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  • When we spoke with Aaron Lewis in 2012, he explained that certain songs come to him very quickly, and he has little control over them. "Forever" was one of these songs. Said Lewis: "That song came vomiting out of me that day - the whole thing came out, just threw up. I didn't sit down with a pen and paper, I sat down and started playing the chord progression in front of the microphone during sound check. And the whole song came out, and it leveled me. I left the stage in tears. I went to my bus and cried in my bed like a little bitch. But the whole song came flying out of me.

    The song never even had a chance to go down on paper. Actually, I was messing around with a different song, and the chord progression for the chorus for that song, I just kind of re-figured it a little bit, just kind of changed it up a little bit, and that chord progression became the verses of this song. And it just happened. I stopped playing the cover that we were messing around with, which we never had any intention of playing, it was literally just to laugh at each other. I wasn't even really thinking about it, and the chord progression kept playing. And the next thing you know, Ben - the guy who plays with me on stage - started playing this killer lick on the pedal steel along with what I was playing. And it totally took on a life of its own, and within 30 seconds of us going around in circles on that chord progression with him doing that, the whole song came out."
  • Regarding the meaning of the song, Lewis says, "There's self-doubt in relationships and there's a turnaround at the end of the song that exists now that didn't exist when it first came vomiting out of me."
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