Lost Stars

Album: Begin Again (2014)
Charted: 82


  • The featured song of the Begin Again movie, this was written by Gregg Alexander of the New Radicals with Danielle Brisebois, Nick Lashley and Nick Southwood. Alexander recalled to Billboard magazine: "The goal was for each lyric and sentiment to be a story and a thought unto itself, but also to the greater mystery of life, which is that we are all just coming and going in this life. We are just a lost star. We are a spark on the horizon."

    "The song was probably the saddest song that I've ever written in my life," he continued, "to the point where I had to morph the melodies and the chords to try to make it uplifting."
  • The song was performed by Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine during the movie and also features on his group's fifth album, V, as a bonus track. It is also performed by actress Keira Knightley in the film.
  • Adam Levine performed this as a duet with The Voice contestant Matt McAndrew during the finale of the singing competition. Subsequent sales of the pair's rendition of the tune on iTunes took it to #82 on the Hot 100.
  • Scottish firefighter Stevie McCrorie performed this song during the final of the fourth series of The Voice UK. McCrorie's cover was immediately released as his debut single, after he was crowned the winner. His version debuted at #6 on the UK singles chart, the first ever Top 10 single The Voice UK has ever produced.

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  • @_in98 from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.This is bout a middle-age 30 years olds Chinese Dr from Penang state, in well develop the city that stays alone n lonely...He is so busy until he fails to look for someone special...name sweet potato, he is so busy fighting Covid_19 until he is in existential despair state...This is from the movie that he watches at teenage years n it reminds him of his friends that all got thy own life..... Forest98...
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