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The B-52s

by Jeff Suwak

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In a 2019 clinical study, Stanford University researchers discovered that it's physically impossible to resist bopping your head and tapping the steering wheel whenever "Love Shack" comes on the radio. Across a sample size of 2,000 participants, not a single person was able to avoid the grooving.

Okay, that Stanford study never actually happened. Its results, however, are consistent with what we here at Songfacts have found in our own totally unscientific experiments conducted over combined decades of driving. Everyone may not own B-52s records, but everyone becomes a B-52s fan when the songs hit the speakers.

With "Love Shack," "Rock Lobster," "Planet Claire," and dozens of other tunes, the B-52s personify fun and zaniness. Even when engaged in serious business like championing the gay community, they never take themselves too seriously, remaining consistently irreverent throughout five decades.

After our recent interview with B-52 girl Cindy Wilson, we decided to put together this Fact or Fiction. It's good stuff.
Here are the B-52s Songfacts
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