Double M Genius
by Wale

Album: Ambition (2011)
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  • I try to tell them I'm one of the best thinkers of this class, I mean, I feel like

    Yeah, I'mma let the chips fall
    Niggas is Kemba Walker tryna see me pitfall
    Niggas is starring like a synagogue, think about it
    Centerfold bitches prolly couldn't get a drink up out me
    They say I need some guidance
    But I think they need a stylist
    Bitch you should see my wallet
    This bitch gonna need Pilate's
    And you can't see Folarin
    What the fuck are you, retarded?
    I ain't hugging the corner, but I hustle so enormous
    A modern day Goodfella, I'm Ray Liotta
    Loud smoking so pass the L like a semicolon
    The Bentley is rented but I got many chauffers
    Foamposites if you ain't got em then you penny-loafing!
    Under-rated that's temporarily for the moment
    Only marry your woman if mama cold as Willona
    See, I'm second to no one
    I'm the messenger-poet
    They slowly showin they colors
    They music good but they bogus

    They talkin
    Talkin bout Folarin

    They talkin
    Talkin bout Folarin

    They talkin
    Talkin bout Folarin

    Verse two gon be fuckin with verse one
    Especially when you're writing shit that can never be done, Joe!
    That Kevin Love flow
    Bored of the shooters
    My women be in the newest
    Yo bitches should buy a loofah
    Where I'm from they is ruthless
    Babies turn into shooters
    Crazy talking and foolish
    You catch a shell like a Koopa
    And I don't give a fuck, see my bitches is Kama Sutra
    One of them bitches is cute, the rest of them congruent
    Why you talking my nigga? Just go and do it
    Niggas awful at dressing, they just aight at music
    I'm trend-setting, despite of a awful debut
    Still got me another deal because any nigga in music
    The remedy is get your hustle on
    Fuck a broad unless you love a broad
    Well in that case, brother, then love her hard
    Put my trust in my dog
    Put my trust in my God
    'Less you Stabler and Benson, I don't fuck with the law

    They talkin
    Talkin bout Folarin

    They talkin
    Talkin bout Folarin

    They talkin
    Publisher: THE ADMINISTRATION MP INC, Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
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