Super Trouper

Album: Super Trouper (1980)
Charted: 1 45


  • A super trouper is a type of spotlight, hence the lyric: "Tonight the Super trouper lights are gonna find me." >>
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    Barry - Whitburn, Scotland
  • This song was the last to be written for the Super Trouper album. In fact, the name "Super Trouper" had already been chosen as an album title, named after the stage lights of the same name. It was a lucky coincidence that the song Benny and Bjorn were writing to be an up tempo single ended up fitting with the title. >>
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    Sarah - Canada
  • This song also reached #1 in Belgium, Ireland, Netherlands and West Germany. >>
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    Jerro - New Alexandria, PA

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  • Daniel Miller from Houston, TxI swear I hear Frida singing, "ABBA the success that never ends" rather than "part of a success that never ends." Listen to it in headphones.
    This is another example of ABBA's deeply personal, bittersweet lyrics that many people missed---back in the day, as it were. The counter-lyric in the second verse, where Agnetha sings "You'll soon be changing everything" is probably a reference to the group's breakup, which, while never officially announced, was virtually in place by the time this album was released in November of 1980.
  • Sioraf from Macroon, IrelandI thought they meant super trooper as in some elite soldier. I wasn't alive during that era you see.
  • Scott from Halifax, NsMany people have assumed that "Super Trouper" was written for Agnetha Faltskog, who hated being away from her children on tour and who developed a fear of flying as well. But Bjorn Ulvaeus has admitted in recent interviews that he wrote the song about himself after his divorce from Agnetha. The subject of the song was his longing for his new girlfriend and his excitement on learning she was going to fly to meet him on tour.
  • Joe from New York, NyMy favorte song of all time. Only AbbA could make so many songs and each song was betetr than the other. I go every year to see ABBA perform which are 4 musicians who look like the group. Great fun
  • Jason from Dublin, Irelandi believe that what abba are trying to convey with this song is how difficult stardom can be and also how people can misunderstand and think stars lives are perfect.'facing twenty thousand of your fans how can anyone be so lonely part of a success that never ends'. they don't realise that even famous and succesful people can get down
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