Outta Style

Album: Vaquero (2017)
Charted: 105


  • Aaron Watson had been playing around with an idea he had titled "Never Going Outta Style" for a period of time, but it finally made sense when the singer took his wife Kimberly out for dinner at the Perini Ranch Steakhouse in Buffalo Gap, Texas. Watson told Billboard magazine that he was struck by the depth of his feelings for her after more than a decade together.

    "The line hit me, 'The trends will come and go. The winds of change will blow. The way we love is never going out of style,'" he recalled.

    That night he went to work finishing "Outta Style." "Apparently it wasn't too much of a hot date," Watson joked, "because I was writing a song after dinner."
  • The song gives a nod to one of David Bowie's classic numbers

    Singing rebel rebel at the top of our lungs.

    "I just loved that 'Rebel Rebel' song," said Watson. "It's so classic. The verses, I don't exactly know what the heck Bowie's talking about, but the mood and the attitude of the song is so young, so youthful."
  • The song was Aaron Watson's first Top 40 country hit. It also reached the Top 10 of Billboard's Country Airplay Chart in its 50th week, breaking the record for the longest trek to the coveted spot in the history of that tally. Watson said:

    "It literally took us 20 years to get our first Top 10, and it's funny that ['Outta Style'] was the one that was a hit because I probably wrote it in three minutes. But I just wrote my story. That song is the story of my life, my music, and the relationship with my wife."


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