John Mellencamp

by Carl Wiser

Did Mellencamp give up drinking after a bar fight? Was he a hippie? Take this Fact or Fiction to find out.

John Mellencamp rarely gives interviews. Like Ritchie Blackmore, his unfiltered honestly doesn't suit him to the form and doesn't get his point across. Best if he can just talk. Better if he does it over his music.

That's what happens on Plain Spoken: From The Chicago Theatre, a DVD/CD/Blu-ray where he gives running commentary over his own performance. It's more revealing than anything we've heard from him, and quite soothing once you get used to his disembodied voice telling stories while he's singing on the screen (for those who don't like multitasking, the commentary can be turned off). We found it fascinating enough to warrant a Fact or Fiction. Take a crack at it, and see what you really know about the mysterious Mr. Mellencamp.

Photo: Harry Sandler
John Mellencamp Songfacts
May 6, 2018
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Comments: 7

  • Macadoo from CaliforniaArguably the most under-rated singer songwriter and performer of several generations
  • Vivian from Annapolis, MdI'm actually surprised I got anything right on this quiz because I've only seen one interview of John Mellencamp after his heart attack, and he didn't talk about growing up. Always loved his music. Neat quiz.
  • Tom from 19154, Philadelphia PaI learned a few things...
  • Josh from Champaign, IlWell, that's the most beautiful corpse I've seen (heard), which is fitting for the quote "Live fast, love hard and leave a beautiful corpse." I'm happy to keep carrying it! Honestly though, there are still great rock bands coming around and it's quite possible that it could have a full fledged revival again. Who knows.
  • Andrea from Australia I got heaps of these wrong too, I'm a bit disappointed in myself, I should have been a bit more attentive of such a talented artist
  • Brian from Warrington, PaCan't believe how many I got wrong. It is true, you can't believe everything you read on the internet (who would have thought? ;) )
  • Shawn from MarylandI like John(ny) Cougar (Mellencamp) just as much as anyone else. But, I totally bombed this quiz.
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