New Eyes


  • "New Eyes" is a laid-back blues-rock track with a vibe reminiscent of both '70s classic rock and more contemporary bands. The song represents a stylistic departure for Lambert, whose previous material as a solo artist was more pop and EDM-based. Speaking on the Official Charts: Take The Hit podcast, Lambert said:

    "There's a little bit of Prince and there's a blues thing going on.

    This song and the rest of the album is influenced partially by that, and partially by me seeing and playing the Top 40 game over the last 10 years and getting a little bit frustrated how everything starts to sound the same. So much of the industry tends to follow and copy."

    Lambert added that he started listening to contemporary artists like Tame Impala and The Black Keys.

    "They might not be huge giant hits, but it's still widely regarded as great music and great bands," he said.
    "Bands like Tame Impala or The Black Keys... they've had their moments with songs but they're known for creating a [certain] style of music that's in their own lane, and they've influenced a lot of other artists, including me."
  • Lyrically, "New Eyes" finds Lambert singing about feeling empty inside, with a "hole in my heart" he thought he'd never mend. Back in February 2019, the American Idol alumnus alluded, in an open letter to fans, to a personal "dark period" that had caused his mental health to suffer.

    During the chorus, Lambert thanks his lover for granting him "new eyes," enabling him to take a different point of view. In the letter, Lambert credited his Queen bandmates with helping him pull out of his downward spiral.
  • Adam Lambert first met his model boyfriend, Javi Costa Polo, on Instagram. He told the BBC "New Eyes" is all about him. "The new pair of eyes that came into my life are very hopeful and very positive," he smiled. "There's an innocence there that I'm really drawn to. The freshness, the hunger for new experiences: I love that."


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