Space Age Love Song

Album: A Flock Of Seagulls (1982)
Charted: 34 30


  • In a Songfacts interview with Mike Score, the Flock frontman revealed the meaning behind this song. "'Space Age' was just about intimacy, if you'd like. When you meet somebody there is an instant eye contact if the chemistry is right. If everything is right, you catch their eye... that whole 'across the crowded room/caught your eye' thing. The lyrics explain that: 'I saw your eyes and you made me smile.'"
  • The title doesn't appear in the lyric. When they were working on it, someone mentioned that it sounded "space age," and that it was "like a space age love song." They wrote down "Space Age Love Song" as a working title, and it stuck. It's far more memorable than anything they could have culled from the lyric, like "I Saw Your Eyes" or "I Was Falling In Love."
  • A Flock Of Seagulls reached great heights with a mix of synthesizer and guitar that sounded futuristic. They embraced a space theme, leading off US versions of their self-titled debut album with "I Ran (So Far Away)," which includes an alien abduction. That was their first hit in America and by far their best-known song in that country. "Space Age Love Song" came next and made a respectable showing at #30 but didn't get the MTV airplay of "I Ran," which limited its success. Their next single, "Wishing (If I Had A Photograph Of You)," reached #26.

    In their native UK (they're from Liverpool), "I Ran" was the worst-performing of the three, and "Wishing" was their big hit.
  • The music video was directed by Anthony Van Den Ende, who also did "I Ran." Unlike that one, which featured mirrors, a rotating camera, and girls, the "Space Age Love Song" video was just the band performing in the fog - a competent effort, but not enough to engage the MTV audience. It did, however, feature Mike Score's fascinating hairdo, which resembled a bird in flight.


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