a bad song from a bad album. In fact, Pop is their only bad record. U2 have made some brilliant records-Pop sure isn't one of them. Their masterpieces are War, Tree, Baby and All That, You won't find any rock & roll, inspiration, enlightenment or transcendence on Pop. Bono mistakenly mixes Jesus and God with profanity in the opening couplet of the song and it gets worse from there-"Jesus, Jesus help me!/I'm alone in this world/And a screwed-up world it is too!" Clearly, Bono has his priorities mixed-up. Bono can
    talk about Christianity, religion and all the problems in the world but it clearly doesn't matter if the music isn't good, heartfelt or moving like U2 usually is. And sorry, it ain't! Their work after Pop, All That, Dismantle...Atomic Bomb and Horizon is fortunately a lot better and rockier but Wake Up Dead Man-and Pop-are low points for U2. No shamrocks, unicorns or lucky charms for this one!
  • Brendan from Dublin, Irelandi think dead man can represent both people and god depending how you look at it,like wake up dead man-wake up god in these people's lives or wake up dead man-wake up people so you can see god
  • Donald from Hamilton, OnIt is another one of Bono's on ones with god. Just like Until the End of the World.
  • Acrobat from Adelaide, Australia'Dead Man' is Christ, even the lyrics say this... 'Jesus, Jesus help me, I'm all alone in this world and a $%^#ed up world it is too'. It is a brilliant song, the Pop album is much better than people give it credit for. Two of the best U2 songs are on this album. Please and Wake Up Dead Man.
  • Boris from Maribor, United StatesOne of my personal favourites. It's about current situation of humanity which is chaotic. And for this reason Bono is somehow calling for God to help us. The lyrics of this song are just amazing. "If there's an order in all of this disorder Is it like a tape recorder? Can we rewind it just once more?" - it just brings tears on my face. By the way some people say that Pop album is bad and not good enough for a group like U2. Are they kidding me? Of course it is not bad, right the opposite, it is brilliant!!
  • Noelle from Melbourne, FlThe "Dead Man" could be a reference to Jesus Christ, who died and rose again.
  • Daisy from Vancouver, CanadaI would like to know where did you get that "The 'Dead Man' is a reference to God"?
    I think the 'dead man' is reference to the people...not God
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