Mykel And Carli

Album: Weezer (The Blue Album) (1994)
  • Back in Wilson High
    I had two best friends
    They lived down the block
    Where Eagle Court bends
    One she cared for my bones
    Fed me ice cream cones
    One she cared for my happiness
    Wouldn't leave me alone

    Back in Wilson High
    Said I had these two best friends
    Till the school bus came
    And took my friends away
    Now I'm left alone at home
    To sit and think all day

    Hear you me, Mykel
    Hear you me, Carli

    They gave me a hat
    The hat was awful rad
    Wore it every day
    Made my teacher mad
    She tore it off my head
    Now my head's well-read
    My head gets cold at night sometimes
    But I can't be misled

    Hear you me, Mykel
    Hear you me, Carli Writer/s: RIVERS CUOMO
    Publisher: E O Smith Music
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Christian from Gahanna, Ohwow! That is very sad. This song is addictive though.
  • Anthony from St. Clair Shores, Mithis song is a REALLY creepy foreshadowing considering what actually happened.
  • Lexie from Sydney, Australiathough sad.
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