Shades of Blue

Album: There's Alot Going On (2016)
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  • Color of morning pee coming out of the sink
    It's 2016 who would think
    Kids in America don't have clean water to drink
    Like they cut the EBT took 'em off of the link
    I read a story about a woman with her daughter in Flint
    She got lead poisoning, from showers in the morning
    When the governor switched out the pipes to bring the water in
    To the city river 'cause he said they can't afford to get, clean water
    So now the poor people get the shorter end
    Of the stick, ain't that some bullshit?
    Shorty thirsty, he just bought his fourth fifth
    It's lead in the water gun, he dying from a full clip
    And they got toddlers drinking toxic waste
    While the people responsible still ain't caught no case
    I don't get it man, I just ain't wit it man
    They got 'Damn Daniel' distracting you on Instagram
    Back again with the all white media coverage
    They do it over and over like remedial subjects
    The people with the least always gotta pay the most
    We the first to go when they deleting them budgets
    Can a nigga get his basic human rights?
    Is that too much to ask, should I say it more polite?
    And everybody broke so we in the same boat
    But would they let that bitch sink if we was white?
    It got me shades of blue

    Rain or shine, it's all blue, it's all blue
    Ain't no sun, it's all blue, it's all blue
    Purple haze, in a daze, it's all blue, it's all blue
    Change gon' come, it's all you, it's all on you
    It's all blue, all blue
    It's all blue, all blue
    Night don't come so early
    The skies stay gray, around my way, around my way

    Waking up to the morning sun in Detroit
    I'll be with the people when they come for the boy
    Everybody tryna be American Idols
    My X-Factor is I'm the only one with The Voice
    It's bigger than us, these kids listen to us
    That's why I give 'em that truth 'cause they don't get it enough
    We making bitches and hoes out our women too much
    We can't trust ourselves, and we don't know who to trust
    It ain't enough for police to wear body cams
    'Cause niggas still gettin tazed and body slammed
    And cigarettes'll kill you on their own
    But they'll kill you for a cigarette, I honor Eric Garner fam'
    I'm a part of him, he a part of me
    I'm a prodigy in these Prada jeans
    I'm tryna' make my partners a part of the election
    So you ain't gotta presidential pardon me
    And pardon me, but why is it that the darker must suffer?
    How do we protect the culture from the vultures?
    There's a Cold War every summer in the Chi
    It's a snowball effect from the Cold War in Russia
    But Vladimir Putin ain't in the hood recruitin'
    And Derrick Rose ain't the only one out here shootin'
    They set fire to their own squad cars
    And a bitch on the news gon' blame it on the lootin'
    Now here I am talking 'bout a revolution
    And I can't even spare a dollar to the movement
    But I'm in the strip club spending dollars on that movement
    I guess we all got room for improvement

    Rain or shine, it's all blue, it's all blue
    Ain't no sun, it's all blue, it's all blue
    Purple haze, in a daze, it's all blue, it's all blue
    Change gon' come, it's all you, it's all on you Writer/s: ALEX BAEZ, CARTER LANG, DARIAN JOSHUA GARCIA, VIC MENSAH
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Ultra Tunes, Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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