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Rock Stars of Horror

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In a stream of supernatural consciousness, the fusion between horror movies and the darker side of heavy rock came to fruition in the 1960s. In 1963, the band Earth renamed themselves Black Sabbath after seeing an advertisement for Mario Bava's film of the same name. Underground bands like Coven and Black Widow took things one step further by performing theatrical Black Masses at their shows.

The 1980s saw the dark union grow and spread its roots into popular culture with the rise of stadium rock bands like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, and the subsequent use of their music in horror films and on their soundtracks. This trend has not subsided through time as the music, and its stars, have become synonymous with the film genre. See if you can correctly match the rockers to the roles.
~Em Webb

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Comments: 25

  • Trish from GeorgiaGood quiz!
  • Zak from MarylandSurprisingly 11 out of 13
    Not bad for someone that doesn't know 70% of these films and 60% of these rockers!
  • Atomicfiend138 from Nowhere & EverywereI got 11 out of 13 right... or only missed 2 out of 13. Pretty damn good, if I do say so myself. And I just did.
  • Kelli from Maine9 out of 10
  • Beverley from Johannesburg6 wrong, but I'm not a major horror fan
  • Nelson Barlow from New BrunswickTHANKS VERY MUCH.
  • Varnish from MassGot 2 wrong, knew I should have picked lordi!!
  • Holly from Va3 wrong...not too shabby!!! A lot easier than I thought it was gonna be,too!
  • Doug To Easy bro, I got 2 wrong
  • William from Dayton, Oh2 wrong........
  • Biff Martin from Calif5 wrong. i partied backstage with the Misfits at the Mab
    in SF.
  • Taylor from California, Usai got all of them but one
  • Taylor from California, Usai guessed all of them
  • Festeris101 from South Hadley, Ma.3 wrong as well. But in all honesty I did guess on a few of them...
  • Taylor from Illinois, Usa3! I missed 3! Would have been 2, but my phone didn't pick the one I clicked on!
  • Trond B. K. from NorwayGot 5 wrong as well, but I guessed on all of them. Didn't really know any of the answers.
  • Rayze from AustraliaI got 2 wrong. :-p
  • Djdee from IndianapolisMissed two. I'm a big horror buff, but unfortunately have missed out on seeing some of these gems. I also thought someone should do a total horror/metal movie with famous lead singers or other band members being offed by an unknown killer, which in the end turns out to be a band member from one of the groups. Who it would be would be kept very well hidden until the end, maybe even make it like a Ten Little Indians scenario.
  • Ryan from North MoonI got 3 wrong, but that's alright because for about half of the questions i just guessed!
  • Squints from Grand ForksI like how they have Freddie Mercury as an answer for a movie made in 2005...
  • Goon from Neptuneonly 1 wrong...THE LAST BLOODY ONE, TOO!!
  • Kat from Mo Only 4 wrong.not too bad since I've not seen half these movies and don't know most o the people_,
  • Jim from North Billerica, MaI missed 5.
  • Mikewichter from Work ;-(I got 4 wrong....not too bad
  • Jezzald from SwedenGreat quiz, only 1 question I got wrong, damn!!!!!!!
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