Cold Dark World

  • I can watch little girl
    From the back of my car
    I see you and show
    At the place that you are
    Groceries spillin' up
    Out of your bag
    Thinkin' you'll end up
    A penniless hag

    But I see the girl
    That you are deep inside
    Won't you allow me
    To give you a ride
    I can console you
    And give you kiss
    Show you that you can do
    Better than this

    Angel girl
    In a cold dark world
    I'm gonna be your man
    Angel girl
    In a cold dark world
    I'll make you understand

    I know
    That you're thinkin'
    I'm trying to score
    But deep in your heart
    You know that I'm more
    Than a cat or a scoundrel
    Now that I've found you
    I don't want to lose you
    How can I prove
    You know that I am sincere
    You don't need to fear
    I'm not like the others
    I'll be like a brother
    I will protect you
    Never disrespect you
    But if you love
    Then I'll be here
    To sex you


    It might take awhile
    To get with the style
    Life at the end
    Of the miracle mile
    But you're gonna love
    The rising above
    All the trash
    That is sweeping
    You under the rug

    I'm gonna be there

    [Chorus: x2] Writer/s: RIVERS CUOMO, SCOTT SHRINER
    Publisher: Wixen Music Publishing, E O Smith Music
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Rocky from Tulsa, Ok"Cold Dark World" is from Weezer's Red Album. This song is dark & ominous sounding, but the lyrics are light. Sounds like a Slavic dirge, but it works! The more I hear it, the more I love it. Plus, I think there are sounds of crows or ravens in the background that make this a bizarre & MACABRE delight. Perhaps they're RAVENS. It was co-written by Rivers Cuomo & Scott Shriner both of Weezer. Man, this song works. You just cannot ignore it on The Red Album. There are a lot of gems on the album but this song stands out because of the contrasts in sound and lyrics. And those ravens......oh those ravens! I'm gonna play this at my next Halloween Party! LOL.
  • Danny from Place, MaInteresting song. It would be cool if Weezer members other than Rivers got to sing lead vocals more.
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