Letter To Valley Pt. 5

Album: Single release only (2017)
  • Ayy
    Mix the bounce out with that .44 nigga
    Ayy, gang

    Real thorough nigga, I ain't never switched up
    Couple niggas say I changed 'cause the big bucks
    I ain't never change, I just see you leachin' on me
    Got mad, now my niggas started speakin' on me
    Ayy, it's a shame how they changed, nigga
    Rockin' baby, so I'm stayin' in my lane withcha
    Niggas turned they back on me but you stayed with me
    Only rocking with a few like my nigga Glizzy
    Nigga speaking on my name when I'm not around
    When I'm around, they thinkin' 'bout how they gon' knock me down
    But it's cool, I'm thinkin' 'bout how I'm gon' get dough
    By any means and that's if I gotta kick door
    You dependin' on me, well you a man too
    Get off your ass and go and show me what that guap do
    Ayy, man this shit be so crazy
    I ain't even no Blood, but my mind goin' brazy
    Ayy, damn, this shit fucked up
    My own man shot at me and missed, so he lucked up
    That shit hurts, cause that nigga was my ten hut
    Over a bitch, little nigga why you switched up?
    Ayy, it's so crazy how these niggas is
    Like I'm 50, I be watchin' out for many men
    It's niggas tryna kill me just 'cause they done seen me up
    Hatin' from my own city, keep that shit a buck
    Say, on my life I'ma try to put this city on
    But if I don't put it on, Clink got the throne
    Niggas snakes in the grass, so my grass cut
    And if my time come, bitch, I was really up
    End of the day, I just do it for my nigga Valley
    Why the fuck they had to put my nigga in that Caddy?
    Ayy, broken hearts leave a nigga sad
    When you died I wasn't sad, it just made me mad
    Bro, we had so much shit planned out
    Skippin' states, we was thinkin' 'bout them band routes
    Niggas speakin' on yo name, tryna get some fame
    I ain't worried 'bout them niggas, I got perfect aim
    Labels steady hittin' up about some signin' shit
    It's YBN, big brother, I ain't signin' shit
    You always told me stay up and don't settle for less
    I only listened to you 'cause you told me the best
    Bro, that shit is so fucked up, why you had to die?
    I cried a lot, now a nigga can't even cry
    Ayy, no, a nigga can't even cry
    I know you here but your spirit somewhere in the sky
    Bro, that shit is so fucked up, why you had to die?
    I cried a lot, now a nigga can't even cry
    Ayy, now a nigga can't even cry
    I know you here but your spirit somewhere in the sky

    Man, R.I.P. my nigga Valley, man
    Niggas already know how the fuck I'm coming behind my niggas
    Nigga, R.I.P. Tutu, nigga, you know I'm fucking with Vallejo hard nigga
    Shout out my nigga NickyBaandz, SOBxRBE, I'm fucking with the bay for real nigga
    Nigga, stop playing with my nigga name before I get up with you nigga, that's on my mamma nigga
    And, Birmingham with it, duck your mother fucking taco, bitch


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