Watch Out

Album: Trapavelli Tre (2015)
Charted: 64
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  • This piano-laden song was released as the lead single from 2 Chainz's mixtape Trapavelli Tre, the third installment in his Trapavelli mixtape series.
  • The track was produced by the Atlanta production team FKi, which is composed of 1st Down and Sauce Lord Rich. FKi have also produced music for several other prominent recording artists, including Iggy Azalea ("Work ") and Post Malone ("White Iverson").
  • The song soundtracks a Beats By Dre ad featuring Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton.
  • The Motion Family-directed light-hearted video features 2 Chainz's head superimposed on various unsuspecting bodies including a pianist at a recital, a toddler, basketball player and President Obama. Nicholas Fraser's viral "Why You Lying?" is also recreated, while Bizarre from D12 is the chubby dude and Lil Terio is the kid on top of the car in the red shirt. The Bluff in Atlanta was the main shooting location.

    The Motion Family have also helmed clips for Jeezy, Rae Sremmurd, The-Dream and YG. David KA from the directorial team told about the shooting of the video:

    "We shot 2 Chainz with a green-screen background, with four cameras. Kinda semi Matrix-y - semi-circle around his face so we didn't have to do a ton of takes in post, we could just figure out which angle worked best. We did four or five different looks. The next day we shot scenarios without 2 Chainz run-and-gun, tried to shoot as many different scenarios as possible. We sent the heads to our visual effects guy and he cut them out. Once we finished the basic edit and picked out all the 2 Chainz heads, we sent that to him and he cut out the heads and put them on all the bodies."
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