Wu-Tang Reunion

Album: A Better Tomorrow (2014)
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  • My seeds grow and his seeds marry his seeds
    My seeds grow and his seeds marry his seeds
    That's how we keep Wu-Tang forever, baby

    It's good to see the Wu-Tang family under one roof
    We celebrate, toastin' shots, Ciroc 40 proof
    Burgers on the grill and fried fish
    The wiz made potato salad, greens for a side dish
    Cold water, mill and reminisce with cousins and sisters
    Children on the grass playin' ball and Twister
    Fresh lemonade is made, we playin' spades
    My nephews turn the livin' room into an arcade
    Aunt's cherry baked pie, surprise, Johnny showed up
    You can tell from the smell in the air, somethin' rolled up
    It's love, peace and happiness, with the joy and laughter
    Camera phones flashes, the moment is captured

    It's so nice to see all the folks you love together
    Sittin' and talkin' 'bout all the things that's been goin' down

    It's goin' down
    We rock all in together now, Wu-Tang forever now
    Twenty years later we still bang whatever now
    Turn change to cheddar
    If I could take a quote from Obama, change is better
    I vow to never let you down
    Remember Meth Tical?
    In my circle haters was never 'round
    I'm a boss, hold that together loud
    Reunited, the whole world excited
    Wu-Tang is for the kids and people and girls invited

    Family reunion
    Got to have a family reunion
    Family reunion
    It's so nice to come together
    To get together
    I wish grandma could see
    The whole family
    I sure miss her face
    And her warm and tender embrace

    I miss my grandmother, my auntie and Unique Ason
    I knew Dirt was high when he had that face on
    Fangs hangin' out his mouth, his fronts was golden
    Wildin', record execs can't control him
    He said ish like me and Mariah
    Hit me, woah-woah-woah, that's fire
    Still no matter what we gon' rep the name
    Look at your family, we got twenty years in the game

    A family reunion
    Gonna have a family reunion ooh, ooh
    Family reunion
    It's so nice to come together
    To get together

    Aye yo
    I'd like to make a toast to my Wu-Tang family
    All over the globe
    East coast, west coast
    All my brothas in the hood keepin' it good
    Peace to the Gods of Earth
    All my Latino brothers
    My Asian brothers, my Caucasian brothers
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