Computer Of Love

Album: Tasjan! Tasjan! Tasjan! (2020)
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  • In the age of social media, it's not uncommon to find love online, or at least what seems like it. Sometimes it's hard to tell:

    My little avatar
    I'll never know who you really are

    When Aaron Lee Tasjan appeared on the Songfacts Podcast, he explained: "I'm always feeling like I have to consider what kind of role social media has played in my life. As an artist, I've used it to help build a platform, and I think it can be great for that kind of stuff, but then you have to maintain it, and the maintenance can be taxing on your mental health and your emotional health. You see things you don't need to see, that you don't want to see, so I'm always very aware of how I feel about things, and I think as a songwriter a lot of times I'm just directly channeling that into my own lyrics."

    He added: "The reason I have a healthy relationship with social media is because I'm aware of the parts of it that are unhealthy for me and I'm doing my best to police that. Not in an obsessive, negative way, just in a way to take care of myself and make sure that I have the energy and the frame of mind to get up and do it again tomorrow, because I know there's that part of my career where I'm going to have to get on there and tell people about my shows and tell people about my records and tell people about whatever else we're doing, so I want to make sure I manage it in a way that it can continue to be a place that I can go back to and feel safe in, and that is a challenge in this day and age."
  • The line, "May the guitar rest in peace before it's dead once more" came from a program Tasjan was watching where Eric Clapton's music was being discussed. It was one of those "is rock dead?" debates.

    Tasjan describes himself as an "observational songwriter" and often pulls lyrics from what he hears as he goes about his day.
  • The music video, made by Curtis Wayne Millard, finds Tasjan driving through space. It opens with some dialogue where he talks to the onboard computer, à la David Hasselhoff talking to KITT in Knight Rider.


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