Heart Songs

Album: The Red Album (2008)
  • Gordon Lightfoot
    Sang a song
    About a boat
    That sank in the lake
    At the break
    Of the morning,
    A Cat named Stevens
    Found a faith
    He could believe in
    And Joan Baez
    I never listened
    To too much jazz,
    But hippie songs
    Could be heard
    In our pad
    Eddie Rabbitt sang
    About how much
    He loved a rainy night,
    Abba, Devo, Benatar
    Were there day
    John Lennon died,
    Mr. Springsteen said
    He had a hungry heart
    Grover Washington
    Was happy on the day
    He topped the charts
    These are the songs

    These are my heart songs
    They never feel wrong
    And when I wake
    For goodness sake
    These are the songs
    I keep singin'

    Quiet Riot got me started
    With the bangin' on my head
    Iron Maiden, Judas Priest
    And Slayer
    Taught me how to shred
    I gotta admit though
    I would listen
    To the radio
    Debbie Gibson
    Tell me that you think
    We're all alone
    Michael Jackson's
    In the mirror
    I've gotta have faith
    If I wanna see clear
    Never gonna give you up
    Wish me love
    Or wishing well
    It takes two to make
    A thing go right
    If the Fresh Prince
    Starts a fight
    Don't you worry
    For too long
    'Cause you know
    These are the songs


    Back in 1991
    I wasn't havin' any fun
    Till my roommate said
    "Come on and put
    A brand new record on"
    Had a baby on it
    He was naked on it
    Then I heard the chords
    That broke the chains
    I had upon me
    Got together with my bros
    In some rehearsal studios
    Then we played
    Our first rock show
    And watched the fan base
    Start to grow
    Signed the deal that gave
    The dough to make
    A record of our own
    The song come
    On the radio
    Now people go
    This is the song


    [Repeat x4]
    These are the songs
    I keep singing Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Billy from Leesburg, GaI love the line "Debbie Gibson, tell me that you think we're all alone" because it was Tiffany that sang "I Think We're Alone Now"
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