Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia)
by Us3

Album: Hand on the Torch (1993)
Charted: 23 9
  • What's that? yeah yeah yeah
    Funky funky, how bout a big hand now?
    Wait, wait a minute

    Groovy groovy jazzy funky pounce bounce dance as we
    Dip in the melodic sea, the rhythm keeps flowin, it drips to MC
    Sweet sugar pop sugar pop rocks it pops ya don't stop
    Till the sweet beat drops
    I show and prove as a stick in move
    Hear the poems recited on top of the groove
    Smooth, mind, floating like a butterfly
    Notes start to float, subtle like a lullabye
    Brace yourself as the beat hits ya
    Dip trip, flip fantasia

    (ah, ah, ah, what's that? biggity biggity bop)
    Feel the beat drop, jazz and hip hop
    Drippin' in the dome, ?mix is on the lock
    Funk and fusion, a fly illusion
    Keeps ya coastin' on the river we cruisin'
    Up down round and round, 'round the found
    But nevertheless ya gots to get down
    Finesse the freak through the beat so unique
    Ya move your feet, the sweat from the heat

    Back to the fact I'm the mack and I know that
    The way I kick the rhymes, some would call me a poet
    Funky flowin' goin' on with the sweet sound
    Caught in the groove in Fantasia I'm found
    Trip the tour upon the rhymes they soar
    To an infinite height to the realm of the hardcore
    Here we go off I take ya
    Dip trip flip fantasia

    Jump to the jam boogie woogie jam slam
    Bust the dialect I'm the man in command
    Come flow with the sounds of the mighty mic masta
    When I rhyme on the mic I bring a sucka disasta
    Beaucoup bucks and I still rock Nike
    With the razzle dazzle star I might be
    Scribble scrabble on the microphone I babble
    As I flip the funky words, into a puzzle
    Yes yes yes, on and on as I flex
    Get with the flow words manifest
    Feel the vibe from here to Asia
    Dip trip flip fantasia Writer/s: Herbie Hancock, Jerry Wilkenson, Mal Simpson, Rahsaan Kelly
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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