Love Me Like You Used To

Album: Cavalier Youth (2014)
  • And at the start, I was wishing I could be anything you'd want.
    I've been living with strangers here that haunt my thoughts.
    Nice guys finish last, I take part in that.
    Can't change it now, running straight from my past.
    We walk the same streets, but have different views.
    You see change, I see cavalier youth

    So love me like you used to
    When I couldn't lose you
    Why is it goodbye?

    And at the end of this point,
    On my floors, were so much waste.
    You have brought up my self-esteem just to suck it out of me.
    I know I'm broken, but I'm closer to the edge.
    If you have enemies, then I have friends.
    I hope that I will see you there.
    I hope I will see you there.

    So love me like you used to
    When I couldn't lose you
    Why is it goodbye?
    Just love me like you need me
    Oh just can't you need me?
    Why, why can now the things that matter most,
    The things I can't decide, if I want.
    So this time I will realign
    This time I will sacrifice
    Whatever that it takes
    Whatever that it takes

    So love me like you used to
    When I couldn't lose you
    Why, why?
    Just love me
    Just love me
    Just love me Writer/s: Christopher Miller, Daniel Flint, Josh Franceschi, Matthew Barnes, Max Helyer
    Publisher: BMG Rights Management, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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