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Album: Back In Black (1980)
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  • This was released five months after lead singer Bon Scott died. The song is a tribute to Scott, and the lyrics, "Forget the hearse 'cause I never die" imply that he will live on forever through his music. With Brian Johnson on lead vocals, the Back In Black album proved that AC/DC could indeed carry on without Scott. >>
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    Nathan - Willow Spring, NC
  • Brian Johnson made quite a statement with this song, quickly endearing himself to AC/DC fans and leaving little doubt that the band made the right pick to replace Bon Scott. Johnson had been in a group called Geordie, which Scott saw in 1973. After that show, Scott talked up the Geordie lead singer to his bandmates, and in 1980 when they were looking for a replacement, AC/DC's producer, Mutt Lange, suggested him. At the time, Johnson was working as a windshield fitter and had recently reunited Geordie.
  • The band got the idea for the title before writing any of the song, although Malcolm Young had the main guitar riff for years and used to play it frequently as a warm-up tune. After Bon Scott's death, Angus Young decided that their first album without him should be called Back In Black in tribute, and they wrote this song around that phrase. >>
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    Bertrand - Paris, France
  • The album had a black cover with the band's logo on it, which was a tribute to Bon Scott. They didn't want it to feel mournful, however, and needed a title track that captured the essence of their fallen friend. They were certainly not going to do a ballad, so it fell on Brian Johnson to write a lyric that would rock, but also celebrate Scott without being morbid or literal.

    Johnson says he wrote "Whatever came into my head," which at the time he thought was nonsense. To the contrary, lines about abusing his nine lives and beating the rap summed up Scott perfectly, and his new bandmates loved it.
  • Bon Scott had several lyrical ideas for the album, but those were abandoned by the band in favor of new lyrics by Brian, Malcolm and Angus. Former AC/DC manager Ian Jeffrey claims to still have a folder that contains lyrics of 15 songs written for Back In Black by Bon, but Angus insists that all of Bon's notebooks were given to his family.
  • This song was recorded in The Bahamas and produced in New York by Mutt Lange. Back In Black was one of the first big albums Lange produced. He went on to work with Def Leppard, Celine Dion, and Shania Twain (who he married in 1993). In the late-'70s, he produced two albums for the band Clover, which featured Huey Lewis on harmonica and Alex Call on lead vocals. Call explains Lange's production style:

    "Mutt is a real studio rat. He is Mr. Endurance in the studio. When we were making the records with him, he'd start working at 10:30, 11 in the morning and go until 3 at night, night after night. He is one of the guys that really developed that whole multi-multi-multi track recording. We'd do 8 tracks of background vocals going, "Oooooh" and bounce those down to one track and then do another 8, he was doing a lot of that. A lot of the things you hear on Def Leppard and that kind of stuff, he was developing that when he worked with us. We were the last record he did that wasn't enormous, and that's not his fault, he did a really good job with us. Mutt is famous for working long hours. The story I heard about one of the Shania sessions, he had Rob Hajakos, who's one of the famous fiddle session men down here (Nashville). Rob was playing violin parts for like seven or eight hours and finally he said, 'Can I take a break,' and Mutt says, 'What do you mean take a break?' Rob goes, 'Have you ever held one of these for eight hours under your chin?' Mutt really loves to record, he loves music and he's a real perfectionist and an innovator. An unbelievable commercial hook writer." (Check out our full interview with Alex Call.)
  • This was the title track to AC/DC's most popular album. It has sold over 19 million copies in the US, the 6th highest ever. Worldwide, it has sold over 40 million.
  • The Beastie Boys sampled this on their 1985 single "Rock Hard," a single released in 1985 on Def Jam Records. They sampled it without AC/DC's permission, so AC/DC refused to allow the Beastie Boys to include the song on their 1999 compilation album Beastie Boys Anthology: The Sounds of Science. >>
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  • A remastered version is included on the 1997 Bon Scott tribute album, Bonfire.
  • The Atlanta Falcons football team used this as their theme song for a while. The Falcons also went through an MC Hammer phase, when they used "2 Legit 2 Quit" and let the rapper roam their sidelines.
  • This plays in the opening scene of the 2008 film Iron Man, providing an aggressive intro to the Marvel Comic Universe movies. Other films to use the song include:

    Grudge Match (2013)
    The Muppets (2011)
    Megamind (2010)
    The Karate Kid (2010)
    Brüno (2009)
    School of Rock (2003)

    It was also used on episodes of

    The Sopranos ("Cold Stones" - 2006) and Family Guy ("Peter Problems" - 2014).
  • This was used as the backing track to a bootleg version of Eminem's 1999 hit "My Name Is" The song fits surprisingly well under Eminem's rap.
  • Missy Elliott did a remix of this song called "Get Your Freak On (AC/DC remix)" that is played in the beginning of the movie The Rundown, starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Sean William Scott. >>
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    Steve - Kitchener, Canada
  • The Appalachian State Mountaineers football team use this song before and during their games, where it is a crowd favorite. The team colors are gold and black. >>
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    Laura K. - Toccoa, GA
  • This features in a commercial for the 2015 Chevy Colorado pickup truck, where a mundane guy in a generic sedan is soundtracked with "Rainy Days And Mondays," which becomes "Back In Black" when a much more exciting fellow comes into the shot and drives off in his black Colorado.
  • Kurt Cobain was given his first guitar for his 14th birthday, and this was the first song that he learned to play.
  • According to CNN, the American astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley played this song on May 30, 2020 as they prepared to board the Dragon spacecraft, which later docked with the International Space Station. Beyond the literal significance (entering the black of space), the song symbolized a new era for the American space program, which hadn't launched a manned mission from the US since 2011 when the space shuttle program was canceled.
  • In the 2003 Alias episode "Phase One," which aired right after the Super Bowl, "Back In Black" plays in the opening scene, giving football fans what they love: AC/DC and Jennifer Garner in lingerie.

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  • Luna Loud from Royal Woods, MichiganKanga Blue, A couple things:

    1. The "birthplace of AC/DC" is Melbourne, not Sydney.

    2. Just because a song's title is similar to another song, doesn't mean it is the same song or was even adapted from that song. You Shook Me All Night Long doesn't sound anything like either version of "You Shook Me". It is an AC/DC original.

    3. Have you even considered that the reason BIB was so successful was that fact that (along with tighter songwriting and better production) the VOCALS were absolutely awesome for a rock record? Johnson is a criminally underrated vocalist. Have you ever tried to sing his songs and hit the notes he hits in songs like "Hell's Bells" and "Shoot To Thrill" and many others? THAT's why he's so great for AC/DC. (Not to take anything away from Bon Scott, he was awesome in his own right)

    You may be right about him not writing lyrics, though. You've provided some legit reasons for that and look at the fact that he hasn't been credited with anything since '88. There have definitely been great, and successful AC/DC songs and albums after this one, though, look at FTATR, Thunderstruck, The Black Ice album and tour, etc...
  • Spencer from Texasthe only logical thing to do whilst reading this is to listen to back in black.
  • Kanga Blue from Sydney, Australia. The Birthplace Of Ac/dc19 Feb ’80 Bon died
    29 Mar hired Brian Johnson as singer. Malcolm Young called the singer to offer him the job to his surprise. At the time, Johnson was working as a windshield fitter and had recently reunited his old band Geordie.
    15 Apr AC/DC started recording Back in Black in the Bahamas

    So recording across the other side of the world commenced 17 days after Johnson was told on the phone he was hired. Presumably, it would have taken him a few days to get organised to join the band in the Bahamas and it's unlikely he would have gotten many rehearsals or jams in London in that time
    Johnson said he felt pressured during the process, having never recorded with the group. He said he has trouble adjusting to the environment.

    Angus said there were songs Bon had written and we wanted to finish those songs as a tribute to Bon. That album became Back in Black.

    The album was released five months after Bon Scott died Subsequently for marketing purposes Johnson was put down as a songwriter for Bon on all tracks with a large part of his royalties “gifted” to Bon Scott’s estate supposedly in tribute. Artists commonly use ghostwriters in the entertainment business particularly when the artist is known as a songwriting musician in the past.

    AC/DC roadies gave Angus & Mal stacks of fresh lyric sheets of Scotts

    If Brian Johnson really was THAT good to write the songs to the greatest hard rock album of all time in the first 2 weeks of joining the band then he surely would have written a few great tunes in many years of being settled within the band.
    We can be 99.9% sure most if not all of the lyrics of Back in Black baring You Shook Me which is an old traditional Blues that Jeff Beck & Rod Stewart and also Led Zepplin had covered previously possibly Back in Black itself, were written by Scott. AD/DC lyrics and songs since have been anywhere near as classic as all those tunes. Thunderstruck was largely rewritten by Bon Jovi's producer. Every track on BiB was great. It was Scotts & the Youngs greatness, not Johnson!
  • Bridget from CoOkay, the vocals on this one are amazing! It looks like this means that no matter what happens, AC/DC will remember Bon Scott and not let his death keep them from playing. Which I love! I mean, it doesn't sound like something I would do. But maybe I would.. idk. I'm only 13 years old fyi.
  • Callum Macleod from CanadaBon wrote bib, all of it
    If you know bons lyrics from all 7 albums, you know it's his lyrics, shufeld around sure, but there his. There there right through. To flick switch. I hear bon big time on thunderstruck as well.
  • Adam from Gowen, MiBest AC/DC song of all time - and they have LOTS of great ones. I hear this song and it transports me back to late night beer parties circa 1988. Love it. I still have this song as my ring tone.
  • Brandon from Mckinney, TxI been all over the internet looking for Bon Scott version of Back N Black, every song I find is not bon scott on the recording send me a link or mp3 if some one has it.
    Keep Rockin Thanks
  • Danny from Your Town, IaThe Iowa Hawkeyes use this as the opening of each football game along with Paint It Black. The black and gold Hawkeyes come out from the locker-room tunnel and onto the field as the song plays and pictures of them walking down the tunnel play on the jumbotron. One of the best entrances in college football. You tube it!
  • Zero from Nowhere, NjAlex, Helena, MT, wrong song! haha, anyway, great song, synonymous with classic rock. And Wayne, Angus does not use a violin bow anywhere in this song, sorry.
  • Alyx from Helena, MtThis song was written by Brian Johnson in the Bahamas. A typhoon was headed their way, and the rest of the band locked him in the bungalo with only 3 pages of blank paper, a pencil, and a candle. He was shaking and nervous becuase he wanted to impress his new band, but he managed "im rollin' thunder pourin' rain, im comin' on like a hurricane....", thus the typhoon. This was also in memory of Bon Scott, who died about a month earlier.
  • Wayne from Croydon, United KingdomMy friend thinks that Angus uses a violin bow on his guitar a la Jimmy Page during this song.Does anyone know if this is true ?
  • John from Maryborough, AustraliaI have a 1998 rolling stone magazine with an interview with angus young, on page 90 . question to angus from rolling stone magazine- " have you ever thought about quitting ?" Angus replies "the only time was when bon scott died. We were in doubt about what to do but we had songs that he had written and we wanted to finish the songs. We thought it would be our tribute to bon and that album became Back in Black"..............( my view ) I have listened to the so called bon scott version of back in black and wished so much it was him because i have been searching for so long for a recording of bon of a song off back in black, I am unconvinced it is his voice it sounds more like to me that it is early pre recordings or shows of AC/DC with brian johnson singing a bon scott song
  • Daniel Adams from Northumberland, PaThis the the best AC/DC song on AC/DC's best album!
  • Andrew from Kilcoy, AustraliaMalcolm Young had the opening riff on a tape recorder and almost threw it out because he thought it sounded too heavy but Angus told him to keep it.
  • Jw from New York, NyBon was a crazy genuis allowed to be free in the same model as Robert Johnson ,

    He was without a doubt one of if not thee monstors of metal anyone that heard his early songs knew that he would follow in the footsteps of greatness along the line of Hendrix.

    Fighting over who recorded what is an insult to Bon he found Johnson and told the band in advance .

    If anything happens to me call him , think about it he knew in his own way to find the next him.

    His was a gift to do in a crazy way excatly what he needed to do .

    30 years later we still speak about him with revernce as we should.
  • Rickylsd from Santa Ana, Cathis song has such a badass tune
  • Spiro from Bethlehem, Pais there any truth that Bonn Scott wrote alot of lyrics for the the Back In Black Album??

    I know the band was preparing to go back into the studio in March 1980 to start recording their 7th album.
  • James from Ottawa, OnAccording to the biography of Bon Scott, called Highway to Hell, Bon wrote the majority of the lyrics for the entire album, but wanting a fresh start, Malcolm Young decided to credit Brian Johnson for the words.
  • Matt from Oakdale, Ny"Back in Black" was also featured in the opening scene to the 2008 Marvel film, "Iron Man".
  • Garrett from Cookeville, TnAC/DC!!!!! i love them! i played like five of their songs at different recitals !!! gibson sg's are the best i have a red one! anyway their freakin awsome!!
  • Luke from Manchester, England"Brian Johnson is a good singer. He is also Scottish like the Young brothers."
    - Shaun, Glasgow

    No he's not. He from Dunston in Gateshead, North, East of England. BON SCOTT'S Scottish, his nickname was Bon because it's scottish for small and happy, which Bon was.
  • Steven from Shepparton, AustraliaThe best ac/dc song easy, one of best guitar riffs of al time.
  • Briar from Hazard, KyPretty good tune. Hayseed Dixie does really good covers of Ac/Dc songs.
  • Julio from Mexico, MexicoLatin Singer Shakira covered this song for her Live And Off The Record DVD
  • Joshua from La Crosse, WiThis song is featured prominently in the opening scene of the 2008 movie Iron Man.
  • Sarah from La, CaLove this song!!!! It is played on my favorite show Supernatural!!!
  • Bess from San Diego, CaOne of my favorite AC/DC songs.
    How do you make a page for a song? We need "Rock N' Roll Ain't Noise Pollution." That's my absolute favorite.
    Rock on!
  • Phoenix from Jacksonville, FlI, personally, must say that I prefer Brian Johnson as the lead singer. However, Bon Scott must'e been a pretty d*** good singer to have this awesome song written about him.
  • Natascha from Johanesburg, South AfricaLove the Song one of my favourites!
  • Nathan from Vicksburg, MsMy friend Chris said that he wants to have this song played at his funeral, and have his casket lowered into the ground right as it says "forget the herse 'cause I'll never die".
  • Chris from Paso Robles, CaI love this song with all my heart but do I not wish to see this piece of rock history turned in to ground beef just to be consumed by the mass market by making it a guitar hero song. Love you Bon hope you're still party hard.
  • Dylan from Branson, MoGibson has an SG out that is called the Angus Young Series and It's awsome but $2,000
  • Selina from Perth, AustraliaOh, and by the way, I'm sure if that was Bon or Brian singing on the so-called 'original version' (Jackyl's version), he would've at least got the right words for starters, and if it was AC/DC then Malcolm would've been playing his rythm guitar part and his Gretsch does not sound like that anyway, and that is definitley not Phil's laid-back approach style on the kit.
  • Selina from Perth, AustraliaThe WHOLE Back in Black album is a tribute to Bon, not just the song, "Back in Black". The bells at the start of "Hell's Bells" start off the tribute as a quiet respect to the legend himself, "Back in Black" obviously contributing to the larger part of the tribute, and "Have a Drink on Me"- just adding to Bon's drinking themes, and of course the humourous and sexual ideas coming from "Givin the Dog a Bone", "Let Me Put My Love Into You", and "You Shook Me All Night Long", and finishing off with a nice, rythmic 'in ya face' ode to Rock 'n' Roll in "Rock 'n' Roll Ain't Noise Pollution".
    The box set Bonfire was also a tribute as Bon had once said, half in jest, that if he ever released a solo album he'd call it Bonfire, so thats why there are included unreleased/rare tracks in that set- another tribute.
    And yes, Malcolm solos on the original recoroding of Can I Sit Next To You, Girl (with Dave Evans), Soul Stripper (Aus. release High Voltage),Show Business (Aus. release High Voltage), You Ain't Got A Hold On Me (Aus. release High Voltage) and Hold Me Back (Stiff Upper Lip). :)
  • Dwayne from Wooster, OhMYTH: The Bon Scott versions of "Back in Black" found on Limewire are mislabeled and are actually tribute and cover versions. One is from the "Thunderbolt" tribute album (which rocks), and the "demo" version is Jackyl. Both sound a lot like Bon but they aren't. Bon has never sang or even heard the song.
  • Craig from Melbourne, AustraliaI have a bootleg version sung by Bon Scott. Much better.
  • Randell from Sydney, AustraliaThis is my favourite AC/DC song ever!AC/DC Rocks!!
  • Tony from St Louis, Mohave a drink on me was a tribute to bon scott
  • Tony from St Louis, Moif you have limewire you can download a version of back in black with bon scott is not a tribute to scott seeing that he helped write it.
  • Dep from St Paul, MnThat is NOT Bon Scott singing, nor is it Jackyl.

    Go to Joe Lynn Turner's (70's obscure rocker, voice for Deep Purple, others) website. It's HIM singing on the "Thunderbolt" Tribute album to AC/DC, along with other artists doing other songs.

    Any fan of AC/DC can listen and tell in the first 10 seconds that it's not AC/DC... but JLT's voice is VERY much like Bon Scott's.
  • Michelle from Maplewood, MnGreat song i love it and it is # 4 on VH1's Metal song countdown
  • Damian from Taichung, Taiwanto the geezer who said Malcolm can't solo, listen to soul stripper, that's Malcolm playing lead. To the poor saps who are convinced that Bon is singing Back in Black, listen again, there is no way that is Angus playing guitar and or Rudd playing drums, it kinda sounds like Bon i suppose but not much.
  • Ryan from Cleveland, OhDear atsve of Cairns, Australia you will never find it, and if you do it is fake of course. Back in Black is a tribute to Bon and also to welcome in Johnson and show that AC/DC would continue on even if they lost Bon. Bon was not alive when the song was written, thank you and good night.
  • Atsve from Cairns, AustraliaDoes anyone know where I can find this audio clip with Bon Scott supposedly singing Back in Black?
  • Atsve from Cairns, AustraliaBon Scott and Brian Johnson are amazing in different ways but overall Bon Scott was better. Brian Johnson had stronger vocals whereas Bon Scott had strong but not as strong vocals. Bon Scott has got everything else, he has good, strong vocals, looks like a tough frontman and has incredible stage persona. Brian Johnson looks like he is always constipated or something and sometimes when they do live shows his voice is so warn out that it sounds like he has to struggle just to hit easy sounds. But anyway this songs is awesome and has some of the best guitar ever.
  • Travis from Bluff City, TnI don't care what any one says, but there is no freakin way even possible that you could even say that Bon Scott sang Back In Black. God that pisses me off to even hear someone say that. The reason why??? It was written about him. It was a Tribute to Him. It was possible for him to ever sing it before he died! He Died ON February 19th, 1980. Back in Black was Wrote IN April-May of 1980. It took them roughly a month to find Brian Johnson then they automatically started writting Back In Black. So How The F*** is it even possible that Bon could have sang it. Now ...., the version of the song that every one keeps talking about saying is Bon's, is actually performed by the awesome band that actually started in the 80's is JACKYL!!!!! NOT BON SCOTT!!!!!! So for those that have just read this, thank you for your time! I have have enjoyed further Informing you all!!!!
  • Scott from Huntsville, CanadaBon Scott Did write and completed a studio version of "Back in Black" I have the master CD single and I will upload and send it to anyone who doubts these facts. It was the last song he completed according to Angus Young. So I am confident about what voice analysis software you use because it is Bon Scott!!!!
  • Larry from Knoxville, TnWith the exception of Highway To Hell, Bon Scott's songs aren't as good as Brian Johnson. They're both great though
  • Stephanie from Stratford, CtAC/DC rules!!!! Bon Scott was great (RIP), but I like Brian Johnson better. Angus Young kicks ass!!! For those about to rock, we salute you!!!!
  • Shaun from GlasgowBrian Johnson is a good singer. He is also Scottish like the Young brothers.
  • Joel from Columbia, ScAh thenk Back in Black is a good song. It probably is a tribute to the late Bon Scott.
    Not really much of an AC/DC fan anymore but I do have to admit they were/are an awesome band.
  • Paul from Houston, TxThe song IS a tribute to Bon Scott, the lyrics were not written by Bon Scott. Please read mroe on AC/DC, the only thing that Bon contributed to Back in Black was a few drum fills during rehearsals (he was originally a drummer) and he had written lyrics that were never recorded; he died soon before they were set to record the vocal sections of the songs. I have heard different cover versions and you can tell on the covers that it is not Angus' or Malcolm's guitar playing as it is much more technical. It is probably the Jackyl versiion and I have also heard that Yngwie Malmsteen has covered the song.
  • Jordan from Edmonton, CanadaThe actual "Tribute" is having the cover of the album Black and Having the Bands Logo engraved in it. Aside from that I would consider Have a Drink On Me more of a tribute to Bon Scott, considering the circumstances on how he lived and died.
  • Tom from Richmond, MiThe song was a tribute to Bon Scott, Angus and Malcolm said it themselves! It is one of the greatest rock songs ever and has that same timeless AC/DC quality.
  • Tom from Seattle, WaI am listening to the download of the alleged Bonn Scott version of "Back in Black" and it is a cover/tribute band. Guitar sound in the solo is too new for 1982 or earlier, and the voice is not even close.
  • Lisa from State College, Paif anyone can answer my question then go ahead WHY DIDNT MALCOM HAVE ANY SOLOS
    - evan, NO, LA
    Oh yeah and David Gilmour.
    - Tony, Albany, NY

    First of all, Malcolm isn't even that great of a guitarist. He asked Angus to join the band because Angus had a natural gift for the guitar. Also, Malcolm isn't a lead guitarist like guitar soloists are, he is a RHYTHM GUITARIST. That means that he just adds harmony that the already great songs don't really need but it makes them even better.

    Oh and about David Gilmour. David Gilmour is a great guitarist. He DID have solos. I know because I have played his solos before. And plus, what does David Gilmour have to do with AC/DC or even Back in Black? He was a member of Pink Floyd not AC/DC.

    Oh and lastly about Ronald Belford (a.k.a. Bon Scott but I like Ronald Belford better). He did not write Back in Black and had never met Brian Johnson except in a rumored spiritual visit from the grave. I thank Josh from Sunbury for writing that Jesse Dupree sang it. If Belford had written it then why would Johnson take credit for it?
  • Gordon from Lake Havasu City, AzIt seems to me that many people don't know half as much about AC/DC as they think they do. For all you out there who think that Bon Scott was far superior to Brian Johnson, dig on this. Bon once actually saw Johnson perform with Geordie in the 70's in England and went and told the other members of AC/DC how awesome a singer he was. Both Bon Scott and Brian Johnson were and are incredible frontmen, just in different ways. I have beef with anybody who disrespects either one.
  • Hayden from Griffith, AustraliaThat fact that Brian was already offered Bon Scott's position is wrong. After Bon's death they held auditions and Brian was the last to try out. In fact he was mingling with the rest of AC/DC for so long that they had no idea why he was there. (This is backed up by an interview done with Malcom, Angus and Brian).

    And to answer your question Evan, Malcom was a heavy drinker and whenever he was asked if he got jealous of Angus taking the spotlight with his antics and solo's Malcom always said "Angus, he can do whatever he wants. You won't get me in those f**king shorts and solo's just get in the way of my drinking."
  • Jack from Katy, TxBon Scott did not do a version of Back in Black. He died before he got into the studio to do the album. Even Malcom and Angus said he died before he worked on the album. And if you compare the vocals on the version that supposedly has Bon Scott singin to his other songs, you can tell its's not him.
  • Dalton from Columbus, United StatesOh, yeah I was looking I agree with Stephen. AC/DC's older work is awesome.
    "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" is my favorite song by them.
  • Dalton from Columbus, United StatesOkay, let me show you guys what this song actually means. I have been reading all these posts about this song NOT being a tribute Bon Scott. I've seen people talking about Hell's Bells being the tribute. I don't know, but look:
    "I've got nine live's cat's eyes, FORGET THE HEARSE CAUSE I NEVER DIE."
    Just think of it people the son's name is Back in Frickin' Black.
  • Pako from Somwhereville, Gai'm not entirly sure why but some people get this song confused with HHWCID by led zeppelin....But on the plus side they did a great spot on the song for the black razor cell
  • Mike from Warwick, RiMy introduction to the world of hard rock. At 12, my buddy and I would stay out late shooting the basketball at the neighbors hoop listening to this album over and over. We knew it was time to go in for the night when the neighbor came out and told us to go home. I know, a rather stupid comment, however, it brings me back to my childhood....great times!
  • Tom from Adelaide, AustraliaThis album was a gift to me and at first I didn't like it.Yurns out being on of their best. Saw the band live in Adelaide, Australia (they're a good Aussie band as you know!)circa 1984. There were about 5,000 people who didn't have tickets that bent the security fence over and swarmed across the field into the concert. An amazing sight to behold and one of the best concerts I have seen. After almost 30 years they're still rocking!
    Tom, Adelaide, Australia
  • Myrna Maria from Tegucigalpa, Honduras, United StatesThis amazing AC DC classic, which my friends and I danced to in my parties at the very beginning of the 80´s; appears in one of the scenes of the superb TV series "Supernatural" of the WB, when both stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are driving around in their awesome black Cadillac convertible. It gives that scene a lot of edge; well, anything by AC DC can do that.
  • Deo from Annandale, VaR.I.P. Bon Scott.
  • Hunter from Evans, Gaok back in black was the track that was meant to be a tribute to bon. The lyrics, "Nine lives" was a reference to how much he would go and party, and still be able to go out and sing. "Hell's Bells" was meant to be somewhat of a "for whom the bell tolls" type thing (saw it on a interview)
  • Matthew from East Brunswick, NjTheir backing guitar riff is one of the best... EVER. That guitar riff is a staple to AC/DC rock.
  • Ac/dc_misfit from Millmerran, AustraliaThe riff is awesome. A riff that if you here the first few chords you go "Turn it up!" The vocals are powerhouse, it sounds like Brian Johnson gargles hot oil each morning, the solo memorable, one of Angus' finest, it slots in perfectly with the hard song. With the death of the late, great Bon Scott AC/DC chose the best vocalist to replace him. One of their best songs. A great tribute to Bon.
  • Chase from Sedona, AzMy opnion is, is that Hell's Bell's is dedicated to Bon Scott's death not Back In Black. Yes the song does refer "cats eyes nine lives" but the whole overview of the song is really about Brian Joining the band.
  • Ben from Nyc, MsAC/DC is one of the greatest hard rock Bands EVER!!!
  • Evan from Porter, Inive heard this is about several things, like an ode to high record sales, because in the stock market, black means profit. But i heard from Brian Johnson and Angus Young in an interview (not personally) that its a tribute to Bon Scott. The line 9 Lives, cats eye, is talking about Bon, because he lived on the edge for so long, and abused his life, running wild.
  • Billy from Boston, MaThe Bevis and Butthead video with them singing the words to Back In Black is hilarious.
  • The Darkness Rock from Millmerran, AustraliaOK. AC/DC were my favourite band until I saw the Darkness. But this song rocks. Malcolm when they were on The "Highway to Hell" tour made this riff and put it on tape. He was actually going to throw it but Angus said "if you don't want it I'll have it" and so Angus kept of course. Imagine if he hadn't. Angus said in a interview that he has never been able to play this riff the way it was on the tape. The riff was actually going to be the riff for have a drink on me when Bon was around.
  • Jimmy from Margs, AustraliaAC/DC were at one of their highest points when Bon Scott died
    and to anyone the says AC/DC songs just sound the same then i think you should take your player off repeat
    coz theres no way they all sound the same
    if by sound the same you mean the dirty, rough, rock sound they produce then yes you are correct coz that is the sound of AC/DC
    dirty rough and mean
  • Mjmccoy from New York, AlWaterfly does a cover of this song and it's better than anythign i've herad. SOmeone sign these young hot aussie grunge type rockers. They have a distinct Pearl Jam sound to them and will become one of the most influential bands of our century. Sign em up
  • Cathy from St. Louis, Mooops..sorry might help to give you my email address.
    Hopefully this will settle any questions.
  • Cathy from St. Louis, MoI have been reading the posts, and I have to tell you..Bon Scott DID a version of this song. I came across it very recently. I was surprised, but it is Back in Black, and it is Bon Scott. Not sure if it was ever realeased. ANy doubters feel free to email me and I will send you the version. or look it up on Limewire.
    Cathy Krege
  • Jimmy from MargsOMFG
    Bon Scott DID NOT sing any version of this song.
    The actual riff was written while he was alive but no vocals were every written or recorded
    The song was actually writtn by Brian and teh Boys
    The version that supposedly snds like Bon IS teh cover band although ive never heard it so i cant compare it to bons voice
    And whats with these people sayin its overated, its an excelent song.
  • Ed from Melbourne, AustraliaCan someone plz tell me what they think Bleedin by waterfly ( is about. Just listen to it and while your at it maybe a few of the other songs. And if you know someone in the music industry it would be wise to get on board WATERFLY, because im telling you will make billions.
  • Stephen from Steamboat, CoThanks Rick from IA. But this song, for as much of a tribute to Bon Scott, is their most overrated song. everyone knows it because of the cords, like Stairway to heaven. Many people feel that they are AC/DC fans because they listen to this album, but remember that Bon Scott was the original, and if you listen to their older music with Bon, Including songs like Live Wire and Rocker, you would understand. Good song, but Definetly not thier best. Just keep it as a tribute to Bon, and thats why it is very good. And they were working on this album when Bon Died, so the song became a tribue to him more than its real meanings, cause they changed the lyrics a bit. If you like this song, try others like The Jack (Original) or High Voltage, or even better, Highway to Hell with Bon singing. Those are the songs to listen to.
  • Rick from Humboldt, Iahey norman in detroit, if you say that U2, Maroon 5 and AC/DC are bad then maybe you just don't like rock. The only awful kinds of music are rap and country.
  • Tom from BrisbaneThe Hives did a remake of this song. Not bad, for a Swedish band.
  • Phil from Niagara Falls, Canadasong got me hooked up to ACDC, so did : TNT, Big Balls, Dirty Deeds, and then i discovered :hells bells and many others=D
  • Chase from Idaho Falls, IdHey! AC/DC is awesome and this is my favorite song of all time. Their songs don't sound the same and you should feel bad for saying that! have you ever listened to the rappers today, now that is the same song (no, talking to a beat) over and over AHHH!!! AC/DC is awesome and they should be praised!
  • Mleissa from Wasaga Beach, CanadaThis is one of my favourite AC/Dc songs. Im a figure skater and LOoove Ac/Dc and did an interpretive to this song. You should have seen the judges faces! and my competitiors, the pansies. i wore the school suit and everything lol it was friggin awesome and worth a gold lol. i quit competing after that thought lol
  • Dan from Lee, NhNot to discredit AC/DC, but I think if it weren't for this opening riff I think AC/DC would not be nearly as big as they are, but th riff did come to being so we will never no.

    I Looooooooooooove Malcom
  • Ashley from Moncton, CanadaOnce I heard a song by Nelly or someone on the radio and it sampled this in the background, and I thought that was really stupid because the rap
    didn't seem to go equally with the song. But what would you expect with a crapload of rap overtop a classic AC/DC song.
  • Gino from Chicago, Ili dont like ac/dc but i like this song
  • Sanford from Garland, TxI think Highway to hell deserves recognition. Back in Black is great but it was the begining of there songs all sounding the same!!!!!
  • Matt from Millbrae, CaAC/DC is an awesome band...incredible music...but the lyrics are a little shallow don't you think? I guess that's not what they were about, and it worked fine.
  • John Dough from Toronto, Canada"and there IS a demo vers of Bon singin this song dammit! I own it!
    - frank, pittsburgh, PA "

    If you took the time to read the facts, Sherlock, not a single recording of Bon singing Back in Black exists. Like everyone else said, you're hearing Jesse Dupree, or you're hearing nothing because you don't own it.
  • Julie from Marquette, MiI SOO agree David in Hawley,PA. Their earlier stuff was incredible...this lp paled in comparison to many of their other works
  • Cameron from Cairns, AustraliaIt is absolutely no way that there is a Bon Scott(R.I.P.) version. Bon had written about 15 songs for AC/DC's new album, but these were all abandoned, as the band felt it wouldn't be right to perform Bon's songs without the man himself. This song was written by Angus after, and I repeat, AFTER the death of Bon Scott.
  • David Corino from Hawley, PaIn my opion Back in Black is HIGHLEY, HIGHLEY OVERRATED. Their is only 3 good song on the entire album, Back in Black, Hells Bells, and You Shook Me all night Long! Also in my opion this is not the best brian johnson album, i think it is The Razors Edge. Besides, probley Let Their Be Rock is their best album
  • Obi-wan from Dominica, OtherBack in Black is also used in School of Rock
  • Cyd from Sin City, FinlandIt doesn't sound like Bon in the version on Back in Black... suspicious... No. I don't believe its Bon singin' Back in Black- No.
  • Jason from Holland, Mii have tken the time to compare back in black with bon scott and i compared his voice with on of his other songs and they are exactly alike there is no doubt about and then i compared the singer of jackyl and there is not a likeness
  • Zain from Richmond, Canadasome songs shouldn't be touched. this is one of them. all those who covered this song suck and they made a mess of the song. dont cover classics.
  • Cccc from Nice, Francethis song is taken from a tribute to ac/dc ! i can't remember the name of the band 'cause there where many on this record but i'm sure about it as i had the record.
  • Guisseppe from Bradford Uk, EnglandI regularly listen to this track all the way through. I cant see what your getting at. Its an amazing album!!!
  • Jack from St. Paul, MnAC/DC is great but all their songs start to sound the same after awhile. Try listening to "Back in Black" the album straight through.
  • Dee from Indianapolis, InThis song just R-O-C-K-S!!!!! The opening chords always give me a natural high and make me thankful that there still is good music around worth cranking up.
  • Mike from Detroit, Mii always thought this would go good with a the ending of a movie, like the ending of the usual suspects.....only with explosions!
  • Jack from Birmingham, Englandbrain johnsons voice is brilliant, how does he do it cackling, screaming, then lightly lol i dunno
  • Steven from Congers, NyThe band Brian Johnson used to be in was called Geordie. They are AWESOME.Listen to some of their stuff.
  • Paul from Youngstown, OhWRONG:, Bon Scott Died right before the recording of the Back in Black Albulm,Bon died of heavy drinking, "choking on his on Vomit".Very good singer. Bon Scotts Voice isn't as "Cloudy" and "frogy as Brian Johnson's. He dose have to scream to make a word. Though he says he smokes a ciggerate every time before a concert and probably During, I think Malcomb And Chris Willams are the only members that don't smoke. Back in Black has HIGH distortion levels because he's not doing solos, On concert he will put the distortion up high, so he can turn up/down the Volume...Not a matter in the studio. Angus uses a different SG than in concert because of the fragleness of it. The Most major problem he has with the SG is the sweat he produces, they clogg up the pick ups (a $3000, if that low) guitar.
    His primary use is a Gibson SG 61 Les Paul
  • Murray from Cape Town, South AfricaWell, there is little doubt that Bonn Scott never sang this song- if you can find any member of AC/DC admitting it... well, I'd eat my hat.
    This wonderful cover of which everyone speaks is almost certainly NOT Bonn and NOT angus- anyone who knows AC/DC can hear that. The vocals do sound a lot like Jesse Dupree, but the guitar solos are probably Steve Morse. He's being doing Back In Black as a standard cover ever since he joined Deep Purple. Could this be it? I'll admit that it's a hell of a difficult thing to determine over the internet because people just assign credit to downloadable songs as they see fit.
  • Billy from Boston, MaI have heard the Bon Scott version. It is NOT Joe Lynn Turner... Bon doesn't even attempt to hit the high notes that we are used to hearing. It's awesome by the way and there are two other Bon-sung songs as well: Rock in Peace and Dirty Eyes...
  • Sam from Sydney, Australiawhy did the vocals have to be so rap? WHY? its a pity that such a great rock song probably contributed to the establishment of rap. i cant believe self centred egostistic retards (i.e. eminem) want 2 use good rock music in their crap whiny songs
  • Alec from Sewell, NjBy the way, the so-called "Bon Scott" version of Back in Black is definitely not Bon Scott. It's not even AC/DC playing. Like has been said, the guitar solos, while more accurate in pacing than most covers i've seen, are way too distorted. The lead singer's vocals don't sound like Bon, and besides the Johnson vocals on the REAL song are way better.
  • Alec from Sewell, NjBack in Black was used in School of Rock, during the scene where Jack Black is picking the band positions.

    Awesome song. The solos are head-bang worthy, and have caused many a long-term headache. But I didn't care, because it was so awesome.
  • Shana from Pembroke, CanadaAwesome song, one of their best
  • Austin from Hudson, OhBack In Black was one of the first big albums Lange produced. He went on to work with Def Leppard, Celine Dion, and Shania Twain (who he married)

    hmmm yes mabye thats why Celine Dion did that retarded version of Shook Me All Night Long...personally i hate AC/DC becuz everyone in Hudson thinks there the best band, listen to more meeningfull songs and artists like Nirvana or something political like SOAD,aight im out
  • Gbear from Portsmouth, Englandcan i just say i think this song is the best song to define rock, its not my fave song it rules dont get me wrong, but u get like heavy rock, punk rock, blues rocketc but ac/dc are pure rock and i think back in black is their most so it is the most rock song eva. anyone like jet theyre kinda ac/dc esque
  • David from Waco, TxThe Bon Scott version may actually be from the "Thunderbolt" tribute and is sang by Joe Lynn Turner
  • Frank from Pittsburgh, Paand there IS a demo vers of Bon singin this song dammit! I own it!
  • Kelly from Odessa, Txthis is a great song by ac/dc it reminds me in many many ways of bon scott and one for sure he would have been proud to record. and one he is proud of im sure of that. now it is possible that bon scott could have recorded it. i can see how he might have and maybe just put it up for a while. but either way back in black will always be the ac/dc number 1 song. then ride on that one rules to.
  • Dave from Mississauga, CanadaOh, And I forgot to add, the idea for to music came to malcome when he couldn't get to sleep one doy, so he woke up angus to see if it sounded good.
  • Dave from Mississauga, Canada"The band got the idea for the title before writing any of the song." is not true. I herd angus young say on live radio that the song was written by malcome while they were on tour promoting highway to hell. Strait from the horses mouth!!
  • Tom from Trowbridge, EnglandSo I suppose we have AC/DC to thank for inventing rap! That's probably the most ironic thing in music history because AC/DC have always played no frills hard rock and seem to dismiss all other music genres!
  • Tom from Trowbridge, EnglandIt's not hard to see why both The Beastie Boys and Eminem have used this song. I mean the song IS a rap, to some extent. Just look at the lyrics.
  • Doug from Vancouver, Canadathere is no bon scott version it may sound like him but the guitar in the song is not angus' style angus uses little distortion and his solos have a blues stlye to them the "bon scott version" has alot more distortion and the solo has like no "bluesiness" to it this version is a cover by the band named jackyl.
  • Jackie from Fairfield, CtYou can tell how many people know this song by the amount of celebritie's that want to use it. Nelly and Justin Timberlake used the riff for a song, and Lindsay lohan has alaso said she wanted to use the riff for a song on her upcoming album, but didn't because nelly and Timberlake got to it first. It was also used in comercials for Disney's movie Lilo and Stitch. And just adding, Back In black is one of the greatest rock albums of all time.
  • George from Chicago, Ilthere is no bon scott version of Back in Black it is a cover by a band called Jackyl that plays music similar to AC/DC.
  • Paulo from New York, NyPerhaps the greatest rock song ever. I think Brian Johnson blew his voice out around this time, though. Then again, how can anyone sing like that and still expect to have vocal cords? I am blown away by Johnson's vocals on this album.
  • Ty from Niagara Falls, CanadaSaw AC DC play at the benefit concert for Toronto when Sars was going around there and they totally stole the show with their energy during this song. The Stones looked washed up when they came on afterward and tried to follow up.
  • Gary from Hamilton, Australiain the bon scott virson in place of "I've been looking at the sky" bon sings "never going to stop" its very cool to compare to two

  • Gary from Hamilton, Australiai finally got the bon scott virson of the song and i have to agree that the guitar is much patrick i agree with you my friend
  • Gary from Hamilton, Australiaangus young is a very consistant player i dont think he would chang the way a song or lp
  • Mike from Oliver, CanadaBack in Black has got to be one of the greatest songs out there. AC/DC is a great band. I reccomend Rock and Roll A'int Noise Pollution by AC/DC. it's got a catchy tune
  • Uhhhhhh from Uhhh, MiThis song is the best ever writen. So many people will remember this song. Ten years from now, twentey, thirty, one-hundred. This song commemerates Bon Scott. I dont care what they say no-one will be able to replace bon scott. It was one of the only songs that they did play that Bon had planed on doing written by Bon.
    "Back in Black" will never die.
    -Robbie, Nicholls, MI
  • Brett from Moore, OkBack In Black in witch Bon Scott sings is possible. I have downloaded it, and the lyrics sound different. Like when it says "forget the hurse cause I'll never die." In the Bon Scott version it sounds like "forget the hits, cause I'll never die." But one thing is for sure, the album version was a dedication to Bon. They had the beat to Back In Black while on tour with Bon. If Bon has performed that song or not, we may never know, but it is one of the greatest songs of all time, and the album is one of best too. The fact of the matter is that, "this album has all the hits, it will never die. it has millions of copies, around the world, selling everyone on the shelves. cause its great, yes its great, its back in black, yea it's back in black.
  • Brett from Edmonton, CanadaIf they had a recording of Bon Scott singing it, wouldn't they have included it on the album? It being a tribute to him and all. But, anyhow, awesome guitar riff. (You can hear it on the website for the film School of Rock.)
  • Cat from San Antonio, TxBon Scott could not have recorded the song "Back in Black" in any way shape or form. The song was written & recorded after Bon's death. The song was a tribute to Bon Scott & was co-written by Brian Johnson.
  • Edgar from Laredo, TxThis song is just plain cool. Really awesome rock and roll.
  • Brian from Paoli, InI've heard the version with Jackyls singer on it, I don't think they would lie about when it was wrote.
  • Scott from Bismarck, NdI was able to find a AC/DC single that had a live version of Back in Black that was evidently done a couple of months before Scott's death because he's the one on it
  • Josh from Sunbury, PaThe version that is listed as the "Bon Scott" version of Back In actually Jesse Dupree of Jackyl singing....
  • Ryley from Willow Spring, NcThere IS NOT a recording of 'Back In Black' with Bon Scott on vocals. There is still a folder that Ian Jeffrey has with about 15 songs for the next album that AC/DC was going to do that was written by Bon, but they were never recorded and the band probabily will never play the songs, for Bon's sake.

    That recording you heard was not Bon Scott, it doesn't even sound like him.
  • Tom from Moraga, CaThe Title Back In Black Is So Appropriate, Because Death Is Usually Resembled By Black. Ac/Dc Is Coming From The Funeral Of Bon Scott, Where They Wore Black Clothes!
  • Patrick from Durham, NcThis song couldn't have been a tribute to Bon Scott because there is a recording of "Back In Black" that has the man himself singing. I highly recommend it considering the fact that the guitar is so much better than the LP version.
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