3 Libras

Album: Mer de Noms (2000)
Charted: 49
  • Maynard James Keenan, in the A Perfect Circle EPK stated, "It's about being overlooked."
  • In the liner notes to the single, Keenan said: "Up until the mid twentieth century the mountain gorilla was considered a myth. Oddly enough, a legend not unlike Bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster. The chance of actually seeing/experiencing this elusive shadow was as likely as finding one's soulmate. Rare. Precious. Even once discovered they seemed unapproachable. The only way to get close to this magnificent creature was to become empathetic. Abandon all pretense and preconceptions. To bare an open throat. To collapse into the arms of vulnerability. All but extinct, these beings/moments are threatened by the black hearted. The cold and oblivious. The empty eyed profit seekers that overlook these Rare. Precious." >>
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  • Keenan shed some more light on this song in their aMotion DVD, where he explained that this is a song about parasitic-like people seeing something different or special about a person. Instead of nurturing that quality or helping that person grow, the "3 Libras" feed off of the energy in a bad way instead of using it for good.
  • On aMotion, Keenan also mentioned that he wrote the song for about 9 or so people in his life that have birthdays around the same time, hence the name "3 Libras." He titled it so the people with the Libran birthdays could battle it out to figure who he wrote the song about. >>
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  • Joe from Little Rock, Ar UsaThe Gnostic concept is close but I think to assume that Maynard is talking about the "serpent" assuming we really understand who or what the serpent represents in that story. Do you think Maynard told folks its about 9 people with the same birthday? Occultists speak cryptically for those that see and hear.
    The little boy with his boat, signing contracts here. Falls in the water and wakes up in the womb. It's showing the fall. The thing is the fall of who or what?
    Well, we know A fallen angel. Among a million same. The 3 Libras represent lots of things but also transmutation of consciousness. In Gnosis we constantly emphasize the functionalisms of the law, and the many aspects through which the law works. On one, the macrocosmic scale, we analyze how the ray of creation unfolds the entire Tree of Life in each level of the cosmos, and how the law stems from the unmanifested into one law, then three, then six, then twelve, then on and on as it descends downward into more and more complex regions of nature, terminating at the very bottom of the abyss, where life is frightfully complicated, dense, and painful. But this entire structure is based upon the law of the balance. The entire outpouring of nature, of creation itself, is based in the polarity, the duality, of nature, which is represented in the two balances that rest upon the scale. Also, n other words, a person who is born under the sign of Libra who is the superior type of person – consciously, emotionally, spiritually - will be someone who is very chaste; who takes the forces of Venus and Libra in order to strengthen and empower their Chastity. But an inferior type of Libra, a person who is born under that sign but very much identified with the ego and addicted to sensation, will be addicted to Fornication, to sexual pleasure, in an animal way. So the fall of who? Angels among the same (Angels) Maybe you are a fallen angel, a name you forgot but is in your recollection. You have to transmute these energies. Another big question to ask is..who threw who the obvious to see behind whos eyes? Buried under mother nature and the solid earth in perfect balance you forgot who you are. You see him in the bed with women then it shows the spinal cord..means THAT'S IMPORTANT. His consciousness is rising. He jumps up stops the vampirism of his energy. And storms down empty halls to say you don't see me at all! 9 is the number of men decoded 666 144 243 gematria just adds up to 9. 3 is perfection. I hope you see where I am going this is long. So maybe we should ask why the angels fell..and if they forgot..then who are they among us..who are we? If you can get past your animal nature....the beast number 9 decoded. The number of men. How do we get past? Embrace it with no shame? Ignore it? Hmmm...wait why does Lucifer and Jesus both call themselves the morning star? Venus..Love.....noo not Lucifer..I mean he was the serpent the one who told them if they ate and fell they would have the knowledge and become like Gods? LIAR you say! ..no no The Elohim did say that. So they were thrown downcast down...how hath thow fallen oh Lucifer son of the morning. Imagine realizing who you really are...in a world full of beasts that are unaware? They know not what they do? The cross is a burden to bare.. let a man, dogmas, and religion tell you who you are...or..go inside and find out yourself. Maynard isn't going to say all that...HES A GENIUS...he might code it by saying..yeah it's about bigfoots, monsters, misunderstood people...lol....suffering people. Or instead of continuing to talk too much like I am typing too much he might say.....well... it's about "9" people that have the same birthday! There is an actual transmutation of 3 constellations of libra, they have names...also those born under that sign..are pretty interesting too. To find the hidden meaning of things is esoteric but for an occultist, this is doubly so if not more! Did I mention the perfect circle or that perhaps Maynard is a genius?
  • Paul Ratcliff from UsaAll these attempts at the meaning of this song is lost. 3-Libra's is about Adam, eve, and the "serpent." Sung from the perspective of the serpent. Pretty sure Maynard studies Gnosticism, who believe the serpent was the good guy who upon observing the way the "creator god" was treating Adam and Eve, decided to help them by giving them the knowledge of good and evil so that they could think for themselves. Evidentally Adam and Eve were created with 42 and 2 chromosomes so they didn't realize any consciousness was separate. Like animals. The serpent brought them to where WE are at 44 and 2 chromosomes. Which is the next stage in consciousness. Maynard is desperately trying to make the 46 and 2 jump
  • Nell from AustraliaI know what this song is about. Maynard told me after we met that it was this. I had a heroin addiction. I had a friend who knew Maynard and gave me his contact details. When touring Australia he called to meet up. I was pretty f--ked up. He took me to his hotel room and threw me the obvious (sex)....he was initially very keen to meet me but being caught up in my cloud I guess I wasn't shining as I now do. SAD REALITY and very difficult to hear BUT having recovered I see addicts and their soul-lessness.
  • Kir from DenmarkLibras are known for falling in love easily, they are known for gathering stories from other people.
    Like: Tell me your story I will listen, and whatever the libra uses the information to, is really different from person to person
    I am still trying to connect the song lyric with the title.
    At first I thought it was the Libras point of view, since they easily tend to connect with people, they easily love and fall in love or just really like a person. Doesn't have to be in a romantic way..
    As a result the libra often finds itself dissapointed because others wont feel the same connection as fast, so libra will find itself overlooked (This is what I can relate to, as a libra)
    However, I may have changed my view a bit, if he sung this TO the libra, then it could also mean that libras as I explained above.
    Wants to know everybodies strong sides and weaknesses, so what would the libra use this information to?
    So if the title holds a lot of meaning. Then it could be as simple as the libras traits.
    However it's such a beautiful song, I am not sure what to think exactly.
    I can't sneak into his mind. Oh how I wish I could, Maynard is a really poetic and smart person.
  • Shingo from UchuuIt's an eerie, deep song to be sure. Like Maynard has dwelled deeply on the matter of whether people who do hurtful things to others as a mechanism to protect themselves have anything deeper than that fundamental selfishness. Based upon who (single or multiple people), Maynard seems to draw the conclusion that not every such person has anything deeper to them - that their deeds are just their nature regardless of what led them there. Specifically, this seems to point the finger at those who live superficial lives - those too eager to take when offered, but never give. The idea seems to come from "I threw you the obvious [a handout/support] to see what occurs behind the eyes of a fallen angel...eyes of a tragedy [debatable if that is someone who actually suffered or simply views themselves as such]. Oh well, oh well, apparently nothing".

    The overall tone of the song suggests a weariness or resignation. That he tried to understand and save, but found ultimately there was nothing there to understand/save; or a resignation of self that it was a fruitless endeavor from the start thinking he could be the one and possibly listlessly casting the blame on the subject ("Here I am expecting just a little bit too much from the wounded"; i.e.: why wouldn't you let me help you, why do you insist on being this way). There's a tired conclusion that though you can try to be the one that turns the tide in a cycle, you end up just another who was chumped ("you flew with it on your back, a name among a million same...difficult not to feel a little bit disappointed and passed over") and it continues on as it were long before you.
  • Pavle from Novi Sad , YugoslaviaI always saw this song as a love triangle. Somewhat I see it as a 3 scales libra. It's very hard to balance it right, and somebody is about to get hurt.
  • Alec from New Orleans, LaNice Mark
  • Danielle from St.petersburg, FlThe song is definitely about being cast over and not seen. The sad thing is I just went thru this and told my ex many many times to listen to this song to try to get his attention. Oh well, apparently nothing at all. Danielle. St.Petersburg
  • Tyler from Bryson City, NcBut I can't even figure out how to leave a fact.
  • Tyler from Bryson City, NcI would like to add the fact that Maynarad James Keenan is an Aries which is the exact opposite of a Libra. That's why the song makes sence and once you realize that it will take on new meanings. Libra is the goddess of love and Aries is the god of War. Maynard went to school at Army University, an Aries is a Ram and a Libra is a scale. The difference is insermountable.
  • Mark from Cincinnati, OhThis song speaks to me in a pretty intimate way, relating feelings of disappointment and frustration. The song speaks about rejection, and even worse, being overlooked... by one who is desired perhaps?

    Threw you the obvious
    And you flew with it on your back
    A name in your recollection
    Down among a million same

    He lets his feelings become known to her. He expresses himself to her, becomes vulnerable. To him, his openness is precious, but to her it's relatively meaningless. He is simply a "name" amongst a million other names.

    Difficult not to feel a little bit
    Disappointed and passed over
    When I look right through,
    See you naked but oblivious

    And you don't see me

    The pain of rejection and being overlooked is realized. He is keen in senses, sharp in his faculties. She unknowingly reveals herself to him. He detects her sadness, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities. Despite his concern, she fails to even recognize him.

    But I threw you the obvious
    Just to see if there's more behind the
    Eyes of a fallen angel,
    Eyes of a tragedy

    Here I am expecting just a little bit
    Too much from the wounded
    But I see, see through it all
    See through, see you

    Oh well, oh well
    Apparently nothing,
    Apparently nothing at all

    He is aware, by his own cognition, that she has been hurt or possibly corrupted in the past. This pain that she feels is largely the reason he is compelled towards her. He feeds from her pain, and attempts to engage her... hoping for a response of some sort. He does not receive a response from her. He rationalizes that her emotional wounds may preclude her from opening up to him. Still, he is left with disappointment. Maybe anger as well.

  • Rick from Elmwood Park, IlI tend to agree it is more of a song about love than god... it seems to be that way. It doesn't make sense to tie this song to go just because of the trinity. The trinity was created by the council on nicea by human men not by god... So really it wouldnt make to much sense to make a song about something that isnt really divine ..and since mjk is so smart im sure he would know this also
  • Partiallyinsane from San Fernando, Trinidad And Tobagopersonally i believe he took this opportunity to influence billy howardelle who i believe to be the writer for APC to allow him to have an input in this sing. 3 libras extends from the song roseta stoned from TOOL where he was the "chosen one" and now noone recognizes him,all in all MJK wrote it about being disregarded how GOD is being disregarded for simpler things and we must try to remember GOD for he so loved man he sent his only son who we "don't see"...
  • Logan from Eagle River, WiFirst of all, MJK was interested in art and design before Tool so like a painting, his lyrics can have many a meaning but I believe MJK did have an official meaning when he wrote this song and I know what it is because it fits perfectly so hear me out. 3 libras is about the 3 woman (Mary Magdalene for sure) who witnessed the crucifiction and/or (based on conflicting biblical accounts) resurrection of Jesus from the tomb. Maynard said he read "the Davinci cCde" which explains a good portion of Mer de Noms. Plus, there is a picture of a tomb in the cd booklet with words from Rose saying "I rose" and also a picture of Jesus. Hollow, Magdalena, Rose, 3 Libras, and Thomas all follow events leading up to Christ's death and afterwards. Magdalena has to do with the passover supper, Rose has to do with Jesus's entombment and resurrection, 3 Libras is the dialogue between Mary and Jesus at the tomb on Easter, and Thomas is the obvious story of when Jesus appeared to doubting Thomas. Does this make sense for this album? Anyway, Astronomers consider the Libra the most feminine of all on the Zodiac. They are likely to hang around people that are different or special. Jesus had three woman for whom he cared about more than his disciples. They remained close by him through the worst times. Variations exist in each Gospel concerning the women present at the death, entombment, and discovery. What is known is that Mary Magdalene went to the tomb in the early morning hours of Easter Sunday. The same story is in Matthew 28, Mark 16, and Luke 24. I think Jesus chose to show himself to Mary first because she was more affected by Jesus's death then any of the Disciples. The song is told from Jesus's perspective and takes place outside the tomb. Before reading my interpreatation below, read this passage from John: 10Then the disciples went back to their homes, 11but Mary stood outside the tomb crying. As she wept, she bent over to look into the tomb 12and saw two angels in white, seated where Jesus' body had been, one at the head and the other at the foot.
    13They asked her, "Woman, why are you crying?"

    "They have taken my Lord away," she said, "and I don't know where they have put him." 14At this, she turned around and saw Jesus standing there, but she did not realize that it was Jesus.

    15"Woman," he said, "why are you crying? Who is it you are looking for?"
    Thinking he was the gardener, she said, "Sir, if you have carried him away, tell me where you have put him, and I will get him."

    16Jesus said to her, "Mary."
    She turned toward him and cried out in Aramaic, "Rabboni!" (which means Teacher).

    17Jesus said, "Do not hold on to me, for I have not yet returned to the Father. Go instead to my brothers and tell them, 'I am returning to my Father and your Father, to my God and your God.' "

    18Mary Magdalene went to the disciples with the news: "I have seen the Lord!" And she told them that he had said these things to her.

    "Threw you the obvious"

    Jesus asks Mary a question with an obvious answer because he wants her to recognize him. Who is it she is crying for? Obviously Jesus.

    "And you flew with it on your back"

    After Jesus revealed himself to Mary he tells her to hurry and go tell the disciples the good news of his resurrection. So Mary flew to the disciples carrying the weight of the hope of the salvation of the world (the good news that Jesus had risen from the dead).

    "A name in your recollection"

    Jesus asks Mary the name of the person she's looking/crying for. She first refers to him as Lord and then "teacher." Witnessing a man you saw crucified standing alive in front of you probably caused her to recollect difficultly.

    "Down among a million same"

    Without Mary's recognition of Jesus and her account of seeing Jesus alive, there would be no Christianity. In truth, without Mary the name of Jesus wouldn't have made it to millions.

    "Difficult not to feel a little bit disappointed and passed over"

    Jesus felt a love for Mary that was both human and divine but realizes he can't love her because he has obligations to his father and the world. It disappoints Jesus when Mary doesn't recognize him because he hasn't completed salvation duties but also because Jesus chose to reveal himself to Mary first.

    "When I look right in through it all see you naked but oblivious"

    Now that Jesus has died he is like God and is all knowing so he can see peoples true feelings and thoughts which would make a person feel naked if they were aware God could see this only if they weren't oblivious to it. Not to mention quite a depressing reminder of the passover supper! If I was Jesus, I'd feel passed over.

    "And you don't see me"

    Probably the most important line here. Mary witnessed a great portion of the Roman crucifixion and was left with a mental picture of Jesus as a tortured, dead, mutilated individual. When she came to the Tomb, Mary was looking for a DEAD man. Not a resurrected one. It was when Jesus said her name that she knew it was him. Maybe even after she cried "teacher" she still did not recognize him. So she turned away from Jesus when she first saw him leaving Jesus with the reminder of the crucifixion and his immortality. He must have been torn.

    "But I threw you the obvious to see if there's more behind me."

    Again, Jesus asked a question he already knew the answer too. He may have done this for a variety of reasons. One could be because he was dead so how would he know he completed his dying on the cross? He said to Mary after she recognizes him "don't cling to me for I have not returned to my father." The meaning of "cling" could be "don't love me, let me go so I can follow my fathers orders." Or maybe he just said that but actually truly was thinking "don't embrace me with your love because I don't wana be reminded of how much I loved you before I died."

    "Eyes of a fallen angel, eyes of a tragedy."

    Just previously, Jesus was in hell looking the fallen angel(Satan) in the eyes and telling him he lost. Other events behind him were the crucifiction, which I think we all know is pretty tragic.

    "Here I am expecting just a little bit too much from the wounded."

    I think this is where Jesus shows his underlying compassion and love for Mary. She was weeping for him, even for his dead body. She cared for his carcus by preserving it with the spices. She was also at the crucifiction and seemed to dwell on her Lords death while the Disciples went there own way. And here's Jesus expecting her to recognize a man that's been dead since Friday. She asks her twice who she's looking and crying for and then promptly tells her to inform the Disciples of his resurrection without even a hug.

    "But I see, see through it all, see through, see you because I"

    Still, Jesus understands Mary's reasons for not seeing who he really is and then turning away from him. Sometimes its hard to see through your own tears and let's not forget it was still dark out at this time and Mary just dealt with a crazy earthquake. I'd probably be little more than shook up.

    "Threw you the obvious to see what occured behind me. Eyes of a fallen angel. Eyes of a tragedy. Oh well. Oh well. Apparently nothing. Apparently nothing at all."

    Jesus is saying that saving everyone from eternal damnation is meaningless if Mary has no mental image of Jesus and can't keep memories of him or his physical features all because his father made him the Messiah. Dying on the cross meant NOTHING to him because the person he loved on earth couldn't SEE or recognize him because of it.

    "You don't see me at all."

    Jesus wanted to just be noticed or feel like a human once more before he ascended into heaven so he could recall what its like to feel love for someone. It's actually kind of sad if you consider all the possibilities in this Bible lesson, one of the most important of all in Scripture. I like to think, maybe before he ascended he wished he could take his suffering and death all back so Mary could know who he was again.

    I have not read the Da Vinci Code so there could be some better ideas availible that I'm unaware of. I also am not a pastor or bible scholar but I did attend Lutheran school for ten years and I remember the story of Mary and Jesus at the tomb raising controversy. The fact that the other gospels tell somewhat different stories is irrelevant. However, the Apostles writings do suggest their only intent while writing was historical accuracy, for they were "carried along by the Holy Spirit."

    How did Maynard write this? Just a f--king lyrical genuis is all.

  • Rose from Boston, Mathis song refers to his mother, sister and half sister or aunt, not sure about the last one.
  • Alex from Fresno, CaMaynard purposefully made the lyrics somewhat hard to decipher. Is he referring to Christianity? Is he referring to unrequited human love? He means whatever you want him to mean. You can take vague lyrics and apply them to your life, allow them to speak to you in their own way.
  • Tzugy from Alexandria, RomaniaIt talks about deception, pain and fear. Trough his entire life, Maynard knew three different women that changed completely his way of thinking and feeling. Lamentably, these three women never understood the love that Maynard felt for them and they played with his feelings and his hopes. These three women were born under the sign of Libra and for that reason the song was called that way. I think we can all relate to this as disappointment is part of life.
  • Beyondbliss from New Orleans, LaThere is another acoustic version of this song, not the one where he's talking about them being there but a different one with clapping in the beginning. To me that version seems a lot darker (if that's possible) Anyway it is my favorite version because he doesn't sing all of the lyrics in that one and the song seems to take on a completely different vibe, darker almost in a voyeuristic type way (no I'm a voyeur:) Something else I think is really cool about it is that the clapping makes it sound like it's live but the clarity of the music makes you wonder if it might have been recorded in a studio... I dunno it's really awesome if you haven't heard you should check it out, you will play it over and over again and be like WOW.. it's like the first time you ever heard the song but better because you experience it in a totally different way! You will know the version I'm talking about when you find it.... you can get it off morpheus (don't act like you never downloaded a song before!) Does anyone know the one I'm talking about?
  • Mel!ssa from Pittsburgh, PaI started listening to this song when I heard the title. because one summer ('95?) I was hanging out with 3 libras. Not together, but I think they all did know who the others were. 2 were even born on the same day and year. One has died. One is gay now. and one became a woman (and a lesbian). Its strange what happened to my 3 libras.
  • Alex from Cape Town, South Africait could mean a lot of different things to other people to me. When I first heard 3 Libras I thought about the many times I've tried to approach people and tell them that I've liked them (however in a stuble way) but even though it seemed obvious to me it obviously wasnt obvious to them. Eyes of a fallen angel, eyes of a tradegy (I've seen many traumatic things and think you may understand this in me) hence you don't see me (my real intentions or feelings in our relationship).
  • Galo from Quito, EcuadorTo me what the song is about is that is about like a test. Maynard tested someone. He was with a girl who I think he liked or was attracted to and he threw her some information, a name to see how she would react and to see if it would spark some intrest in him. But it was useless. The name meant nothing to her and she didn't notice him. And he attributes it to her being, I don't know damaged or hurt or something.
  • Justin from Winston Salem, NcHOW DO I FIND LYRICS FOR "THE HOLLOW"
  • Linda from Ranger, GaMy friend had to correct me on this one, I thought the reason she couldn't see him, was that he was pretty much stalking her, staring at her. But later i heard the whole song
  • Veronica from Austin, TxI think its a beautiful song, and its the pain of whats seen by others, as a ballad.The story is she loves drugs not him,he sees it and knows she cant love herself.3 libras means him, her and the addiction.I think this affects all signs,love can be bad good or neither.Why write a thesis.It reminds me when I was on dope, and couldnt love myself, or anyone cept dope.I think of all the blindness of love, and addictive love, and love itself.Libra is the sign of mental love union and beauty, also escapism.Each sign has its own good n bad, or neither. My best friend is a libra, smart ppl they are indeed, as is maynard.Caner like Beck...Tool rules 10000 days is great.Dont over think the simplest answers ppl,enjoy it!
  • Hudas from La, LaI think it is called 3 libras because the lyrics have 3 meanings all to do with scales or libra the sign.
  • Ali from Cola, Scwhat if this is from a higher power through maynard's lyrics? intuition doesn't mean much if there's no awareness about from which it is coming.There are lots of materialistic shills in this world, but even they are important and playing a role in the learning of others. I'm not saying that all Libras are shills, but it may be that this is freqently found and obviously in his experience. I think this song is saying "hey, you are missing the point." There are millions of people roaming the earth w/out a conscience toward the very force they stand upon or toward any other being for that matter. Taking, not giving. Just sucking like leaches. He's a beautful being, but even some fans don't look at his songs for more than explicit lyrics about sex. It's more about the power and control that humans abuse.
  • Kevin from Charleston, WvWell I myself would've also thought that this song was about a girl had I not read the interpretations or the quotes from Maynard on the DVD.
    I myself have never been gifted with true analogous songwriting and that's one of the many reasons I admire MJK.
    Since so may people have givcen so many different Points Of View (POV's) about these lyrics I would like to say something about the songWRITER.
    Let's say this song IS about 9 people who were "parasites" as MJK says, just latching on to get what they get out of the situation.
    I find it interesting that even though these people didn't "see" MJK for who he was, he still took the time as a person to know EACH of their Birthdays and identify that they were so close together, that he could categorize them in the title of a song about...them.
  • Brian from Dacula, GaIt can be interpreted to be a message to Lucifer. If you look at it this way then you can imagine that Maynard put forth lot's of effort in worship towards him and felt he deserved something special because of his devotion but received nothing in return.
  • Aidra from St. Louis, MoThis is taken from MJK himself off the aMOTION DVD and CD set from commentary about 3 Libras. So about the caps.

  • Stephanie from Linville, WaI think that even without words this song speaks in volumes. The arrangement is beautiful, and its crescendo in the middle where the "you don't see me" part is makes it powerful.
  • Vikki from Somewhere, MaSimply interpreted it is defintely about being overlooked and I will explain why....

    threw you the obvious and you flew with it on your back-I really put myself out there and told you my feelings for you

    with it on your back, a name in your recollection, -And you just thought of me as just some aquaintance and didn't care

    thrown down among a million same. -You never saw me for who I was

    difficult not to feel a little bit disappointed
    and passed over
    when i've looked right through
    to see you naked and oblivious -I saw you for who you really are and appreciated it

    you don't see me.- I would have so much to offer but you are taking me seriously

    but i threw you the obvious
    just to see if there's more behind the eyes
    of a fallen angel,
    the eyes of a tragedy.-He is trying to have some impact on this person he cares for and he is referring to someone who is addicted to drugs

    here i am expecting just a little bit
    too much from the wounded.-someone who is not capable of love due to addiction

    but i see through it all
    and see you. -but I took a chance and told you how I feel because I know what type of person you are capable of being

    so i threw you the obvious
    to see what occurs behind the eyes of a fallen angel,
    eyes of a tragedy.
    oh well. apparently nothing.-By telling you how I felt would change things but you are to consumed and it has no impact on you
    you don't see me.

    you don't see me at all. -I would have had so much to offer you but you are not thinking that way.

  • Kat from Richard City, TnMaynor's C.D's have always had one song about anal sex or something of the matter. This song too me is the song on the C.D. He says "You don't see me" Because it's from behind.... If you listen to the song thinking about that on the mind then it willl make more sense. "Naked and Oblivious" Well....yeah just listen to the song with that in mind and it does sound like it can work.
  • James from Nsw, AustraliaWhy do you all feel the need to complicate the song so much, what does it matter why maynard wrote it, he did, no matter what the purpose or the goal, does it deserve to be debated over because it doesn't really matter why he wrote it evidently we've all manipulated the song to fit into our twisted little lives. yer im included aswell but i dunno..does it need to have a meaning?
  • Stacey from St.petersburg, FlI think its about throwing yourself out their just to be overlooked or not even noticed. I know what it feels like this is why this is my fave APC song.
  • Noah from Davenport, Iathis song his about 10 libras he thought it would be funny to make them fight over who where the three Maynard said that with own mouth
    "the libras" are the ones who made him feel that way and write that song so he wrote it just so they would fight over who he was talking about
  • Chris from Pine Blizzy, ArAlso when he is saying "you don't, you don't, you don't see me" That would be refering to everyone with a closed third eye not being able to see the real him, the third eye version of him. Once again just what the song would be about if i woulda been the one that wrote it.
  • Chris from Pine Blizzy, ArThis has nothing to do with what Maynard was tryin to say but this is the way i use it for myself, since i AM a libra and he is talking BAD about libras! Libras have strong clairvoyance (The supposed power to see objects or events that cannot be perceived by the senses.) As you know, Maynard is in to the whole third eye thing, which allows you to see objects or events that cannot be perceived by the senses (clairvoyance). So he picked Libra, and three for representing the third eye. He is throwing one of the worlds beautiful people (fallen angel) the obvious, but whatever it is is only obvious with an open third eye, and she doesn't realize anything because her third eye is so tightly shut. so he sees there is nothing more behind the eyes of the fallen angel. Once again this is just what the song would mean if i would have been the one that wrote it.
  • Kyle from Fort Myers, Fl'Threw you the obvious':: means he threw himself out to this girl and showed how he feels about her, but never voiced it.
    'And you flew with it on your back':: she never even considered it and can't see it anymore, its behind her.
    'A name in your recollection':: just another person and a face to remember, nothing more to her
    'Difficult enough to feel a little bit
    Disappointed, passed over.':: an understatement becuase he really liked this girl
    'To see you naked and oblivious
    and you don't see me':: shes oblivious to him
    'Just to see if there's more behind the
    Eyes of a fallen angel,
    Eyes of a tragedy.':: he believes she is God sent and how could she be here she's too beautiful, and its a tragedy in his eyes he cant have her
    'Too much from the wounded
    But I see,
    See through it all,
    See through,
    And see you.':: he still overlooks the fact she doesnt see him, and still likes her and looks at her because he's in love

    the name means that this has happened three times to him. and each time he would have done anything to be with her

  • Ashley from Moncton, CanadaMy favourite APC song.
  • Steve from Nipomo, CaWhen I first heard the song I thought that it was about someone he was in love with but 'passed him' over like he was just another guy. Also, he realized that the person perhaps is shallow? I'm not sure. I never really am with MJK. Theres a bunch of different views on this song here that I make sense, but thats what my first impression of it was. - Steve, CA, US.
  • Tess from Harvey, LaSometimes people latch onto the Idea of someone instead of the actual person that he/she is. Through the eyes of the person being latched on to, this can be quite painful because the person is not seeing you for who you really are, thus you feel lonely, and overlooked because they dont see YOU, they see the Idea of you that they have. Oddly enough, the three libras are people who happen to be libras. Certain characteristics of the libra include latching on and making something out of nothing, just to hang on. Relationships, whether romantic or friendly, are very important to libras. They have trouble with pretending feelings that are not there and finding a way to back gracefully out of a superficial relationship; instead they persue their idea of what it should have been in hopes that the idea would eventually grow to be reality.
  • Dan from Santa Clarita, Camaynard has also stated that this song is about nine people with relitively close birthdays, and how they couldnt open their eyes
  • Douglas from Boston, Txknowing maynard and his insatiable love for using math in his music: factors of 9 (the actual number of libras as quoted at the top of page).. 1,3,9. he claims that the song is about 9 libras, names the song 3 libras, using deduction we see that only one remains. or i could be bored and just decided to post on some site i found..

    PS. What ryan are you from victoria.. CF maybe? kinda odd i found you here. but maybe its not?
  • Eric from Fort Worth, TxThe title "3 Libras" isn't a direct reference to the zodiac sign, meaning that there's no astrology involved in the lyrics. There are just 3 people that Maynard had certain feelings towards that all just happened to be Libras. If you listen to the lyrics, the song is obviously about unrequited feelings. Whether those be feelings of friendship or romantic love, we don't know.
  • Jeremiah from Youngstown, OhJeff from Greenwood, you are an idiot. Maynard didn't write this song for pre-pubescant teens like you.
  • Jeff from Greenwood, Inok this is what i get out of this song..

    "threw you the obvious, but you flew with it on your back " he gave hints to this girl that he liked her but she didnt respond at all.

    "a name in your recollection down among a million the same" it means that her recollection of his name has no special meaning to her.

    "difficult not to be a little bit disappointed and passed over". that means obvioulsy that he's invisible to her"

    The whole fallen angel part kind of confused me..but overall i believe the whole song is about him liking a girl and hes "invisible" to her and it really sucks. Kind of like the same thing i'm going through right now while typing this. but "oh, well"
  • Starla from Sydney, Australiai love this song. one of APC's best i reckon. i've heard that its one of maynard's favourites too, so thats gotta be a good indication of its worth.
  • John from Oslo, NorwayWhat do Grady McMurtry, Jack Parsons and Aleister Crowley have in common?

    1. They were all Librans.
    2. AHA!
  • Patch from Bangor, MeMy opinion about the song is that it's fantastic.
    My interpretation of it changes. He obviously feels invisable and would like to be noticed by a certain person or maybe even a spiritual being that he's spent a lot of time pondering.
  • Britney from Cape Coma, FlWell i think on aMotion maynard is lieing...I think it's about one person and one person only that he loved...He's tricky.
  • Indre from Wollongong, Australiai love this song...on aMOTION Maynard says that the 3 Libras were people in his life who didn't see him for who he was and tried instead to latch onto him and take what they could without being a real friend...sounds to me similar to (yet a whole lot less angry than ) Ticks and Leeches from Lateralus.
  • Tony Tocci from Muskogee, OhI really am not sure about it, but I think that he has had a past experience with a girl that just looked over him as if he was nothing. That is how I saw it. The name on the other hand leaves me clueless. I saw the comments on aMOTION, and yeah.. I haven't seen it yet, but I'm sure it's outstanding, cause you know, APC made it!
  • Mindy from Victorville, Camaynard has the most incredible voice and emotion when he sings
  • Ukash from Vratislavia, PolandI have '3 Libras' live where, at the beginning MJK says: "This next song ic called The 3 Libras, and two... maybe three of those Libras are here tonight. And if this song sounds bitter, that's because it is and I am." So I think it's quite possible, that those Libras are women. Maybe it's a short from 'libertine' or something?
  • Toby from Wolverhampton, Englandi thought the fact that its about 9 people was funny too, the dvd aMOTION is well worth buying for an insight into the lyrics and music behind apc
  • Shaun from Palm City, Flok. i got the dvd by them and on the comentary he talks about it. it is about people not seeing some as they realyl are. being over looked. he did not put himself out 3 times. he knew about 9 people that never took the time to see people as the really are. they overlooked them. all of the 9 were born around teh same time (so had the sign libra)he named it 3 libras so the 9 could argue over who the 3 were. i found that pretty comical
  • Chris from Plainview, TxTo me I think that it refers to lucifers desent from heaven.In astrology the libras are scales,or in other words it means judgment,Gods judgment to him.Three judgments.Possibly taken slightly taken from John Miltons Paradise Lost,rendering lucifer as a fallen angel and as a romantic character
  • Flourish from Nepean, Canadaits a song about looking at the eyes of a person you know and knowing what they feel feeling what they feel trying to reach out deeper to that person but the person doent even realize what you are trying to do its a song about reaching out for love the person that he is throwing stuff to is a person looking for something but lost in a whole other life when what they need is right in front of them
  • Jamey from Auckland, New ZealandI would just like to give you a bit of a Theological idea about what the song is getting at.
    It begins speaking about the singer trying to find Christ, who seems to be too busy processing a "million same" who are trying to find him also.
    Because he recieves nothing, he feels like theres nothing left to do.
    The verse then moves on to him throwing his interest into Lucifer, or Satan. When he sees him, he sees that he sees "the eyes of a tragedy". He feels empathy for Lucifer being judged and overlooked so harshly. Thats why he recognises he's looked for a christ who brings him nothing he wants and instead sees "the truth" through his good old buddy lucifer.
    What a sweet love song.....hahahaha i think ill stick to Brian Mcknight for my love lyrics haha.

  • Lance from Indianapolis, InIf the three libras might be in the band maybe this song is about them trying to reach out to the people, more than just a certain group of fans. Trying to open up the minds of those hypnotized in the pop culture, and inevitably failing to open thier eyes.
  • Tom from Bridgewater, MaIts def about a a love or someone that he wants to reach out to that just dosent "see him". It's more or less about frustrastion though the music video seems to deviate from this fact, what tool/APC song dosent. In any case i hope i helped someone out
  • Pick from Greenville, NcFirst, it is important to overlook the obvious here (Pardon the Pun). The song could easily be explained off as a lament song for unrequited love. But if you know anything of MJK or APC or Tool for that matter, you would know that often times (usually in fact) Maynard (And Billy too) are much deeper than that. But they make good pop-rock songs wrapped in hidden meaning behind easily accessible feelings to the mass public. Look at Judith, a song about Judas, but is also often misrepresented. The Libra is the zodiac sign characterized by the scales, meaning justice, or judgement. So let us believe there are 3 judges here. Father, Son, Holy Ghost. This song is about Maynard and/or Howardell's attempt at finding Christ, and coming up short. "I threw you the obvious......You don't See me..."
    "...thrown down among a million same..."
    obviously mankind.
    "...difficult not to feel a little bit disappointed
    and passed over..." obviously not finding fulfillment in christianity.
    "...just to see if there's more behind the eyes
    of a fallen angel,
    the eyes of a tragedy.
    here i am expecting just a little bit
    too much from the wounded..." seriously people, i could do this all day... i think you get where this is going. The comments about the gorillas in the singles liner notes go on to prove the point.
  • David from Wayne, MiHas anyone remembered that it wasn't just Maynard that write's APC's songs...Howerdel writes them too...

    Yes this song is about being left behind,over looked,or just being lonely. Very evident in the lyrics.
  • Jude from Hollis, Nh"This song is called 3 Libras; at least two if not three of those libras are here tonight. If this song sounds bitter, that's because it is, and I am."
    - Maynard James Keenan, 06.04.00

    I think the term 3 Libras is possibly referring to real people. It sounds like the song is about finding someone, possibly a soulmate, but then someone else takes them away from you before you even have a chance (referring to the song's liner notes.) Maybe Maynard had an experience like this once, and he wrote about it. But I could be wrong.
    - Sarah, NH
  • Rhys from Napier, New Zealand3Libras is awesome, its about the determination to reach out to someone or something, but you can never grab it, no matter how many times you throw the obvious, you will never get a second look.
  • Brian from Mayfield Heights, OhHey Genessa! Enjoy maynard, because he's the one of the last true artists of our time! :)
  • Jim from Pittsburgh, PaI think the title meaning can be found in the lyrics. Libras is a zodiac sign depicted by the scales, meaning judgement. Maynard repeats 3x in the song, "I threw you the obvious just to see". Three times he put himself out to be recognized, to be judged. And yet whomever he is speaking to never even took notice.
  • Genessa from Eugene, OrHey Maynard! Lighten up! :)
  • Travis from Lawrence, KsI was just wondering the same thing.
  • Ryan from Victoria, TxPossibly a bit off-topic, but does anyone know what the connection with the name is?
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