1976-1989, 1992-1997, 2005, 2009-
Wolf HoffmannGuitar
Peter BaltesBass1976–1989, 1992–1997, 2005, 2009–2018
Udo DirkschneiderLead vocals1976-1987, 1992-1997, 2005
Stefan KaufmannDrums1979-1989, 1992-1995
Herman FrankGuitar1982-1983, 2005, 2009-2014
Stefan SchwarzmannDrums2005, 2009-2014
Mark TornilloLead vocals2009-
Uwe LulisGuitar2015-
Christopher WilliamsDrums2015-
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  • Artistfacts ®
  • An early member of Accept was Michael Wagener, who went on to produce, mix, or engineer hit albums by Metallica, Dokken, Skid Row, and Ozzy Osbourne.
  • The title track of Accept's 1980 album, I'm a Rebel, was originally meant to be recorded by AC/DC (and was written by Angus and Malcolm Young's brother, Alexander Young, who went by the alias of "George Alexander"). AC/DC recorded a version of the song in 1976, but it has never been released.
  • The children's song that begins "Fast as a Shark" is a German folk tune titled "Ein Heller und ein Batzen," which translated in English means "A Farthing and a Penny."
  • In the book No Schlock…Just Rock!, drummer Charlie Benante explains a link that Anthrax has with Accept. "Scott Ian came over my house with Danny Lilker [for Benante's Anthrax tryout], and I remember the first thing I said was "Don't ask me to play 'Fast as a Shark,' because it was the fastest thing at the time, with triple kick and everything. And as soon as I said that, the both of them said, 'Can you play 'Fast as a Shark'?"
  • The producer of Accept's 1985 release, Metal Heart, was Dieter Dierks, a producer who is best known for his work with the Scorpions.
  • In magazine ads for Accept's 1986 release, Russian Roulette (containing the album cover, which showed a staged photo of the band supposedly playing this aforementioned "game"), much of the image was blocked out by a warning sign, which read, "WARNING: THIS AD CONTAINS AN EXPLICIT VISUAL AND IS NOT MEANT TO CONDONE VIOLENCE PERPETRATED AGAINST ONE'S SELF OR OTHERS IN A FREE SOCIETY."
  • Accept singer Mark Tornillo, who joined in 2009, was the longtime singer for New Jersey metallists, TT Quick, before joining the German metal band.
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