Go Rest High On That Mountain

Album: When Love finds You (1994)
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  • I know your life
    On earth was troubled
    And only you could know the pain
    You weren't afraid to face the devil
    You were no stranger to the rain

    Go rest high on that mountain
    Son, you work on Earth is done
    Go to heaven a shoutin'
    Love for the father and son

    Oh, how we cried the day you left us
    We gathered round your grave to grieve
    I wish I could see the angels faces
    When they hear your sweet voice sing

    Go rest high on that mountain
    Son, you work on earth is done
    Go to heaven a shoutin'
    Love for the father and son

    You're safely home in the arms of Jesus
    Eternal life, my brother's found
    The day will come I know I'll see him
    In that sacred place, on that holy ground Writer/s: Vincent Grant Gill
    Publisher: Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Ricky Mays Sr. from 30809I want Vince Gill's permission to use his song at my death.
  • AnonymousI always kinda knew this song had something to do with Keith Whitley, because it said you were no stranger to the rain. This is a beautiful song, and Ricky Skaggs and Patty Loveless make it the ultimate pairing of voices. This song was played at my father, and my Aunt’s funeral. I think I still cry everytime I hear it.
  • Andy Jay from Palmer, MaAlthough a huge fan of Vince Gill, another interpretation of this beautiful song is done by the a ccapella group Home Free and is equally mesmerizing.
  • Janice Plecha from Lockport, NyFrom the first time I heard this song I knew I wanted to sing it for people's funerals. I got the cd and the first person I sang it for was ny father. I have sung it at many gravesites since. I sing the person's name and I added "spirit" to the refrain between father and son.
  • Michael Pallos from Columbus, OhioI love Vince Gill songs and listen to him talk about his father Stan which I used to watch work on his house from the backyard at Carl's ignition
  • Sharon Mingledorff from Columbia, TnMy Daddy wanted this song played at his funeral. It was Beautiful!
  • Dale from GeorgiaThis song came out 1 month after my son Jason, died from leukemia. It's the hardest song in the world for me to listen to, but the most beautiful song to listen to. It has helped me deal with the losing of my first born son, though you will never get over it ...ever
  • Pat from Ocean View, DeOur beloved son, brother, father, uncle and friend, Tim, passed away Jan. 15, 2014 unexpectedly. Our hearts have been ripped apart, and it seems impossible to go on. We played "Go rest high on that mountain" at his funeral service, and there wasn't a dry eye in the place. What a wonderful, wonderful song! It really seemed like it was written for him, as so many other people feel! We know that our wonderful God took him to relieve him of all of his pain and heartache. Rest in peace my beautiful son.
  • Phil from Cumberland, RiI heard this song for the first time today on Imus. 4 hours latter my eyes are still filled with tears. As most everyone here has commented, it touched me in relation to my son's death this year at the age of 25. As the song says; "a troubled life". We sometimes are moved to do things thinking that no one will notice. And then, we see the number of people that we touch. Thank you Mr. Gill for putting to music what so many of us feel in our hearts.
  • Dawn from Calgary, AbAugust 2012: We played this song at the graveside service of our son and brother, Jim. Jim died at 52 years of age - a troubled life. Because of our faith in God and His Word, we know we will see Jim again, which is a huge comfort to us all.
    Dvorak family - Columbia Falls MT
  • Karen from Manchester, NhThe album that this song is on was released in June of 1994 - the exact same time that my younger brother died at the age of 21 due to depression. The words exactly fit my brother. When I found out that Vince Gill had finished it for HIS brother, I almost lost it. To this day the song still makes me cry, as I remember the loss of my beloved little brother. RIP, PJ.
  • Deborah from Omaha, TxThis song was sung at our son's funeral - he was 41. The words in this song represented Wade's life. I listen to it often - His dad and I miss him so very much.
  • Susan from Maryville, TnMy Daddy passed away Oct.25 2011, He had just turned 71 Oct.14 he had heart problems for 35 years. But he never complained about anything ,and he never acted like he was scared even when it was time for him to go. He stilled tryed to make all of us ok . I am Daddys girl and it was the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life to tell my Daddy it's ok to go and we'll all be ok and see you as soon as we get there. Everytime I heard this song it reminded me of my Daddy, so when we were planning the funeral I told my Mom I wanted her to here this song because it was like it was wrote for him. She listened to it and we all cryed like babys . We played it at his funeral. Daddy I Love You and miss you its so hard without you , but I know your not hurting or in pain anymore. Daddy had a voice so deep when he sang , so when I hear the verse I wjsh I could see the angels faces when they hear your sweet voice sing . I know your ok now your singing in heaven and your still watching over all of us. I Love You and miss you Daddy so you rest high on that mountain and sing as loud as you can and we will see you soon.
  • Beth from Pleasant View, TnMy grandmother passed away on January 23, 2011 and this was the last song that was played at her funeral. She was sick for many years. She ain't hurtin anymore.

    RIP: Nanny, I love you
  • Linda from Jackson Ohio, OhMy best friend passed around 1996, from a farm accident, and each time I hear the song, "Go Rest High on That Mountain," I always think of him. We lived across the street from each other, went to school together, and graduated together. When he passed away the entire community suffered a great loss. He was a lot of fun to be around, and always brougt a smile to everyone's face. I love to hear the song and think of him. Someday we will be together again. My husband helped me write this because he thought a lot of him also.
  • Patrick from Nashville, TnI feel for everyone here you has lost someone and could relate to the lyrics. However I don't know that anyone has really given and "facts" about this song. From my understanding this song was initiated by the passing of Keith Whitley. Then was finished by the passing of his brother who had a long history of addiction. This song definitely hold some meaning to me. Keith was an alcoholic and I don't know specifics on Vince's brother. But this song has a whole lot to deal with people in our lives who deal with addiction and the pain that comes with that.
  • Kim from Belize, BelizeThe first time I heard this song was at the untimely death of a close family Teddy. When this song came on everyone went quiet and simply absorbed the words. He loved the country, horseback riding and he enjoyed going to our family house on the highest hill in Georgeville village in the Cayo District, Belize and so this song couldn't have been more for his. I LOVE this song even though when I hear it, it brings tears to my eyes.
  • Kim from Belize, BelizeThe first time I heard this song was at the untimely death of a close family Teddy. When this song came on everyone went quiet and simply absorbed the words. He loved the country, horseback riding and he enjoyed going to our family house on the highest hill in Georgeville village in the Cayo District, Belize and so this song couldn't have been more for his. I LOVE this song even though when I hear it, it brings tears to my eyes.
  • Floyd from Abaco, BahamasThanks this is a very touching song , when our work down here is over and we go to be with jesus this describes us who die in christ . On that day we would lie down in green pastures and we would be drinking still waters.
  • Bobby from Nashville, TnTo the lady who said the original writer should get some credit too: I don't know where you get your screwy information, but Vince Gill IS the original writer, and the only writer, of this song. He wrote it about his brother. It's much easier for talented people to write songs than to travel around the country looking for material to steal.
  • Sara from Harrison, MiI lost my older brother on January 28, 2007. I've had a very hard time getting over it because he raised me. He was only 17. This song has done so much for my family. My father can release some of his pain when it's playing. I can cry when I hear it. With all my young eyes have seen this helps me so much. It takes a lot to get me crying anymore. Vince is a wonderful artist and his song helps so many people and I just wanted to say that. My second oldest brother put this as one of his songs at the visitation and I think it helped all the people that came.
  • Shawn from Garland, TxI lost my older brother in 1995 and my best friend in 1997. "Go rest high on the mountain" has helped me through many of days over the past 15 years. I miss them both so much and as times go on it gets easier but there have been some "crazy" things that have happened to me and I know that it was because of my guardian angles. I feel that I share in the same grief that Vince wrote this song from, our stories are so similar.
  • Eric from Moore, Okthis song has helped me out alot lately since my father who died aug 27 2009 of colon cancer at the age of 57 he had a two year battle with it and in the end it finally took over and won but this song has helped me out because i know his work on earth was done that night when the good lord called for him to come home
  • Jackie from Smiths Grove, Kyi love the song, but i think the original writer should have atleast gotten credit for it!!!
  • Ronal from Mississauga, OnMy life partner died in a road accident returning from newfoundland on july 24 2009 at the age of 43.She was from newfoundland living in ontario.She was the love of my life.I cry every day for her and this song give me some genuine comfort cause i miss her so much.LOVE YOU KAREN.
  • Nancy from Dewitt, IaMy husband Marv age 50 died June 22, 2009 only 4 short months of his cancer diagnosis. My brother in law sent me a copy of this song and instantly I fell in love with it. I only wish I could have played it at Marv's funeral service.
    This is the most powerful song I have ever heard.
    Sincere thanks to Vince Gill for the beautiful lyrics. God Bless
  • Lois from Cincinnati, OhMy twin brother Loyd passed away,I can't beleive it, 9 years ago now. I miss him everyday. He was my best friend. I know he is with the lord and watches over me. We played vince Gills beautiful song at his service, it was the first time I ever heard it. Everytime I hear it I cry and think of Loyd. Bless you Vince for helping me stay close to my twin.....
  • Mom from Buffalo, PaI lost my son Taylor when he was just 17. Tears follow my every move. To read about him, his life and death and to see hundreds of videos, pictures, music, please visit his website & send it to ALL grieving people you know. It's that good. Turn on your speakers, because the music is changed daily. www.TaylorBurgstahler.memory-of.com
  • Roxana from Ashdown, ArMy dad was laid to rest 8-5-09 and his only wish for years was to return to the mountains of New Mexico. He had Alzheimer's and was never able to fulfill that dream. We played the song, "Go Rest High on That Mountain" at the end of the funeral service, just before the honor guard did the flag presentation and "taps." It was so fitting. I will take some of his ashes with me the next time I am in Pecos, NM and scatter them from atop the mountain. Thank you for such a powerful message in song. Roxie
  • Gene from Boaz, AlMy mother died in 1977 and my father died in 1988, much to early for Go Rest High On That Mountain to be sung at their funeral. The first few times I heard Vince sing it, I cried like a baby. Thinking of my loved ones that have gone before me. I have already requested that Go Rest High On That Mountain be sung at my funeral.
  • Melissa from North Augusta, GaMy daddy past away on July 6, 2009. My heart still aches for him. I still wait for my phone to ring with him on the other end saying, It's your daddy. I was my daddy's baby girl. The song, "Go rest high on that mountain, was played at my daddy's funeral. My dad has lived a life of pain. He was diagnosed with polio at the age of 16. The rest of his life until the day of his death, at the age of 73, was a struggle. He was always such a fighter. I miss him more than I ever knew I could. Thank you for the perfect song. I know my daddy is soaring with the eagles on top of the mountains heaven. I love you daddy.
  • Lenore from Lemoore, CaOur son Kyle was killed by a drunk driver last year on June 8, 2008. He was 26 years old and engaged to be married. I had never heard this song before and I don't normally listen to country music but it is beautiful and soothing to a mother's wrecked heart. Thank you, Vince.
  • Amanda from Smiths Grove, KyMy brother passed away June 28, 2008. He was 47 years old. It's been almost a year now. He was a wonderful person. He was a prinipal at an elemetary school. He truely loved his job and enjoyed teaching children. He also loved his family and friends. We all miss him dearly. We played this song at his funeral. Now everytime I hear it I think of all the good he did while he was here on earth and how greatful I am to have had him in my life.
  • Vev from Truro, NsMy mother died2 days ago May 29 2009 and my sister and i will be singing this song at the funeral...It moved us as it moved her. Thank you for this song and may God guide you to the right path
  • Carrie from Cuyahoga Falls, OhMy father committed suicide in October of 1995. He moved out to Utah from Ohio in July 1995. My father played guitar and had a beautiful singing voice. He wrote and played guitar to his own original songs. Usually, they were spiritual songs. Once he moved to Utah, I had this horrible feeling that I would never see him alive again. I new in my heart that he was planning to end his life. As I reflect, I can hear his pain in his songs. He fought in Vietnam. I think those feelings and pain was coming back to haunt him. In September of 1995, I heard this song from Vince Gill. I new in my heart that this was about my father. My dad would talk about sitting ontop of the mesa's in Utah, enjoying the sunset, and beautiful skies. He would play his guitar and sing. I know the angels do like to hear his sweet voice sing, as he is resting upon that mountain. I've never made it to Utah to see where he is buried, but thanks to www.findagrave.com, someone listed my fathers grave that is in Sego Cemetary, Thompson Springs Utah.
  • Bonnie from Henrico, VaMy sister died last night. 3 months before she turned 50. I am 48.She suffered gracefully with Jesus' help a two and half year rare desease named -christian-weber desease. It was a horrible, viscious unbelieveable desease. I never had a lot of friends. I had no need, for my sister Janet was the best friend a girl could ever want for. I want for her now. Badly. A large and unfillable hole has been left in my life. She was an angel while on earth and now with our Lord and Saviour. God healed her and took her home. Go rest high is the song she told me she would want at her funeral, she told me this before she ever became ill. My sister herself sang in her church choir, for weddings, and funerals, and ballgames. I just know she is singing at the feet of Jesus
  • Tina Frazier from Altamonte Springs, FlOn February 7, 2009, my father died at age 80 in a small town called Daysboro Kentucky. He was buried on a hill next to a creek and roaming horses. This song was perfect for my Dad's funeral. He was a wonderful man and I have found peace in knowing that he is now resting and rejoicing with the angels in heaven.
  • Claudia Mitchell from Hull, Gathis song was played at my son's service. he passed away 11-4-08. the words describe my precious darren to a tee. he was only 22. please continue to produce such great songs. it really helps me when i listen to the song.
  • Carol from Loris, ScMy mother in-law passed away 9/22/08. We played this song and released 69 ballons ( her age),at the grave site. It was so beautiful. She loved the song. Her life at been troubled. She now is also at peace, resting high on that mountain. Thanks Vince Gill for this beautiful song.
  • Janie from Colorado Springs, CoMy Dad just passed away on Sept 11, 2008 at the age of 76. Mom died just 5 years ago and now both she and Dad can Rest High On That Mountain. They had been married for over 52 years. I miss them both. Thank you Vince, for writing this song. It was played at Dad's funeral. God Bless you.
    Janie Thompson, Fort Polk, LA
  • Mixermatt from Bloomington, Mnwell done by Vince Gill
  • Aaron from South Yarmouth, MaThis is one of the most moving songs ever written in my opinion. I do not consider myself religious, but can't help but be affected by the words of this song along with the obvious emotion in Vince's voice.
  • John from Phoenix, MdMy wife and I sang this song at my brother, Tom's funeral. Visit http://mywebpages.comcast.net/jcain/tom.html

    "You were no stranger to the rain."

    Miss you, Tom.

  • Sonny from Atlanta, GaI lost my best friend in 2004 to surgical complications which could have been avoided. This song was played at his funeral and also my wife's mother's funeral. My wife is now losing her best friend to cancer and this comes to mind all the time. I think all we can do is to love our families,share all we can, and take care of our neighbors. We miss you and await the day when we will all gather on that bright shining shore
  • Doug from Central Point, OrIt is the greatest spiritual I have ever heard.
    It will be played at my funeral.
    Smith, Central Point, OR
  • Doug from Central Point, OrIt is the greatest spiritual I have ever heard.
    It will be played at my funeral
  • Michelle Shellhart from Cheyenne, WyThis song was played at my daughters' daddy's funeral in 1997. He is buried in the mountains in Wheatland, Wyoming. Their brother passed away in November 2007 and this song was played at his funeral as well. It's like this song was written for them. Vince Gill has an amazing voice and this song is one of his best. RIP Rod and Taylor, you'll always be loved and missed!
  • Jennifer from Orion, Mimy father died 4 days before chrismas the reverend sang it at his funeral i love itt it's so beautiful.
  • Tim from Huntington, WvThis was my grandpas favorite song and it was played at his funeral and everytime i hear it i think of him.We would always listen to vince gill when we went fishing and i miss it. it is a fitting tribute and a song that should be played to celebrate life not just to end it.
  • Randy from St Cloud, FlThis was the song played Nov. 12th 2007 at my 19 year old sons funeral service and also 11 years ago at my fathers funeral. It says so much as if it were wrote for Randy S. Owen Jr. & Glendale Ray Owen. I Love you both.
    Randy S. Owen Sr., St Cloud, FL.
  • Holly from Shreveport, LaThis song was the only song played at my friend's funeral this summer.
  • Eva from Earleville, MdThe first time I heard this song, was right after my only brother was killed at work, He was 32. This song is my heart, And I still cry each and every time I hear it. My brother was killed in 1995, though the pain of losing him has gotten easier to bear, I still lose-it evertime I hear this song.
  • Kayla from Port Mcnicoll, Ca-I really love this song, vince gill is a really good singer it reminds me alot of Dale Earnhart who was my favorite driver and still is i love how he tributed the song to him and i love his songs and singing.
    - Me and my family will love dale forever and he will always be missed
  • Ukfriend2u from Uk, EnglandThis is one of my fave all time songs.

    It's one of the reason I posted on that tube site under my name UKFriend2U

    Vince show's so much emotion in it and I thank him for bringing us this song.

    Take care
  • Nick from Stamford, EnglandThis is such a beautiful song! It has great signifigance for me as the ashes of both my father and my son, who died young, are scattered on a mountain in Wales. After all the years my eyes still fill with tears when I hear this song and I think of loved ones gone forever but hopefully to a better place where we shall meet again, I pray.
  • Kelsey from Meyersdale, PaI love this song everything in it sticks out to me!I love this song because every time i listen to it,it reminds me of my dad alot!he was a policeman at meyersdale and had a sudden death imagine seeing you father two seconds and saying i love you and the next the doctor telling you that he didn't make it!! my family went through a rough time.my dad was my super hero he was always there for me when i get hurt!and now he is gone ! he died from a heart attack while playing a gam with some friends! and just like that he dropped dead! that happened last year about 4 days after we got out of school!he is gone now and our house is lonely now and i miss him alot we all do!! we miss you and love you dad!!

    ~Kelsey L. Brown~ , Meyersdale,Pennsylvania
  • Ariel from Portsmouth, OhYea this song is awesome my family made me sing this @ my grandfathers funeral so its a really good song
  • Steven from Unadilla, NyThis song has a very special meaning 2 our family. When my grandfather died in 2004, we all were taken by suprise at his death. This song helps us remember him and his love 4 mnusic. Pop-Pop: We miss you, we know that you're looking down on us everyday. We love you very much. May God go with you wherever you may trod. Love, Your Family and Friends
  • Richard from Hornlake, MsThey play it at my Great Grandmothers funeral
    i broke down crying cause she had all way been
    there for me. It reminds me every day how mush i miss her and that she can never be replaced,this song is a tribute to her to thank her for every thing she has done for me and most important been
    there for me,i miss her and wont ever forget her
    I love u grandma.
    - Richard Miles 18,HornLake Ms.
  • Courtney from Hamilton, OhI love this song we played it at my grandmas funeral, she loved Vince Gill and all of his songs. I love to listen to it to remember her.
  • George from Richmond, VaThis song will always remind me of my brother, the words were pretty much his life. RIP Doug...
  • Ashley Jade from Cleveland, GaMy mom really loves this song... it was played at her mother's(my grandmother's) funeral and they put the words "go rest high on that mountain" on her grave so it's always had a special meaning in our family
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