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  • Nevada Billy Joel - Stop in Nevada

    Doing what he does best, Billy Joel penned a story mirroring his own life, with perhaps a spin at the craps tables in Las Vegas along the way.

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  • Omaha, Nebraska Counting Crows - Omaha

    Learn all about thrownness in Adam Duritz's song, and take a tour through Omaha, Nebraska, at the same time.

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  • Tallahatchie Bridge, Choctaw Ridge, Mississippi Bobbie Gentry - Ode to Billie Joe

    Bobbie Gentry has written one of the most talked about songs of the century. The mystery endures: what DID Billie Joe throw off the Tallahatchie Bridge?

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    • Nancy from GeorgiaI can't believe that nobody has looked at part of the lyrics more closely. In the verses where she refers to her brother, it's with a lower case "b".
      When she talks about "Brother married Becky Johnson, they bought a store in Tupelo"; notice the uppercase "B". Ther also an uppercase "B" when the mother referred to the preacher "Brother Taylor".
      I believe she is saying that the preacher "Brother" was actually the one who married Becky Johnson.
      Of course, this is my interpretation. I could be wrong. Only Bobbie Gentry knows.
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