Suicidal Tendencies

1981-1995, 1997-
Mike MuirVocals1981-1995, 1997-
Mike ClarkGuitar1987-1995, 1997-2012
Dean PleasantsGuitar1997-
Steve BrunerBass2002-2011
Eric MooreDrums2008-2014
Grant EstesGuitar1982-1983
Jon NelsonGuitar1983-1984
Nico SantoraGuitar2012-
Louiche MayorgaBass1982-1987
Bob HeathcoteBass1987-1989
Stephen "Thundercat" BrunerBass2002- 2011
Tim "Rawbiz" WilliamsBass2011-2014
Amery SmithDrums1982-1984
R. J. HerreraDrums1984-1991
Jimmy DeGrassoDrums1992-1995
Thomas PridgenDrums2014-

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