Album: The Red Album (2008)
  • Put me in
    A special school
    'Cause I am such a fool
    And I don't need
    A single book
    To teach me how to read
    Who needs stupid books?
    They are for petty crooks
    And I will learn
    By studying
    The lesson in my dreams
    Turn off the TV
    'Cause that's what others see
    And movies are as bad as
    Eating chocolate ice cream
    They only sicken me
    Don't let me play football
    I'll sack the quarterback
    A jack the brother of the ball

    I'm a troublemaker
    Never been a faker
    Doing things my own way
    And never giving up
    I'm a troublemaker
    Not a double taker
    I don't have
    The patience
    To keep it on the up

    I picked up a guitar
    What does that signify?
    I'm gonna play
    Some heavy metal riffs
    And you will die
    You wanted arts
    And crafts
    How's this for arts
    And crafts
    That's right
    I'm growing out my hair
    I'm movin' out
    To Cherokee
    I'm gonna be
    A rock star
    And you will go
    To bed with me
    'Cause I can't work a job,
    Like any other slob,
    Punch it in
    And punch it out
    And suckin' up to Bob,
    Marrying a bitch
    Having 7 kids
    Giving up
    And growing old
    And hoping
    There's a God


    I'm gonna be a star
    And people
    Will crane necks
    To get a glimpse of me
    And see
    If I am having a sex
    In studying
    And my moves
    They try
    To understand
    Why I am so unlike
    The singers
    In the other bands

    I'm such a mystery
    As anyone can see
    There isn't
    Anybody else
    Exactly quite
    Like me'

    And when
    It's party time
    Like 1999
    I party by myself
    Because I'm such
    A special guy


    (Keep it on the up)
    I'm a troublemaker
    (Keep it on the up)
    I'm a troublemaker
    (Keep it on the up)
    I'm a troublemaker
    Never giving up Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Moanin' Lisa from Chillicothe Mo.I still love dis song & Weezer. I was known as a troublemaker in high school when this song & album came out. I didn't want to be a troublemaker, but it just worked out that way. A talent, I guess. Rock it, weezer !!
  • Rocky from Tulsa, OkI just heard "Troublemaker" on my fav alt rock radio station request hour tonight. Brought back good memories of high school in 2008. I heard that Rivers was influenced by Eminem's music or lyric-making for writing this song. I still love the Red Album along with most of Weezer's albums & wish they'd release a new album soon.
  • Rotunda from Tulsa, Ok"Troublemaker" was played yesterday on our local alternative rock radio station & I hadn't heard it for a few years. I've still got The Red Album CD from 2008. I love the whole CD. And I love the music video. Love all the band members of Weezer too. It's interesting that the song is about a guy who's a non-conformist. I understand the lyrics were probably influenced by Weezer's record company pressuring them into recording more "mainstream" music. I don't think that's always a wise move, even if it's for commercial means. Commercialism has some good points, but you also have to have creativity too. All I know is that whatever Weezer records, most of it is great.
  • Randy from Fayettevile, ArAwesome song! I can remember how great I felt when "The Red Album" was first released & the day I bought it! "Troublemaker" is the first track of the album & was produced by "Jacknife" Lee. Didn't know that Rivers drew inspiration for this song from Eminem. But I think it's one of their best album cuts. Right now it's 2014 & I hear that Weezer is working on a new album. Don't know the estimated release date, but I can hardly wait !!
  • Don from Sf, Cai know, they did forget the smallest drum set
  • Ashley from Tonopah, AzThis song is so awesome. I love the music video. Plus, there another record that was broken. Pat Wilson, Weezer's drummer, played on the world's smallest drum kit. The Guinness World Record offical, Stuart Claxton is seen measuring the drum kit after Pat played it.
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